Stephen Christopher Yaxley-Lennon [ Tommy Robinson ] was subjected to treatment we would not condone for serial murderers so why is he being treated this way? Our Home Secretary [Who happens to be a Muslim ] must have been aware of these mistakes in criminal justice laws, should have been civil justice, and the damaging health issues in prison, so why did he sign an order to transfer Tommy to a Muslim majority prison? As the saying goes, something is rotten in Denmark. We have a Prime minister by default who is making a mess of Brexit, a London mayor who ignores crime statistics and supports an offensive blimp against a friendly world leader yet denouncing another blimp about himself, The media though restrained through an irregular blackout has supported the government, and spouts leftist jingoism against Tommy, England where are you?

taken from Brown Dwarf album

a montage that Bill likes the other members of the band are not sure, me, I say what the hell.

if the end is actually here then dont waste time worying but enjoy yourself while you can

a fan video taken in Camden, looks like animated photo but was impressed by the fact that someone thought we was worth pirating. about 15 to 18 years old.

the question is not do aliens exist but who are they.

an early version of Bites, more eclectic than the 5 minute version.

bi-neural relaxatiom, my first attempt to extend the meditation process within our music.

a present from my little Emmy who puts a smile on a cynical old grandads face, she has chosen my better sketches making me look better than I am. Thank you sweetie.

poem, paradoxical insight

a cover of the classic

planet X , Orcus, Brown dwarf.

It gets increasingly difficult to define what our government is actualy involved with and whether this is acceptable or not.

taken from under the watchtower

circa 1995

written for Modern Times 2


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