Tucker Carlson 2/23/21 - CNN Disinformation is more Destructive to America than Qanon Movement

"Qanons corrosive impact on the US"

Archived - This may be their most pathetic attempt to tear our movement down to date. Came across as bad actors. The lefts infiltration of the Jan 6th riot has been extensively covered.


"The American people should not put up with this."

President Trump Touts the Effectiveness of the Southern Border in speech to Border Patrol Agents

Every American out there has to stand up. What was done at the Capital was done by Antifa and enabled by McConnell and Pelosi.
Comey sold Hammer and Scorecard a top secret program to the Chinese. Received a call Tuesday night, that the ISI from Pakistan was in the Voting Machine.
OP - Steeltruth.com


Plandemic - Indoctornation

These people are sick

These people are sick - YT banned

Dr. Jeff Barke Criticizes COVID-19 Response at California Protest


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