Israel government instituting corona virus green pass for certain businesses.

Denmark government instituting a corona passport.

Rush Limbaugh was born into a military family.

A co-founder, Matt Agorist, of The Free Thought Project sure has an interesting resume.

Roger Stone was invited to speak at Fordham Jesuit University.

Michael Aquino a member of the United States military co-wrote an interesting document.

Klaus Schwab the World Economic Forum founder has an interesting possible Jesuit connection.

Jacob Chansley, who participated in the United States Capitol building riot, was a member of the United States Navy.

Netflix Cuties releases movie with overt pedophilia?

Emily Rainey is a member of the military, has a Jesuit connection, and is a Phi Sigma Tau member.

Was Alex Jones censorship designed to justify censoring all Americans?

What is the deep state? The deep state is not a new term. Find out where it came from.

Who created Qanon? Why the obsession with Qanon? To me Qanon is an intentional distraction.

Democrats and Republicans the same? Politics in America rigged? Find out how many prior presidents were members of Phi Beta Kappa.


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Individual pacifist counter-racist anarchist of Colombian decent. Labeling America as "the land of the free" is one of the biggest ironies of all. It's time for a REAL colorful revolution.