Looking at another Girls und Panzer kit for this week's review. The kit is Platz's boxing of Meng's FT-17 in 1/35th scale.

So continuing with the next convention slideshow we have Comic Con 2008. More of the same from the previous year, though we are starting to get a greater quantity of photos and the quality continues to improve. This was the last convention that I shot while I was taking the previously mentioned photography course.

Staying with reviewing figure kits again this week. We will be looking at Master Box's Mindy kit in 1/24th scale.

This years IPMS Orange County show video with the entry models and the awards ceremony.

First model event of the year is now ready for your viewing please. In this video we look at the entries and awards from Brookhurst Hobbies' Spruefest 2020.

So another con photo slideshow, albeit much larger and longer. This year started the trend of taking alot more photos at cons for me, in part as I was taking a class at the time. As such the quality of the photos will start to improve from here on as I learned more about photography. This also is the last con the I shot my photos in .jpg format, moving over to the better to work with raw format.

Going to be doing something that we have not done in several years, and look at a resin figure kit. This weeks review is on Volks' 1/7th scale figure of Darjeeling from Girls und Panzer.

Back to work on the Wing Gundam, focusing on getting the rest of the waist done and getting started on the legs.

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Starting a new game this week with a classic from my younger days that I played the crap out of in middle and high school with Katamari Damacy.

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Continuing with the second convention that I ever took photos at with Comic Con International 2007.

So as I said I was going to do a photo post in my last Vlog I finally got around to doing it. This series will more than likely be a monthly affair with me doing them chronologically and moving to more recent conventions. I also openly admit I am somewhat limited in terms of the musical selection, essentially what is available for free from youtube's library.

In this first set we are starting all the way back at Anime Expo 2007. This period is what I would describe as my early period, when I first started to do photography and was in all aspects a novice. Because of this I do admit the quality of the shots are not as good as they could potentially be, however they do improve as time goes on.

Got this years IPMS SD event all put together with our annual video. One thing I did forget to get are the car entries, I do apologize about that as they do have them in a separate area and I completely forgot to record video of them.

For the first time in 7 years I was able to attend the IPMS Orange County show. As per usual we first have a look at the entries and then we have the awards.

So after a long time of saying I was going to do this I am finally putting out the first in my long planed for full build series.

My plan is that the first video in each project will serve as an introduction to the subject, what kit I am going to use, aftermarket accessories that will be utilized, base that will need to be made, etc. This will in part help me to explain what I am going for with each project. Now since this is the first I am going to be putting these out on a monthly basis, this way it give me some more time to get the editing done on the subsequent episodes, but also to allow me to get feed back so as to try and improve going forward. At the time of posting this I have not yet started filming the next project, and wanted to get at least some input before I move forward.

Back from our January break with a new review video. We are also back to reviewing large scale aircraft kits again with our first large scale jet. This week we will be looking at Revell's 1/32nd scale ME262B-1 kit.

Another year, another IPMS event. This week is the annual IPMS San Diego model contest and awards.

Another model event this week. This time we are at the Southern California Gundam Model Competition 2019. As usual we first take a look at the entries, followed by photos, and then the awards.

Back with the next part of our New Years Eve Wing Gundam build stream.

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Looking at another aircraft kit this week with a kit from a manufacturer that I have never hear of prior, with Jo-Han's 1/72nd scale F4U-1 Corsair.

Switching gear this week and taking a look at another armor kit, with Hobby Boss' 1/48th scale Pz.Kpfw KV-1. This week is also the first week that we will be doing videos in 4K, which should hopefully help improve the ability to see detail on kit parts.

Back on aircraft this week with a look at another Revell kit with their rendition of the P-47N Thunderbolt in 1/48th scale.

Sticking with Revell aircraft kits this week by taking a look at Revell's 1/32nd scale F4U Corsair kit.

Last review video of the year. To close the year out we are taking a look at something a little different with Hasegawa's 1/24th scale Volkswagen Type 2 Delivery Van with markings for Hasegawa's Egg girls lineup in a summer theme.

First new review video of 2019. We will be looking at a very large aircraft kit this week from Revell with their 1/32nd scale Beaufighter Mk.1 heavy fighter.

This week we take a look at an interesting kit with Bandai's 1/7.5 (my best guess as there is no official published scale for her) Fumina kit.


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