John Sullivan pretending to be an American Patriot in DC. He's Antifa. Do NOT LET MSM FUCK YOUR MIND OVER

Claire Edwards. Facebook and Twitter mark this as "fake". It's about as fake as snow falling at the North Pole. It's about as fake as "Climate Change" - which has been happening for 4.5 billion years since the Earth was formed (HA!).

Tucker Carlson - 9 Nov 2020 "What we know now"

Carlson explains the Left's lying and the voting fraud.

Hydrochloriquine talk....

We will NOT COMPLY (Mask orders) - USA USA

Telling the truth is getting this video banned across the country in the US, because Twitter, Google, Facebook and Youtube have made a pact to delete anything going against what the WHO has been saying. The TRUTH IS OUT, and now is the time to spread it along. Full length video.

Truth about Covid-19. Screen Shot isn't about the video. It's just because I needed to upload a picture.

Video being removed by Twitter, Facebook, Google, Youtube et al; Covid Truth. Breitbart news service.

She then holds up a car emergency escape hammer, explaining how it would be used to break into a car rather than escape it.

“And lemme tell you, this is about ten dollars online, it’s an emergency window breaker. And it even has a keychain so you put it on a keychain, put it on your bag, and you can rip it off and in case of an emergency, you push this onto their window, and it gives you access to the vehicle that may be about to hurt you and your friends.”

“It also has a seatbelt cutter if you need to remove the person from the car,” she added.

This radical is seemingly unaware that a driver would be well within his rights to use deadly force against anyone who forcibly breaks into their car to harm them.

This comes after multiple reports and videos emerged showing BLM rioters assaulting people in vehicles and blocking roads, resulting in some instances of cars mowing through some crowds in different states.

There is now EVIDENCE that passing COVID asymptomatically is nearly IMPOSSIBLE. Right from the World Heath Organization's OWN MOUTHS.

Remove the masks. Get on with your lives. STOP LISTENING TO THE IDIOTS.

Stone Mountain armed BLM 4 July 2020

Happened on 4 July at Stone Mountain.

President Trump talks about military involvement, and stopping the protesters if the Governors will not.

CBS News, faking news. Not reporting, but FAKING it.

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