I wanted to share what it takes me as a beginner to print these scale rc accessories. This is what I do and in no means is to be copied 100%. This is just how I do it. Enjoy!!

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Hanging out while i work on the revo

Just want to share the Knight Customs roof top tent with everyone. The print is super easy and there are a lot of options for this piece. Enjoy!!



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Hanging out while install a motor in the scx10ii deadbolt

got the Kraton out for some testing of the m2c racing chassis. Had a good time until the truck shut down and would not come back on. Enjoy!!


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got my hands on this hot new chassis from m2c racing. This thing is a really nice piece. Very happy to have it. Enjoy!!
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Weather was great today so I brought the Kraton out to the skate park. Truck has HobbyWing max 6 with 14 tooth pinion on 6s lipo. Enjoy!!


Well the snow has fallen and now the temps are warming up so I had to take the time to get out while I can and get some bashing in. The battery kept coming loose so I had to end it early but I will make it back out. Enjoy!!

got all the pices printed and ready to go into the truck. So happy with the outcome. Enjoy!!


Get the STL files here

So I have put in a lot of hours with my new Ender 3 Pro 3D printer. I had to learn a lot but got it to print well for my needs. Very happy I got one. Enjoy!!



Got my new printer set up and have trying to learn and print the new interior parts I want for my new Trx4 Bronco. Enjoy!!



The weather was just right for one last trail run before the big storm was supposed to show up. Having a great time with this rig. Enjoy!!

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Well after doing a few simple maintenance items in my last video I was ready to get this truck out on the trails. Truck is a good amount of fun for a bone stock rig. Enjoy!!


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In this video I just wanted to show a few things I think you should do to your brand new traxxas trx4. It will be fine for awhile but if your serious about your rig you should give a good look over before you take it out on its first run. Enjoy!!

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There was just the right amount of #snow on the ground for some good snow crawling. The new mods on the trucks are working great. Loving the new #Spektrum #DX5 Rugged in my #Blazer as well.

I finally got a new radio system for my trucks. I went with this one because of the rugged design. I am not a racer and bash and scale most of the time. This should work great. Will do a full review after I have had time to use the radio. Enjoy!!

Found out about this little event last minute but I was still able to go. Lots of great trucks out there and it was a really good time. More of just a hang out than anything. Hope to see more of these things pop up. Enjoy!!



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