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I'd like to share a great moment ! John Sachtouras and Belynda & Steve share their thoughts on ASCIRA and what they value the most. Value and reward are most important to us for everyone.

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We have very special news for you!
Watch the video to find out more about the great opportunity ASCIRA provides!

Looking ahead at our VIP month, constructing our plan, and there's so much coming in the next few weeks leading up to our official pre-launch March 1st and beyond!

Only for those of you who see the massive potential here, see deep inside Ascira now⬇️

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This video:

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What are your goals, dreams, desired achievements, passions and aspirations?
They are Smartphone Marketing!
Let's Keep It Simple.

I'm Harry J.D. and if you believe, like me, that anything is possible. Then all we have to do is find out how.
There's a simple equation I explore in this video, let's check it out. Then exploit it, take it apart and make it combust succes all over you and everyone you're connected with!

Lookin' forward to connecting!

Learn marketing and become part of the Beyond A Billion global movement

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We just had an amazing Ascira Zoom call with Steve Martin, our brand ambassador!
We looked at what Ascira is and does, our values and philosophy and what we offer you.

Ascira has created a completely different place for us in online business, with the most massive personal growth available of its kind. Offering a u unique, completely different combination of network marketing, social media and Ecommerce with an advanced education & learning platform for online business and a huge array of travel incentives to use and offer.

Have a serious look at what is happening here at the very beginning. Now is the founding opportunity with an unsurpassed offer.

As part of our initial leadership team, I welcome you and feel free to contact us for a chat, any questions and subscribe to this Bitchute playlist for much more on Ascira, thank you.


Some amazing GDP updates!!!

- Public home page ads from member created ads!!!

- Lotto
Sponsor gets 5% of winnings!
Gather 100 lotto packs from across your team, not just yourself
Last tests over next 24-48hrs!

- Qualification in matrix being raised to get different quantities of packs

- Double withdrawal verification

- GDP points.
The more you have, the more you can earn in GDP YouTube!
See marketing plan for more details

- Raising the bar
To earn on 100 ad packs don't do anything.
Earn commission over 100 ad packs, have 100 lotto packs across your team to qualify

If you're not part of something life changing, you've just got your chance ⬇️







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Get results, by doing everything possible 🤜💥
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Results are the goal, regardless of what you're looking for. Go and get them!


Trading Forex passive. With full control of your money. Invest when you want, pull out when you want.
Trading Forex without knowing anything about how it works. Where the company can't touch your investments.
Trading Forex with a licence. Trading that pays you every day. That you can automatically compound every day to create massive growth to your investment.


Now, to make it a reality. Take the video experience and see the description to take the next step and break out of the norm with the number 1, unique Forex trading opportunity available to everyone ⬇️

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There's a simple, variable formula to get what you want. Results are goals and goals are results and it depends what yours are, as to how you personalise your assets.

What assets? Your most valuable assets;
Time, money & effort. We can bank our future on a wing and a prayer OR we can simply calculate and plan for the exact results we desire!
After all, you need to tell yourself what's important to you and prioritise your actions.
And add value to this with my financial growth platform just for you

Jump straight in and start making money from tomorrow!

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How to get results, maximise your assets, time and money, calculate your success, be calculated, satisfy your desire, get your priorities straight, get your money right, perception is everything

Minerva offers investors access to crypto, real estate trading and more altogether in one package with lucrative but sustainable returns in the company's activities!

Invest on your own with returns of 0,714% per day – 5% weekly, 20% monthly
Deposits from only 5 Euro in most crypto currencies and are also applied to optional compounding for great earnings.
Earn commissions with a 7 level affiliate plan starting at 7% AND also starting at 3% on your team's reinvestments simultaneously.

Withdraw any day after first 7 days with instant withdrawals in Bitcoin!

You can also earn much more with affiliate ranks and bonus program up to 1000 Euro!

-0,1785% every 6h📊
-0,714% per day📊
-5% weekly📊
-3 level affiliate program👥
-Up to 1000 Euro Bonus program🌟

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What to do next?
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☆ Contact Harry J.D. Tate.

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🎊Happy new year 2020 to everyone!🎊

I've always believed that changing from one year to the next, from one day to the next doesn't really matter. It only matters if it has a meaningful place in your own perception.

We can use this to our advantage however and build off that catalyst. So that is what i challenge you to do now, right now!
Today is the first day, of the first year of 2020 and from the perspective of Amateur 2 Pro, i am continually building this place to help everyone take the journey from Amateur 2 Pro through learning, earning, practise, engagement, research, team work etc and more.

I am building and creating marketing, advertising and learning resources for all who wish to truly create business and wealth for themselves correctly and escape the black hole of joining every new piece of crap which comes out thinking this is the one.
Join us in this path to success with Amateur 2 Pro and you're bound to at least improve your situation!
BTW Catch up with things at A2P here ⬇️

Looking forward to absolutely exploding success across the world ... in a way you may not even be familiar with! Here's to your success in 2020! 🎉🚀🤩

Harry J.D.
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Promote n Profit helps people find their own successful path in life through online business, to produce a magnificent life & great income for themselves and their families by helping others do the same.

Harry J.D. Tate is the creator of Promote n Profit.
He has produced several profitable business programs, founded and guides people through the innovative online business platform Amateur 2 Pro which oversees his creations of 2 Way Trading and investments & 2 Way Ads.

Harry J.D. Tate holds positions of distinction with companies in different areas such as Ascira's leadership team, Global Daily Pro's VIP team, Minerva Trading admin amongst others.

His passion and experience has grown success in many different forms for both individual and corporate clients.

Mr. Tate lives in Ireland with his family, operating his global business from home successfully since 2005.

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