The stock market is in turmoil . . . and Reddit is to blame. A group of alternative investors, in effect, sold the short-sellers short and took down a multi-billion dollar hedge fund. Day-trading bros are high-fiving . . . the Wall Street billionairs are crying . . . and the normies are scrambling to get in on the next 10X rally of a failing company or new crypto currency.

But what does it all mean? Does the current volatility and casino-like nature of the stock market foretell dark days ahead? More broadly, is the whole American empire and its planetary financial domination, another Gamstop, a pump-and-dump scheme writ large?

It’s Monday, January 25, 2021, and welcome back to The Spencer Report ... The progress bus doesn’t have any breaks. Joining me today is Edward Dutton.

On January 20, “history” was made. I’m, of course, referring to President Joe Biden’s appointed Rachel Levine as his Assistant Health Secretary—the first trasngereded cabinet member to be confirmed by the Senate . . . or at least the first one we know of.

The appointment was celebrated by the media as the next stage of progress. But few—maybe none—were willing to critically and scientifically examine the origins and nature of transsexuality. Where does it come from? What does it mean? Are transexuals, as it were, male brains or “souls” in female bodies—or something else entirely? It’s past time that we investigate this major trend.

It’s January 19, 2021, and welcome back to The Spencer Report. We’ve successfully lobbied for a presidential pardon. This week I’m joined by Edward Dutton.

Main topic: QAnon and the End of the American Century

The storm came. That’s for sure. But it wasn’t the Storm QAnon had in mind.

Trump ended his presidency—not by arresting pedophiles in the Deep State and releasing the children from underground dungeons—but in utter disgrace. His enthusiastically deluded voters ransacked the Capitol and attempted the most buffoonish coup d’état in recorded history.

But what does this all mean? Should we chalk up “Q” to mere delusion? Or might it represent the beginnings of a new religion. Moreover, is Trump’s fall from grace merely a colorful moment in American history? Or might it spell the downfall of a once dominate empire?

It’s January 6, 2021, and welcome back to The Spencer Report. The name has slightly changed; the commentary is still cringe.

Main topic: The 18th Bro-maire

If Donald Trump’s failures in office were once tragic. It’s all now become a farce.

Both genres were on display today in the nation’s capital, as Trump’s most hardcore fans were whipped up into a frenzy and stormed the Capitol building.

Maybe they were doing it for the fun; maybe they actually wanted to stop the election certification; or maybe they were just drunk. It doesn’t matter. They were engaged in an armed insurrection. And it would seem better to have actually attempted a coup d’état then to have embarrassed everyone with this half-ass bullshit.

Mark Brahmin joins me to discuss the coming fallout.

Ed Dutton joins Richard Spencer to discuss his new book, *Making Sense of Race*.

Purchase the book here: https://washsummit.com

Mark Brahmin joins Richard Spencer for a discussion of Santa.

It’s Monday, December 14, 2020, and welcome back to The McSpencer Group ... an unrehearsed, hastily assembled program about meta-politics. Joining me is Brad Griffin—a man so Southern, his diet is composed solely of fried ochre and pecan pie.

Main topic: Libtards Victorious

The Kracken has been released . . . but instead of resembling a mythological beast from the age of titans, it amounted to a series of frivolous lawsuits, based on absurd argumentation and even refutable statistical analysis, all but one of which were swiftly tossed out of Court. The final blow came on Friday, when the Supreme Court heard a case by the Texas Attorney General, and gave it short shrift.

Will this, finally, be the end of Trump? And what will happen to the millions of Trumptards, who still believe their hero won?

It’s Friday, December 11, 2020, and welcome back to The McSpencer Group ... an unrehearsed, hastily assembled program about meta-politics. Joining me is Edward Dutton: his ascots have medical-grade PPE ratings.

Main topic: Seven Years of College . . . Down the Drain

Forgiving a trillion dollars in student loans is now on the table. The Democrats are already winning over the debt-ridden, over-educated Millennial baristas, and now are ready to to seal the deal. And while we’re not against giving these kiddos a break, the fact is, American higher education is so horribly screwed up that debt forgiveness amounts to a band-aide on cancer.

Ed and I uncover the real problem—the concept of higher ed as a “gateway to the middle class.” And we offer real solutions: the dramatic shrinking of the Ivory Tower and a new paternalism towards the left half of the Bell Curve.

It’s Tuesday, December 4, 2020, and welcome back to The McSpencer Group ... an unrehearsed, hastily assembled program about meta-politics. Joining me is the legendary JF—Jean-François Gariépy: un homme qui croit que manger du fromage brie fondu est merveilleux!

Main topic: Fahrenheit 230

Social-media deplatforming is an existential crisis for our time. Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube have become, in effect, the mainstream media, replacing the big networks of yesteryear. As they’ve risen to prominence, they seem less like free-speech bastions and more like institutions with an agenda: to promote their preferred messages and advertiser-friendly content.

Donald Trump thinks we can crack this nut by removing Big Tech’s immunity to lawsuits through §230 of the Communications Decency Act. JF and I debate the future of the Internet.

It’s Tuesday, November 17, 2020, and welcome back to The McSpencer Group ... an unrehearsed, hastily assembled program about meta-politics. Joining me as usual is Edward Dutton: he is a golfer, and he’s also a conservative.

Main topic: The Big Rig

Joseph Robinette Biden Jr.—yes, that is actually his name—has won the 2020 U.S. presidential election. But Republicans aren’t having any of it. And that holds two-fold for Donald Trump’s most avid fans. Massive voter fraud . . . counting machine with Communist parts . . . late-night ballot dumping . . . You’ve heard it all. The Trump team’s lawsuits are getting tossed out of Court, but the diehards keep on believin’.

Ed and I take a step back. Beyond the allegations, is something deeper taking place? Is this what “civil war” actually looks like in the 21st century: less organized violence but the same level of mutual loathing, mistrust, and dehumanization.

Ron Unz has, once again, proved to be the straw that stirs the dissident drink. He’s published an article on the failures of White Nationalism—which has sparked reaction and outrage. His counter-intuitive thesis: by focusing on immigration, the Alt-Right missed the boat and now has nothing insightful to say about the most traumatic social change of our time. Does he have a point? The panel says “yes.”

After swallowing that bitter medicine, we tred into even darker intellectual territory, regarding free speech, feminism as a return to nature, and how Western civilization was ruined by its own success. No sacred cow will be saved from the slaughter.

Edward Dutton and Richard Spencer discuss IQ, intelligence, *g*, and the people who deny it.

It’s Wednesday, November 11, 2020, and welcome back to The McSpencer Group—an unrehearsed, hastily assembled discussion about meta-politics. Joining me is Edward Dutton.

Main topic: Somehow Everyone Lost

This past week’s presidential election went exactly as expected. . . it was a complete shit show.

Liberals went to bed on Tuesday, crying and screaming, thinking that Trump had somehow won again, and their country, was, indeed, racist. But as mail-in ballots arrived, their gloating began. Conservatives, on the other hand, declared victory early, and danced on the graves of pollsters. But as the final tallies materialized, they were the ones whining and denying reality like a bunch of blue-haired SJWs. Put simply, Americans hate each other, and it’s impossible to imagine any election not being heinous as this one.

Ed and I discuss the real problems with mail-in ballots, and Donald Trump’s electoral woes with the people that got him elected in the first place.

It’s Sunday, October 18, and welcome back to The McSpencer Group.

I’m joined today by Edward Dutton. Binge watching “Jeeves and Wooster” is own his personal crack.

Main Topic: Fear and Loathing in Odesa

The long-awaited October surprise is here. This week brought scandalous revelations involving Joe Biden’s son, Hunter: wheeling and dealing on the international scene . . . strippers, sex, and drugs . . . and an incomprehensible backstory. Can this material be believed? Is there something more to the story. And does this all make Hunter, well, kind of relatable and maybe cool?

We then move to the scandal within the scandal: Twitter’s brazen suppression of information related to the story. Deplatforming remains THE essential issue for any alternative, dissident movement. And Ed and I, discuss policies that could actually solve the problem.

The President has tested positive, along with much of his White House staff. As of today, Donald Trump seems to be in recovery. And this program wishes him, and everyone else affected, all the best. But we’d be remiss not to examine the political fallout of Trump’s response and messaging when the virus first came to American shores.

In the second half of the show, Ed and I turn to the prickly subject of disparate impact. Many are afraid to ask: Is Coronavirus not just deadly but, worse, *racist*?

The McSpencer group returns to discuss "Chimerica," the Coronavirus, and more.

Richard explains why Trump will lose in November—and lose in a landslide!

Richard, Keith, and Ed assemble to celebrate passing 20k subscribers. We will discuss the Corona-virus, its political implications, and whatever else you want. Superchats available on Entropy: https://entropystream.live/channel/radix

The Migrants are coming . . . again.

In 2015, Europe was rocked by a refugee crisis. An estimated 12 million people had been displaced during the Syrian civil war, resulting in countless flooding into neighboring countries and, eventually, 2-3 million asylum seekers into Europe.

Beyond the numbers, there were the indelible images of that period: Aylan Kurdi, the three-year-old washed up on a Turkish shore . . . Angela Merkel taking selfies with new Germans . . . New Year’s Eve in Cologne . . . and more. The migrant crisis was central—maybe even indispensable—to movements like Brexit . . . European populism . . . Trump . . . and red-pilled anons of the Alt-Right.

Five years later, it’s happening all over again.

Migrations like these aren’t simply about race, Islam, or poverty in the Third World. They are sparked by foreign policy—specifically conflicts between Turkey, Russia, Syria, and the United States. The panel discusses the geopolitics of the immigration invasion.

In a mere four days, the race for the Democratic nomination has been turned on its head.

Bernie Sanders, we thought, was in command: the leader of a social movement . . . raking up the delegates . . . and forcing the establishment and media to heel.

But after Super Tuesday, Bernie has an uphill climb ahead.

Joe Biden ran up the score in South Carolina and then took 10 of 14 Super Tuesday states. He outperformed his polls and took over the lead in delegates.

Young people still support Bernie, but aren’t willing to stop Snapchatting for one damn second and get out and vote.

While most of us had written of Joe Biden for dead (literally), he’s winning over the normies, African-Americans love him for some reason; and the establishment has closed ranks.

The panel discusses why race and political polarization will likely put an end to Bernie’s social democratic dream.

It’s Tuesday, February 24 and welcome back to The McSpencer Group— leaked audio reveals that we said nice things about Fidel Castro back in the ‘80s.

Top issue: Bernie v Bloomberg

Senator Bernie Sanders won Nevada—and won it in a landslide. A man who was once a curiosity in Washington is now the undisputed frontrunner and the figurehead of a mass movement.

MSNBC is freaking it out. Conservatives are dusting off talking points from the Brezhnev era. And American voters don’t seem to care.

Bernie’s most powerful opponent is former New York City mayor Mike Bloomberg, who’s spending hundreds of millions on social media and literally paying people to like him.

The billionaire class might lay claim to owning the American presidency, but never before has a billionaire sought to buy the office for himself outright.

While Trump plays a nationalist on TV, Bloomberg is a ruthless and effective defender of neoliberal capitalism. The panel discusses what all this means for dissident politics of the Left and Right.

Richard Spencer on Politics

This isn’t a drill. This isn’t a hoax. And it’s not overblown. Corona Virus is for real.

After originating in mainland China, the virus has exploded to over 100,000 confirmed cases worldwide and is increasingly exponentially in the United States.

Markets are crashing. Elites are cancelling their scheduled demonic orgies. And toilet paper is worth its weight in gold.

And yet President Trump keeps insisting that this isn’t a big deal and that “he’s got this”—claims that are falling on deaf ears.

The panel discusses why the world’s last super power is so embarrassingly ill equipped to deal with a pandemic, as well as the dramatic political fallout of “Coronachan.”

Mark Brahmin and Richard Spencer discuss Stanley Kubrick's *2001: A Space Odyssey* (1968) and the meaning of the monolith.

Mark Brahmin and Richard Spencer discuss John Milius and Oliver Stone's *Conan The Barbarian* (1982) and solve the Riddle of Steel.


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