An Insightful sharing of the Shutdown of US Government and its True Spiritual Purpose!

This Is Revolutionary and will break the Satanic Hypnotic Spell that Government has on you. You have all been conned by your own consent. Listen how you can break loose from the Hold your Satanic Government Has on you.

Pay attention to this Message of this Living Christ. See if it does not loosen the Chains of your Slavery?

This Living Christ breaks the Spell of Satanic Thinking. I challenge all to find a contradiction in any of the content of this video other than your own conditioned Beliefs.

A Simple Video. A Truthful Video which exposes why the World of Civilized man on Earth is HELL on Earth. Isn't it time, you accepted your ticket out of Hell?

"Let my people go" A Living Christ's Spiritual message to free all Satanically ruled Slaves.

Watch and Listen to the Real Life Experiences of this Living Christ with our Government. It's time to WAKE UP and change our Life in America and throughout the Satanically ruled World.

A MUCH WATCH VIDEO. Ignore this at your peril. This Living Christ presents you with the TRUTH of your very lives.

Listen to a video that you will not hear from anyone else in this world but for this Living Christ. SHARE it far and wide with all who seek Peace on Earth.

This Living Christs messages with you are True Meditation. A step out of the Conscious Intellect, into the Subconscious Holistic mind.
Recover your True Intelligence from the Satanic Intellectually conditioned mind.

Another Video of Historical Importance to all Civilized Men and Women. Do Not slough this off for it reflects the future of Humanity.
It breaks all the Satanic Illusions which make Life a HELL ON EARTH! SHARE THE TRUTH WIDELY THROUGHOUT THIS WORLD.

This Video applies to the unholy Satanic Power of the Intellect which has ruled Civilized Mankind since
the Beginning of time. Its message is timely at this moment when we face the collapse of our Society. Heed its message and spread it widely for it is the Second Coming of Christ Consciousness.

Listen to a message from a Living Christ which You have NEVER EXPERIENCED in your Lives. Guaranteed to rock you present world. Welcome to the Second Coming of Christ Consciousness. Share this with all whom you Love.

You folks are facing a new year, yet you are too damned dumb to realize what that New Year holds in Store for you. When the Hell are you going to WAKE UP?

To Paris and the rest of the Civilized World, TAKE OFF YOUR YELLOW VEST AND boycott your fictional Satanic Governments. Watch this video which can change our civilized world.

A clear description why Hell becomes the Normal View of Life on Earth by Enslaved Men and Women. A Video that must be seen and shared with all desirous of a New Way of Life for you and your loved ones.

A Deeper Spiritual Examination into the energies of Enlightenment. At stake, the world of Hell-bound Civilized Behavior

This Living Christ draws you attention to the doors of communication thrown open widely to communicators such as Mark Passio and David Icke, while they are shut tightly to this Living Christ. Ask yourselves WHY?

This Video ought to shock the sensibilities of any Civilized Man or Women who believes they are living an ordered Life. This belies the Hell of Satanic mind Control that enslaves every Man, Woman and Child in America.

A Simple focused view on the Subconscious God Mind and the The Satanic Conscious Intellect. Watch it and Change your World.

A summation of this Living Christ's Message to Humanity for the last 23 years of Public Life. The Secret to having Peace on Earth in your consciousness will be found in the Videos and Articles of the living Christ On the Internet.

A Living Christ speaks of Life on Earth as one of simple Peace, instead of the Indoctrinated confusion which now rules your consciousness. No Flattery, No Pandering, JUST PLAIN SIMPLE TRUTH!

Its time for a Living Christ to give the Satanists of our World a SPIRITUAL SPANKING. This Video IS IT!

28 Minutes in Eternity which dispels all Satanic Programming. To Change our Satanically ruled World Into a Peaceful "Second Coming of Christ Consciousness" gifted world, this video is absolutely NECESSARY.

Can you afford 32 minutes to change your Life? Listen to a Living Christ Break the Barrier of Your Satanically ruled Conscious Intellect which has cursed you into living a life of Hell on Earth.


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