Rain Zunga

Rain Zunga

Rain Zunga


moody piece of electronica, not really dance nor techno but definitely groovy

new music, shitty video
techno dance electronic

new song, threw together a quick vid to entertain the eyes while the music entertains the ears
Hope you like it :)

techno dance number accompanied by entertaining colors

new video for Dope Sh!t by Rain Z

colorful vid I threw together in order to put my new song up to be listened to (hopefully)

electronic music to get you groovin'

quirky new piece by Rain

The Budd Zunga Band covering The Door's song L.A Woman LIVE at BobFest 2018

techno-electronica-dance piece
inspired by The X-flies and Dr Who

techno, dubstep electronica music


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just putting some music of the electronic/trance/dubstep dance type out here on the interwebs along with sharing music from friends and family