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well here is part two to last weeks crawling. Enjoy!!


Well the e revo 2.0 just got a fresh tranny rebuild and what better way to test it out than in the snow covered skate park. Truck started slow but as the snow got matted down a little I was able to get some good lines going. Ended with some breakage but still had a blast. Enjoy!!


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Got all the parts in to rebuild the revo transmission. This is not really a how to but if you have questions just ask. Enjoy!!

Finally got a chance to get out and get some Sunday crawling for everyone. This spot is way out in this forest and by a river, it was very damp and had a amazing feel to it. Had some really bad flat spot tires but made the best out of it. Stay tuned for more from this location. Enjoy!!


A big box showed up and its finally time to up my game. Enjoy!!

Well the snow and rain stopped and the sun came out to make a wonderful setting for some rc bashing. The kraton was running strong until the truck stopped running. Enjoy!!

So after a lot of research and not finding a whole lot I decided to make a diff shimming video. Not a step by step due to loosing some footage, but hope it can help someone. For me just seeing a few details on a job like this and it helps. Enjoy!!

well there was some bad weather coming in for the next few days so I got out while I can. Took the Revo with me as the Arrma Kraton is still down. Stayed tuned for more videos. Enjoy!!

So I am tight on space and was trying to find a way to keep my rc trucks stored. Finally after seeing a picture of someones home made rack I thought I would make my own. Its rather easy you just have to measure the pipes and cute. Once you get a few you know what you need and it goes quick. I got my supplies at Home Depot. Cost me 50 dollars or so. Enjoy!!

Winter is getting close you can tell by the landscapes. Taking it all in while I can. The Blazer build is coming along, mods will be coming soon. The Bronco is stock but that will soon change. Enjoy!!

finally got the hard top I wanted in. I painted it up and installed it onto the Blazer. Rather easy but just have to take the time to get the trimming right. Enjoy!!

Broke the stock bumper real quick. Picked this up. Seems really nice, only time will tell. Enjoy!

Well I got in some xt90 adapters and was able to get in a short bash session before the dark. Enjoy!!

So in a completly not planned way I came across a deal on Craiglist for a Arrma Kraton. I text the number and a few hours I got a text back and was able to set up a better deal. I can not wait to see what this trucks has. Enjoy!

An other Sunday an other crawl. Enjoy!

Back at it again with an other great Sunday crawl. Enjoy!

I had an extra chrome grill for my blazer so I decided to try to paint one black and see how it would look. Not perfect but it looks good. I like the look and will keep it going. Enjoy!

I just wanted to share this info I had taught to me. I have these in the rear and never popped a rod end of the push rods also have only stretched out one shock rod end in over 3 months.

Finally had some time to get the Revo back out and pound on it some more. Weather held up and I got out while I could. Enjoy!!!

So I been wanting to do this for awhile now. The long term review on the E Revo 2.0. I have been through a lot with this thing and am happy over all now. Enjoy!

Well an other Sunday filled with some great crawling. Went looking for some new trails and we came up lucky. Some of the best trails I have had the scale rigs on. This footage is just some of the day. Will put more of it out with some time. Enjoy!!!

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I have been having some trouble with my steering so I swapped in my Savox SW-1210SG. I still have the same problem, steering will not return to center after I turn in either direction. If anyone knows why I would love to know thanks.

Here is an other sunday crawl video. Got some good shots of the Blazer doing some solo running. Enjoy!!

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Well here is an other Sunday crawl video. This is the 8th video of the Sunday crawling video series so I guess I am going to just number them for now on. For this video we went out in search of a new spot and we found this spot. The soft sand made for some hard earned fun.

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I intended to make a video on how to change the diff oil then show the differences, but I lost all the footage of all the work it took. Its not super hard to do. I def think its worth the time for how much better it is. This video is the testing. I did swap out some bent parts so the truck is tuned up pretty good. Stay tuned for more action with the revo.


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