Part 2 of the festival of speed!

Enjoy the festival of speed!

Dan's Quickstart Guide to Ducks! The basics of what you need to know before you get ducklings.

Needed some tunes out at the ranch so I bought this little bluetooth amp for $30 on Amazon.
The one in video -
Newer version -

Treat it right and it treats you right.


That'll do, pig. That'll do. ◄-- Get it here! Amazon Affiliate link. Thank you the support!

Quacking before you know it. ◄-- Get it here! Amazon Affiliate link. Thank you the support!

Is it the light of your life?

Ducks slurping salad out of their water. 👂🖤🦆 ◄-- Get it here!
Amazon Affiliate link. Thank you for the support!

When you can't sleep so you decide to polish your knob.

One of the rarer cars from the vintages races at COTA this year. More to come...

Taking a look at the Alfa Romeo Milano and my latest project car.

Restore your gas cans to their former glory!

FIAT fans meet in east Texas for good times

So much RADness! Join me as I walk the show.

Called Bushnell technical support, and they confirmed it's a counterfeit!

Was I sent a fake Bushnell TRS-25?

None ◄-- Get it here! Amazon Affiliate link. Thank you the support!
Caesar Hardware CH-60115M Electric Pressure Washer 1885 PSI 1.3 GPM 13 AMP
Does alright considering it was the cheapest pressure washer on Amazon at the time I bought it. It loses a couple stars because the manual is terrible, and it's not usable out of the box. The supply hose fitting is not for your standard garden hose, and there's nothing to tell you what it is. It comes with a quick detach adapter, but doesn't include the supply side quick connect. Fortunately I found one at the local Home Depot that worked (Melnor Quick Connect Kit). Another thing the manual didn't say was that you have to slide the nozzle back for full pressure. Took me a minute to figure that one out... Also the soap application part of it is unusable. The soap comes out at an inconsistent rate and the detergent tank is ridiculously small.

Once I got it all figured out it performed as well as any of the sub-$150 pressure washers do.

Do you like ARs, but are bored with them? This is for you!

In a nutshell it's a very agile and responsive sedan that is very nicely optioned for the price. Best in class performance compared to all the other 4cyl sedans on the market. My experience with the Multiair engines tells me there is a lot more performance to be had as well.

Call our favorite saleslady Angela at 512-228-3428 to schedule your own test drive. Be sure to mention you saw the video!

An object on road ripped a hole in my gas tank, so I got a cheap plastic welding kit and fixed it.


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