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Rather than prepare for the end of the world and dread the future, prepare for the beginning of a new world making scarcity of life‘s basics a thing of the past

as an addendum to the previous video DW12, are use multiple batteries and smaller charge controllers to accomplish the same task

Walk through how one could set up a system to create clean drinking water for free for life. Humid climate is required. this is meant as an example, not a full blown "how to". individuals must learn the specifics.

Summarized what I'm doing differently (chasing the service instead of dollars) and how I don't need to be an expert to try it out.

i’ve been so focused on solving the longer-term problem of having day and night time heat that I totally missed out on having free daytime heat...

before i can have central heat for free, i need to be able to manage my electrons

Devils Workshop #8 - Nothing Got Done

doing a whole bunch of prep work so that I can do more prep work

highlighting main differences between off grid solutions and what I am doing:
• focusing on house versus other capitalist inputs
• goal of scalability
• working towards community project not solo

Lack of energy is making hot water a thing of the past. Ramping up to add more panels and to prioritize what devices use energy when.

I gave a speech about expressing your true self. You are not your body, you are not your brain, you are the thing that observes all of that...


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my goal is the complete and total freedom of every human being on the planet. the solution is for humanity to cooperate.