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"The Dog House"
Pre Roll for up and coming show with special guest Jay and the team.
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Love & Peace Always. Rea. .
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I've now got the bug and think I'm going to buy a MAC and install Final Cut pro X :-) lol Oh no it sounds very costly!!
What do you think? Good idea?

These are just tests guy's. They won't be used. I'm just trying to get better at the whole video editing process.
Love & Peace always. Rea. .

The software called "short cut" is free and easy to use. I've been meaning to learn how to edit video and finally got around to starting. With a couple of hours I managed to get this far. :-) What do you think?

"The Dog House" Pre Roll for "Americanuck Radio" in Canada.This is the final MP4 Master that goes out across all platforms this evening.For those who are watching us build this show. Thanks! Don't forget to Subscribe, Share and do a thumbs up! (If you like) Love & Peace Always. .

"The Dog House" Pre Roll for "Americanuck Radio" in Canada.For those who are following us and watching us build this show.50 seconds long.Don't forget to Subscribe, Share and do a thumbs up! Love & Peace always. Rea Bow. .

Dean & Rea Bow having a catch up, Looking for people to do video's with and just chewing the fat.If anyone is interested in joining us, Leave a message here..Love & Peace always.

Hey guy's. Here is another song that is really quite different from "It'll be alright" Just to add a little contrast, and to see how (LV) would do on a dance tune. We had a good time making this one. Hope you enjoy!

Hey Guy's. Here is a song I wrote for a lovely guy I met along the way I called (LV) This is dedicated to all those who are feeling a little lost at the moment.
I played everything except the drums. I engineered it, produced it. etc.
This is 1 of 10. Ranging from soul R&B to Club. Enjoy
Love & Peace to all.

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Hey Guy's. Welcome to my channel.
I'm going to be posting video's regularly about what is going on in my World. I hope you enjoy, and feel free to come and say hello.
Rea. .