There is no evidence of wrongdoing on the part of Jimmy Savile and yet the drums keep beating for his destruction.

Malden tapes 16 back-dated tickets and a red tag on 80 year old's front door in response to 80 year old negotiation of an unconscionable contract. They are supposed to help him appeal but instead they give him the run-around.

Motion to Consolidate two "Motions for Judicial Review of Administrative Decision" complying with Massashusetts Superior Court Rule 9.

Around 2019 Ahmaud was popular in his neighborhood. At that time Walmart customers were showing how courageous they could be by stealing huge televisions right out the door of Walmart. Ahmaud, prank the store, made a great show of picking a 65 inch television off the floor and putting it in a grocery cart and parading around the store in it while his friends rode Walmart bicycles around in the garden department. When Ahmaud left the store to go to his car he was arrested in the parking lot although he had not taken anything.

Marty Robbins wrote "The Master's Call" which was first released April 7, 1959. The song’s themes of redemption, faith, and devotion are indubitably related to Marty Robbins’ own religious beliefs. When asked in an interview whether he believed God played a role in his career, Robbins had the following to say: “I started praying for this long before I ever got it, and long before I ever got into the business. Because I do believe in prayer. And I prayed for all these things, and God gave me the strength to get them. I have never set up any particular goal. Never. I just let it happen . Because I knew it was going to happen” Nash, Alanna. “Marty Robbins.” Behind Closed Doors: Talking with the Legends of Country Music. New York: A. Knopf, 1988. 436-54. Print.

Corinne is in West Hollywood celebrating the opening of the restaurants after the COVID lock-down. She is a real time cell phone journalist and she wants to report on a protest that is scheduled for that day. Robert Andrews comes out of a restaurant, angry because he was not allowed to take in his orange soda. Corinne sympathizes and he takes her to a sex shoppe.

Corinne was hungry and tired after a long day looking for protesters in West Hollywood. She needed to find a bathroom, so she went to Robert's minivan which was only a block from the protest scheduled for that night.

Corinne flirts with Robert and they fall in love. When Corinne pursues her woke quest she is threatened by the blacks and browns she is dedicated to serving. Robert begs her to leave with him but she refuses. Sadly, he leaves her.

Germany gave more concessions to Poland than anyone ever had but England convinced Poland to turn down Hitler's compromise.

Fred Leuchter has been sued for $600,000 by the City of Malden for failure to pay fines he was not aware of. The unconstitutional search into his backyard was triggered by five anonymous tips through SEECLICKFIX, obviously a prankster who had it in for this 80 year old man without funds to fight the city.

Mark Weber introduces Fred Leuchter at an IHR meeting in 1990.

Ernst Zundel introduces Fred Leuchter on his Vlog "Samisdat presents"

Accompanied by "I've Got a Crush on You" by THE JETS


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The polio vaccine was distributed throughout Africa and evolved into AIDS.