There's been a push in various media publications recently about claims that a white male can't possibly be the Democrat presidential candidate. It's just as awful as you'd expect.


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It's the debate of the century! Or was it? Maybe it didn't go as most expected or even hoped? What happened? Let's talk about!

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Jared Holt of Right Wing watch has come out as the #1 ally of racist and trolls worldwide! Recently he has claimed clowns or Honk Honk / Honkler is a new right wing racist symbol. Of course leaving out the fact that the trolls exactly want Jared Holt to make these claims.

Now the audio from this video is from a video I did on my new daily channel, PSA Sitch Daily :


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Philosophy Tube decides to try and copy Contrapoints while desperately flailing at Jordan Peterson. It's not great.

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There's a communist youtuber who says Free Speech just isn't important! You think he's right? With special guest Humanity Forever!

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A popular video shared by the WOKE population claims Pewdiepie is leading to people joining the alt right or committing acts of racial violence. Let's watch it together and find out if the guy who also made a video claiming the USA is just as bad as North Korea, is onto something.

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Ezra Klein invintes Andrew Sullivan onto his podcast in an attempt to bury the hatchet instead of sniping at each other on social media. Will they make progress or will they argue endlessly until the heat death of the universe?

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Candace Owens brought on Hawk Newsome chairman of BLM New York. Will she blexit him into become right winger? Will Kanye West disown her for a second time!? WILL ANY GROUND BE MADE!?!? Or will they they just talk at each other for 2 hours? Let's find out!

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Every few months this issue comes up again and again AND I'M SICK OF HEARING ABOUT IT! So here's my futile attempt fix the internet.

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It's Oscar night! So let's talk about how much Black Panther doesn't deserve an Oscar despite what MovieBob says.

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You've probably heard others referred to as "allies" of a community. Be a white ally, be a male ally. But there's a darker implication behind the term Ally.

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Lots of focus has been on the Convington Catholic School kids interaction with Nathan Phillips and the famous smirk. Extended footage came out showing that the Black Hebrew Israelites were actually the provocateurs in the situation. However the video is two hours long and nobody's got time for that! So here's the abridged supercut just focusing on all the racist and offensive things the Black Hebrew Israelites said to the Native Americans at the Indigenous People's March and to the Convington Catholic School kids!

I obviously do not support any of the racist or offensive statements made by the Black Hebrew Israelites and am highlighting their statements here so that they can be mocked and ridiculed.

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Reality is lie! According to Donald Hoffman, Let's watch Deepak Chopra see if he can tie this into his new age woo.

You're not allowed to boycott Israel in the state of Texas if you work for the state or receive state funding in any way. Why is that? Why do so many other states have similar laws? Allow me to explain.

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School Speech Pathologist in Texas Terminated For Refusing to Sign Israel Oath

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Pew State Religion Info

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Sargon of Akkad was banned from Patreon. Was this due to an overzealous trust and safety team on Patreon, or perhaps there's someone else pulling the strings? It seems like Patreon wants to blame the payment processors Paypal and Stripe for the ban without directly throwing them under the bus and hurting their business partnership.

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Are you tired of wasting precious time and energy thinking! Then buy one of our patented ideologies now and we'll do all the thinking for you!

Hope you like this silly video. Next one is going to be depressing.

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Hi there young up-and-comer! Welcome to the Chipotle family! As a new recruit there are some important things you need to know if you want to make Chipotle proud! Listen close as I explain the most important steps that will lead you to a shinning future of success here at Chipotle!

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There's been lots of talk recently about the Trump administrations actions towards the transgender and LGBT community. As is often the case with such divisive issues it can be hard to cut through what claims are hyperbolic and what is the truth. So let's see what the Trump administration is actually doing with LGBT issues. Is Trans erasure real or fake news?

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The Daily Dot published an article called "Alt Right Gamers are lying to you on Youtube." Yet the only lie is in the article itself as it tells falsehoods about several people, including me! Ana Valens refused to respond to me or correct her article which attempts to smear my reputation by printing libel.

My twitter response to the author:

Daily Dot Article:

“Social justice warriors in the gaming community have formed brigades to torment gaming studios into firing employees that they deem guilty of wrongthink,” a new video from YouTube channel Hype Break claims.

My Previous Videos:

Transgender is not Gender Dysphoria

IT'S TIME TO STOP, RILEY DENNIS!!! Gender Dysphoria IS a Mental Illness


CD Projekt Red Employees Doxed & Harassed by Game Journalist Mob

Nerd Talk: Sequels, Spin-Offs, and Standalones

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Last Week I broke down how the Breitbart articles about the leaked Google memo were highly misleading. The author of the articles Allum Bokhari responded on Twitter in a very dishonest fashion where he accidentally admitted that his articles were opinion pieces however they are not labeled as such, and you the reader have no way of knowing that.

The first video:

Allum's tweets:

My responses:


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Breitbart got their hands on an internal Google report which they claim advocates for Google to give up American values of Free Speech and move to "European censorship." At first I assumed their headlines were correct as it fit nicely with my already established worldview. However while reading the report I realized the Breitbart articles were incredibly misleading and completely wrong about the report.


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In part 1 we explored how Power + Privilege = Racism was not created by sociologist, but by activist with the express purpose of trying to win an ideological argument. But how did the idea of P+P=R cross over into the territory of sociology? Today we look at David Wellman, one of the first sociologist to advocate for P+P=R replacing the standard definition of racism. Do you think he has good reasons for the change, or does he simply want to win ideological arguments too?

Part 1:

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Portraits of White Racism:

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Hey Squall!

Listen to my story.

Things are about to get conclusive.


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