Ms. Nowak talks about her upcoming book about Poland's history. She has been working on the book for years and it is encylopedic with full index and citations, numbering over 700 pages. Anyone who wants to fill themselves in on this missing piece of history will love Ms. Nowak's book.

When the protestant churches were breaking away from the Catholic Church in the Middle Ages, Nicole Aubrey was used to prove that the Roman Catholic Church was right about its doctrines.

A Venezuelan appeals court turned down an appeal on November 17, 2021 brought by six imprisoned executives of US refiner Citgo. Maduro has offered to return them men to the United States in exchange for his most trusted assistant, Alex Saab but Biden insists on unconditional return. Maduro is even willing to return two assassins who failed to assassinate Maduro plus an American gun runner. Still Biden says, "No." The six men are serving 8 years in prison for fraudulent dealing involving $2 billion dollars. They are Venezuela nationals so the crime, which occurred in the United States, is treason. The Tarot suggests it's the common men of Venezuela who will be offended if the government is too lenient. They blame Venezuela's economic collapse on the corrupt bureaucrats.

Preliminary hearing is set for August 4, 2022 at 8:30 a.m. in Dept. 37 at Criminal Court Building in downtown Los Angeles: Clara Shortridge Foltz Criminal Justice Center, 210 W Temple St, Los Angeles, CA 90012

General MacArthur lost the war in the Phillipines because he refused to put into action the mandated war plan known as "Rainbow 5." General MacArthur did nothing after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. He was supposed to implement the secret war plan, "Rainbow 5" but he didn't think Japan was a serious threat Ten hours after the attack on Pearl Harbor the Japanese destroyed the entire airfield of B=17's making it impossible for America to make any impression on the war in the Phillipines.

Harry the military man travels all over the world and collects pieces and parts for his train set.

Judah, a Sephardic Jew, married a beautiful French Creole girl from a wealthy family and spent his life meeting her insatiable demands. He became the owner of a large plantation with more than 140 slaves and the counsel to the Confederacy. When the slaves mutinied on the slave ship "Creole" he successfully defended them.

Addressing a saddle of pain, I exercise on my bed instead of the floor.

Millinnial Millie was a party girl in Hollywood until she moved into a house in the mid west with her promoter. She had the looks and he had the brains. He wrote, produced and directed SHADOWGATE, a conspiracy movie with Millie as the star reporter. Millie's mother came to visit and the whole household subjected her to verbal abuse. Mom decided to tape record the abuse. The three adults discovered that she was recording them and they threw her to the ground and got the phone away from her. After that they used their contacts in the world of alternative media to drum up support for a legal defense fund.

FACTS: SHADOWGATE was released as a free film intended to save civilization. Millie Weaver and Gavin Wince got arrested within minutes of the upload of SHADOWGATE which they parlayed into $275,000 for a legal defense fund. THEORY: With the help Bergy, the electronic technician, the broadcast could be slowed down, stopped and sped up exactly to coincide with the arrest.

For maximum clout, SHADOWGATE was timed to be uploaded to FACEBOOK as soon as the police were spotted coming up Millie Weaver's driveway to arrest all three of the alleged perpetrator's of domestic violence against Millie's mother. Millie got $170,000 from her GOFUNDME account based on her statement to the alternative media community that she was being arrested for telling the truth in SHADOWGATE

Buzz throughout the alternative media holds Millie Weaver up as an example of a Truth Teller martyred by the deep state. She is arrested at precisely the moment she was uploading her movie SHADOWGATE. The coincidence triggers her old friends to come out and tell what they know about her questionable past. Anduce Radio Show.

Leuchter designed cameras for the miliary in 1965. 20 years later he designed sexants to allow navigators in the airplanes to hit their targets. In 1973 the U.S. Supreme Court decided that executions were not cruel and unusual punishment bu the field of executions was obsolete with old equipment and no trained technicians. Leuchter was known to the wardens as a whiz kid whose father had been a prison guard so they called him up for help to revamp the execution system. He became the top expert in the field. Now he is making a name for himself on the internet to promote his philosophy of humane executions until the world abolishes the death penalty and the use of torture as part of the state craft.

Leuchter says that with the finest technicians there is only an 80% success rate for painless, instant deaths using the best execution technology available at present. For that reason he says today's executions are cruel and unusual punishment and he wants an end to the death penalty. Until then, he is the only man alive who can guarantee the best success rate. The Jews have put him out of business because he testified in court that the gas chamber at Auschwitz is a total sham, incapable of ever having served as a gas chamber. We must resist Jewish influence to put Fred back in business and save condemned men from a 20% chance of suffering inhumane execution.

Fred Leuchter discusses problems with today's executions: incompetent executioners, failure to train, obsolete equipment and refusal on the part of the EU to provide proper anesthesia.

Retrovirus, first discovered by Luc Monteneau caused HIV by mutating out of the Polio vaccine distributed along the Nile River in Africa. Dr. Fauci and his minions infiltrated the Wuhan Lab where Dr. She was working on a cure for the Bat Flu which was killing the minors. The gold mines attracted hordes of bats and their bat shit was killing China's minors. The Americans played with the research in the Chinese Lab in Wuhan and managed to release a virus which killed several Chinese lab workers. From there the warmongers managed to shut down the entire world with stories of a lethal virus (COVID-19) which was a regular flu, enhanced by the American infiltrators. Once the entire world was frightened into staying in their homes and coming outside only when masked, the next step was to get everyone to accept a vaccine which contained a mixture of several viruses, including HIV. Millions will be too sick to support themselves, too sick to house themselves so FEMA camps will be built and used to take care of the sick and dying. The virus, created by American scientists, will be so painful that the residents of the FEMA caps will be begging for euthanasia.


On the night of the pooping, Johnny had had a hard day doing business negotiations. Amber attacked him when he came home to rest. He invited her to hit him which she did twice, hard in the face. Then he said, "I'm done," and he left. She went to Coachella for a band concert and Johnny thought it would be a good idea to get his precious personal items while she was out of town but his security team talked him out of it because Amber had pooped in his bed. Soon after that Johnny's mother died and put her foot down from the other side of the grave. Her son, Johnny, was to have nothing more to do with Amber! Mom's in control now! Amber just better hope that Jerry Judge has a steadying effect on Johnny's mother as she extracts vengeance from poor Amber for what Amber did to her son. So far we see nothing on Amber's Twitter account. She is all light and rainbows, showing off her beauty from every angle. Time will tell if Mrs. Depp and/or Mr. Judge decide to act. If I were Amber I would be making sincere apologies to all concerned.

If Amber gets clean and sober in time for court next week she may be able to figure out a decent settlement with Johnnie before things get worse than they already are.

Jerry Judge was known as Johnny Depp's "Life Angel" until he recently died. I invoked the spirit of Jerry Judge to talk to his supporters. He wants us to study the history of the case and stay in good spirits to help Johnny make this difficult shot in court.

Daddy taught her to torture horses while Johnny's mother was destroying his ego. It was a marriage made in hell. Please google Youtube "objection hearsay johnny depp song". It's hysterical!!!

Dawn Hughes, Ph.D. reveals what Amber has been denying: that Amber accused Depp of sexual abuse.


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The polio vaccine was distributed throughout Africa and evolved into AIDS.