A Simple video which REVEALS the actual level of Intelligence operating World-wide, by a Satanically Mind Controlled Population. The Attention of the Average Personnage of the Living Dead quite content to support HELL ON EARTH!

av: Good morning Mr. Ray. through the understands I've come to thru ways of the truth you have brought forth. Why there is no investigation into your situation. rk: That Andy is the question that ALL AMERICANS should be asking. Why a seemingly strong President is shielding the Criminal office holders and Policy Makers from the LAWS THEY HAVE SWORN AN OATH TO ENFORCE. This does not bode well for President DONALD J. TRUMP, when he head a criminal corporation hiding under the guise of a Government, from Crimes committed BY OFFICE-HOLDERS in office.

A 32 minute "MUST WATCH VIDEO". It goes to the heart of how mankind has been Satanically enslaved by Institutions of Government and Religion, since the Dawn of Civilization. It exposes Satanic Mind Control through Intellectually indoctrinated Belief Systems which have made this a HELL ON EARTH. This video is life changing. Refuse it AT YOUR RISK!

This Video is a brief description of the energies born of the communication between a Living Christ and a Legion Of Indoctrinated Satanic believers who make up the Illusory world of Satanism otherwise called Civilized Society!

A Request of President DONALD J. TRUMP to Authorize an FBI Investigation into the 25 YEAR LONG CRIMINAL CAMPAIGN committed against this Living Christ by the Federal, State of OREGON, and its County Government of JOSEPHINE COUNTY. This Can FINALLY bring the corrupt government that has ENSLAVED US down. Spread this VIDEO widely, for it is an historic moment in time.

A 42 minute VIDEO that will SHATTER the illusions which have made your Lives HELL.
It will reveal you as you actually are, not what you think yourselves to be. Ultimately it will reveal the Truth of this Living Christ is what you aim to be but find it impossible because of you false intellectual base of Consciousness.

This Video will INSULT the Intelligence of the Average mind Controlled "Person" and Well it should. This is a video of AWAKENING, shaking you from your lifelong Satanic Conditioning that has made this a Hell on Earth. Watch your reactions to this Video. That will be your SAVIOR.

A Short, but powerful Video which can change the course of the World. A Dissolution of Satanic History as promoted in the "New World Satanic Order. Listen well, listen deeply to the SIMPLICITY OF THE MESSAGE.


Watch out for those Satanic Platforms on Media and Internet Talk Shows. They are the instruments of Mind Control that feeds the violent oppositions of the Satanically ruled Intellect.

That is the reason this Living Christ was banned from the Alex Jones show and the John Stadtmiller show at RBN. Both are unwitting aiders and abettors of the New World Order, yet will violently defend their imagined Patriotism. Look at their actions. Do they Divide, do they argue, do they defend their positions yet lure you into a supportive but violent Satanic Source. Answer this for yourself, for only you can decide who you shall support and who you shall Boycott. That's the solution which breaks the back of Satanic opposition found only in the Satanic Intellect.

This message breaks all Satanic dualistic Barriers to Freedom and Sovereignty. It focuses attention upon the Truth Spoken of by this Living Christ and the illusions worshiped by masses of Indocrinated Satanists. No other man in History has explained to you in simple language, the Truth of the spiritual basis for the Divine non-dualistic Subconscious mind co-opted by the Satanic Dualistic Intellect which has established a POWER BASE in a world of man trapped in a dualistic hell of their own making. NO MAN-not even JESUS of NAZARETH! By the way, YOU TUBE has REFUSED TO Publish this Video.

This is addressed to all Christians who have found that their Church and Government has lied to them. It is addressed to all men and women, who seek divinity of which they have been deprived. Its a message addressed to ALL SLAVES!

A Simplified explanation of How Hell on Earth is possible. A Simplified solution toward Release from one's personal Hell. Put on your Big Boy pants and man up to your silly childish, Satanic conditioning.

Pay Attention. The Truth of this Video will leave you Speechless. It is the energy that will set you free from Sin and Change your world. Then share it with all loved ones, for the Satanic forces are using every trick in the book to censor this Living Christ.

In this Video Logic is exposed as the epitome of flawed Satanic Thought. It introduces the Scientific and religious thought worshiped by Civilized man as their God. WELCOME TO HELL.

Pay attention to this revealing video. Spread it widely because I brings into focus the Satanic Behavior which makes this a Hell on Earth. Watch your reactions to the words of this Christ and you will see yourself for what you are.

Another life changing VIDEO. Listen listen and be aware of your personal reactions to this Living Christ. That is you Spiritual Savior operating within you by your reactions to Truth.

It is time to stop Pussyfooting around and CREATE our True Heritage as Heaven on Earth, By abolishing the Present Satanic Hellish Government which now enslaves you. Pay attention to this Living Christ and you will see and hear the energy of Truth which separates him from the rest of he Commentators who offer illusory solutions to the world's Problems.

A video to Awaken all from their Hypnotic Slumber. It is by all means the Greatest Message ever delivered by a Living Christ to Humanity. It does away with Mythical Saviors and delivers the Truth of Salvation, hidden from people since the Beginning of Time.

A 30 minute Video that will explain what Life is all about. From Childhood to the Living Hell responsible for Civilized Life on Earth. Life does not get any more simpler than this.

Listen to a video which will set you free from Fictional Satanic Authority. You will hear this liberating message NOWHERE ELSE, as your civilized world is convoluted with Satanic Conditioning which has enslaved you. Are you interested in being free? Then listen intently to the Divine Plan to release you from your hell and SHARE IT WITH ALL.

The Most important message you will hear in this lifetime. Share it with all, for the quality of life on earth depends on it. Break the spell Satanist controller's have on your mind. Pay attention to the Numbers attributed to this video and others by this Living Christ by a world wide audience. Satanic Mind Control is rampant and you are completely UNAWARE of it. Make government CONCEDE that I Raymond Karczewski, a Living Christ EXISTS and Satanic Mind Control loses it power.

The Greatest Message Ever Delivered to Satanists Enslaved to Hell. Share this with all whom you love especially with your Children for in their innocence, they are more apt to understand this than you.

To All Satanists Trapped in your Conscious Intellect: IT IS LATER THAN YOU THINK. Listen to the Truth that will SET YOU FREE.

The Greatest message ever delivered to Civilized Human Beings. If you're tired of living in Hell and seek the heaven of the Christ Message, SHARE this widely with all Loved Ones and Break the Spell of the Satanic New World Order

This Living Christ leads all Hellbound Intellectual Satanists to the "Second Coming of Christ Consciousness". Not since the Beginning of Time has this Secret been shared with Satanists who were bound to their own Indoctrinated Hell. This is not for everyone for Hell is about to be disintegrated. SHARE THIS WIDELY!


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