If people don't lawfully and legally stand up and demand that the courts and other state actors adhere to Constitution, we give way to an authoritarian system.

Excuses don't fix problems. Apathy won't fix problems and waiting for someone else to fix the problems won't solve anything either.

A country taken by violence will be run by violent people. Breathe, ground yourself and stand firmly in truth for freedom.
The choice is yours.

Free Andy Heasman!! Citizen Journalist/ Human Rights advocate/Political Prisoner
Andy was travelling by bus from Dublin to Knock,
after a family funeral. Andy is medically exempt
from wearing a face covering due to asthma.
Gardai were called and Andy followed their direction to leave the bus in a remote location.
Outside, he said “There’s your f***ing bus”. For
this one sentence, Andy is serving a 2 MONTH sentence in Castlerea prison following a
conviction under section 6 of the Public Order
Act, but the media frenzy claimed it was about
c*vid guidelines. Is this a just application of
the law? Don’t we deserve the truth from our
Media? On arrival in Castlerea prison, guards
tried to force a mask and PCR test on Andy,
which would be a violation of his Natural,
Inalienable and Constitutional rights to bodily
Integrity. Andy suffered a serious work related
back injury years ago. When we was working as roofer he fell 4 stories and broke scaffolding with his back. He has been in chronic pain for years and it is a miracle that he can walk at all. Is it standard procedure
in Castlerea prison, for the staff to violently kick prisoners who are under the care of Governor Anthony Scally, into their backs as they are knocked to the ground? Please ask loudly. Help the man who is standing up for your life and your children's lives. Share his story.

One hour in Clonmel today. We visited Tipp Fm, the bypass and the depopulation centre at Clonmel park hotel. The people of Tipperary did great work today and planted a few seeds in the minds of the public.

Is it a free society when the media is sponsored to push a one sided narrative? To voice your concerns about the lack of transparency in media matters please contact your local media outlets.

Tipp fm- text/Whatsapp 083 311 3311
Call studio- 052 619 1097

Email: [email protected]

All we want is the truth.

Kudos to all involved in the making of this song.

a correctly done Notice of Liability previously handed to their superior seemed to deter any abuse of the public order act under the c*vid/ma$ks/guidelines unconstitutional illegal and unlawful nonsense.

I ate here, paid and asked to use the toilet before we left. owner said not without a ma$k. I said I have a health issue and asked if he was going to discriminate, if he was aware of the equality act or even section 5a of statutory instrument 296. His reply "I'm calling the guards."

3squad cars arrived for me. A big realization for me that day is just how ugly society has become. it's 2tier.

Anyway, these gardai walked away and it was a welcome change. Please share this video to help anyone who has had charges put on them. maybe it helps. notice of Liability to their superintendent should help rein in nonsense. knowledge is power, use it.

Resist, defy! We will not comply!

Who is held accountable?

The saga continues at Nenagh District court with Dara and Katie 07/04/21. Remember
back to 06/11/2020 when we were kidnapped, detained without lawful arrest and we had our constitutional and natural rights violated by the Gardai in Tipperary town? All for the crime of handing out leaflets trying to save lives and warn the public about the impending doom we now find ourselves trying to navigate through in every aspect of our lives. The gardai fabricated a public order charge to try to justify their illegal and unlawful actions, despite evidence of the contrary the Saga rolls on and the quest for disclosure continues.....

Thanks to everyone for your support and prayers. Evil will not win in the end so keep your chin up and heart strong.

Le Grá,

Dara and Katie

We must encourage them to walk away when they know this is wrong on every level

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I'm here by default due to the magnificent twists and turns in life. I meet some really interesting people on my lockdown travels and it's worth sharing their wisdom. Living is winning.

We spend too much time thinking about the abuse of our nation and not enough time doing something lawful to make change. 10% of your energy should go to understanding the latest bad news and 90% of your energy needs to go into doing things that make a change.

It's either temporary discomfort or generational tyranny. It's down to our responsible and informed choice.

We must face our fears and move past that threshold. Our nation is full of untapped talent and empowered people are a force to be reckoned with. We owe it to the dead generations who sacrificed everything and never gave up and we owe it to our babies to defend their right to life, to travel freely, to free speech, to bodily integrity and to access to justice.

Le Grá,