"Michael Collins Piper examines stories—deliberate forgeries—that have taken on a life of their own, contributing much confusion within what is known as “the truth movement.” Many such rumors are iconic and good people have invested much energy promoting these legends."

At 5:10 I added clips of Des Griffen and Tom Metzger, who both knew Walter White Jr., shedding some light on the Harold Wallace Rosenthal "interview".

Original Article:

A complete reading of Jack Bernstein's 'The Life of an American Jew in Racist, Marxist Israel' by John Stadtmiller, done over two broadcasts of The National Intel Report in February of 2009.

"Unlike most American Jews, whose support for Israel is limited to words and money, Jack Bernstein actually "returned" to the "Jewish homeland" not as a tourist, or for a summer visit but to live and die in Israel as a committed builder of the Jewish nation. As he explains here in this punchy and persuasive booklet, his idealism soon turned to disillusionment. He takes the reader on a guided tour of Israel s history, institutions and values. He exposes Israel s sham and hypocrisy, revealing its oppressive, racist, militaristic, and parasitic character.

Bernstein speaks above all to the deceived and misguided American people, whose money, toil and blood sustain the Zionist state. As long as the US continues to support Israel, he prophetically warns, there will be no end to war in the Middle East, strife between Jews and non-Jews, and the brutal oppression of Palestinians."

A compilation of chess grandmaster Bobby Fischer's radio appearances.

No idea who made it.

Human Sacrifice among the Fanatical Hasidic Jews and Other Cults from Ancient Times to the Present tells the forbidden true story of numerous children - and even some adults - who were murdered in similar fashions for their blood. It tells of countless children whose bloodless corpses were discovered to have been reportedly murdered by fanatical Jews. It also describes some other cults that have existed in the past - some of which may even exist today in Mexico - that have participated in similar acts of human sacrifice.

"'Human Sacrifice among the Fanatical Hasidic Jews and Other Cults from Ancient Times to the Present' is an excellent video demonstrating without question that the accusation of Jewish Ritual Murder is indeed true. This video will make yea sayers out of all nay sayers!"
--Rev. Dr. Matthew F. Hale, head of the World Creativity Movement

"The ADL is steaming! [Almost] two hours of documentation, illustrated through paintings, woodcuts, drawings, sculptures, rare books and other obscure sources. Worldwide Revisionist News & Views has put out the first-ever video documentary on Jewish ritual murder [in English]. Listen now - no one with an objective mind (an important stipulation) can watch this tape without at least admitting that the matter is worth looking into further. Do you have a friend who 'just doesn't believe in such things'? This documentary is virtually irrefutable, and is most educational. You will NEVER see this material on the History Channel, but truth takes no backseat in this fast-packed documentary."
--Harrell Rhome, Ph.D., head of Eagle Publications

"The new video on the history of Human Sacrifice is the best study of this suppressed subject that I have ever seen. It is a real breakthrough for serious students of the subject. The research is unique in that rare photos never seen by the general public before are presented here for the first time. While controversial, the film presents the facts in an impartial way. I believe that it will spark new interest and thoughtful discussion which will help resurrect additional study for a more clear understanding of this subject."
--Dr. Ed Fields, editor of "The Truth at Last"

Both of Michael Collins Piper's appearances on Charles Giuliani's show.

Airdates: 2011/03/15, 2012/03/16

This week Texe interviews Michael Collins Piper on his newest book, Ye Shall Know the Truth. Do main stream newspapers hide important information in plain sight? Did the Mormon church and big banks help fund the rise of Las Vegas as a gambling mecca? In postwar Germany, did the American occupation government destroy more books than the Nazis? How does Jewish control of the media relate to the book industry?


Texe interviews Michael Collins Piper on his newest book, The Caiaphas Complex. A fascinating look at today's behind-the-scenes Zionist movers and shakers in America with some great ideas on how we can strike back with the message of truth.


Texe Marrs interviews Michael Collins Piper on his insight-filled new book. Michael shares his experiences in meeting Philippine President Marcos and his wife, Imelda, and also the current Iranian President, Ahmadinejad. He discusses Israel’s Zionist lobby in the U.S., including AIPAC and ADL groups. Piper examines the old Jewish tactic of branding anyone who opposes their actions as “anti-Semitic.”


Texe Marrs interviews Michael Collins Piper on his powerful new book exposing the Rothschilds leadership of the New World Order conspiracy. Piper explains how over the centuries and decades the wealth of the fabulous Rothschild Dynasty has enabled these power-hungry Zionist plotters to seize more and more control—over stock markets, banks, corporations, universities, and national governments. The henchmen of the Rothschilds have also used organized crime to accomplish their aims. Their power is also felt through the secret societies and in globalist groups such as the United Nations, the International Monetary Fund, and the Council on Foreign Relations.


Texe Marrs interviews noted author Michael Collins Piper, discussing his blockbuster new book, The Golem: A World Held Hostage—Israel’s Nuclear Hell Bomb and the Road to Global Armageddon. The Golem, in Jewish lore and legend, is a monster, a beastly Frankenstein conjured up by the black magic of sorcerous, Talmudic rabbis. Once formed, he goes forth to kill and destroy all perceived enemies of Israel. Piper says that today, Israel’s huge and growing arsenal of nuclear bombs and other weapons of mass destruction are, in truth, The Golem. Israel’s Zionist leaders, insane with hatred for Gentiles—and especially for Arabs and Moslems—fully intend to unleash The Golem on Iran, Syria, and any other nation that opposes the Zionist Master Plan for a Talmudic World Kingdom. Even the capitals of Europe are threatened. Horribly, The Golem of Israel may end up hurdling the United States into a catastrophic World War III and threatens to destroy the earth itself.


Texe Marrs interviews Michael Collins Piper, author of the outstanding new book, The Judas Goats. Piper reveals how the Jewish ADL, AIPAC, JDL, and other elements of the Synagogue of Satan covertly work to undermine American patriotism and destroy nationalism. These Zionist organizations employ provocateurs and saboteurs (Piper courageously names them!) who infiltrate pro-American groups and churches. These "Judas Goats," as Piper calls them, impersonate true patriots and commit crimes to inspire hate legislation. The media help the Judas Goats to smear good patriotic men and women.

In Part II, Piper exposes the Zionist and New World Order shills masquerading in the political and media worlds. Included: the Jewish ADL, Fox News, CNN, the Vatican, the U.S. Congress, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Ann Coulter, and Laura Ingram. Piper points out that the supposed split between Republican and Democrats is mostly a mirage and that the Left Wing vs. Right Wing paradigm is likewise a construct of the reigning elite.


Michael Collins Piper and Texe Marrss discuss Andrew Carrington Hitchcock's book, 'The Synagogue of Satan', which Texe published and wrote the foreword to.

The Piper Report - March 27, 2007

Free Audiobook of 'The Synagogue of Satan: The Synagogue of Satan Updated, Expanded, and Uncensored' -

Michael Collins Piper outlines the Mossad connection to the assassination of MLK, as laid out in the “Questions, Answers & Reflections” section of his book ‘Final Judgment’.

The classic debate between Michael Collins Piper and the Israeli diamond merchant Eric Jon Phelps over who’s really at the helm of the global conspiracy – Zionists or Jesuits? Following the debate is an excerpt from Michael Collins Piper’s May 25, 2006 broadcast, addressing Phelps’ reaction.

More information:

The Investigative Journal - May 16, 2006
The Piper Report - May 25, 2006

Alex Jones' bizarre call into Michael Collins Piper's May 25, 2006 broadcast, followed by an except from MCP's December 29, 2010 podcast explaining the circumstances around it.

The Piper Report - September 21, 2009

Michael Collins Piper reads "Unwinding the jewish Mysteries" by Morris Horton (written under the pen name "Fred Farrel"), which originally appeared in the newspaper "Common Sense".

"This is not a battle between rich and poor or between capital and labor. It is a battle between jew and gentile. Any other representation of it is a lie and belongs with 'the father of lies' . . Think not whether your gentile neighbor is rich or poor, an employer or an employee, just make sure that he is not jewish and then stick with him so that we can overthrow the evil jewish power which threatens the order and peace of the world."

Michael Collins Piper discusses The Spotlight and answers questions from viewers.

A compilation of broadcasts by Michael Collins Piper dealing with the thesis of The Barnes Review's controversial "Revenge of the Neanderthal" issue.

00:00 - 2010.04.30 - "A Controversial Topic to Be Sure..."
36:05 - 2010.05.04 - "Personal From the Consulting Editor"
46:38 - 2010.05.07 - "Great Grandma Was a Neanderthal" (WaPo) and "Analysis of Neanderthal Genome Points to Interbreeding with Modern Humans" (NYTimes)
51:18 - 2010.05.25 - Interview with Michael Bradley
01:36:47 - 2010.05.26 - Interview with Michael Bradley
2:22:55 - 2010.06.01 - Interview with John de Nugent

Read the full issue:

"Neanderthals and Semites" by John de Nugent:

Michael Collins Piper read his review of the 1978 mini-series "Holocaust", which later appeared his book 'The Caiaphas Complex'.

'The Caiaphas Complex' PDF -

"Understanding Anti-Semitism" is a well-researched documentary that helps to explain "why" some people express Jewish antipathy. While condemning hatred, violence, and anti-Semitic stereotypes, the DVD takes the viewer on a journey through time, showing that Jewish hatred has nevertheless existed in America and beyond. It focuses on the reasons why, as expressed by others and reiterated in a relatively objective manner. The video has scene-selection, consisting of over 25 chapters, covering these and other topics: The Jewish Look, focusing on the stereotypes and showing that not all Jews fit such; The Rabbinical Kosher Excise Tax, dealing with certain claims; What Does the Term "Anti-Semitism" Really Mean(?); The Jewish Political Action Committees; Washington: A Jewish Closed-Shop(?); The "Jewish Media Barons," which states the claims argued by some anti-Semites; Holocaust Propaganda through the eyes of the Jewish Media Barons, dealing with such accusations by others that some Jewish claims are exaggerations; "The International Jew," dealing with Henry Ford's books; The Jewish Integrationists or Segregationists(?); Jews and Slavery, describing claims proposed by the anti-Semitic Nation of Islam; The Jews and Modern Art; Judaism and Judeo-Christianity; Zionism: A Jewish Plot to Control the World(?), focusing on claims made by anti-Semites dealing with this; The Jews and the Mideast Wars, describing modern claims that Jews were behind the war; Jewish Treachery; Jewish Terrorism; and, Jews and Germany. This video is ideal for sociology or psychology classes who are interested in such matters. Due to the many topics covered, it might help to animate students and to get them thinking. It is also useful for individuals who have been curious about such matters. It is not recommended for people with health conditions or for juveniles. Some graphic scenes from the Holocaust are shown as well as other incidents, which some may find disturbing.

This remarkable study of Auschwitz is unlike anything yet published. Though it is purposely small in size and easy to read, it carries a powerful punch. The author visited Auschwitz as a tourist armed with a broad study of the literature surrounding the world-famous site, and from that visit has proceeded to deconstruct the Auschwitz shown to her and others as a “death” or “extermination” camp.

By taking the reader on an “underground guided tour” around Auschwitz-Birkenau, she clearly demonstrates it to be, at varying times and locations within the perimeters, a simple labor, concentration and transit camp for political prisoners, where the health of the inmates was a prime concern of the camp authorities.

Sounds unbelievable? After reading this carefully researched book, you will see the horror stories for so long spread about Auschwitz-Birkenau in a new, more skeptical, light, and you may very well be so impressed you’ll want to share your new vision with others.

A cautiously written work that moves toward a surprising conclusion, leaving us pondering how so much that is not true has seeped into our consciousness as “fact.”

"Cooper, his feelings clearly bruised, began by citing two newspaper articles, one each from the New York Post and New York Daily News. Stating, erroneously, that tabloids were 'owned by Jews, published by Jews, and edited by Jews,' Cooper quoted from one article noting that while officials of the victorious Red Army had once claimed that four million Jews had been killed at Auschwitz, the death count was now thought to be closer to a million and a half. The second article, from 1993, further revised the toll, saying 'nearly a million' had been killed.

'First it’s six million, then four million, then nearly a million,' Cooper exclaimed, saying he was 'sick and tired of having the Holocaust thrown in my face all the time.' It wasn’t his fault. He wasn’t even born until 1943. He’d never knowingly hurt any Jew and certainly wasn’t going to have 'a big guilt complex' about what the Germans did.

Who appointed the Jews, this self-anointed Chosen People, as the arbiters of morality, anyway? 'They didn’t give a damn about Cambodia, where six million were killed,' Cooper railed. They didn’t care about the starving millions in Africa, or the genocide in Bosnia. He didn’t see any Jews saving anyone during the siege at Waco.

Before the Jews started attacking him, they ought to put their own house in order, Cooper said..."

Quoted from 'Pale Horse Rider' by Mark Jacobson

Charles Giuliani interviews the late Bradley R. Smith, founder of the Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust (CODOH).

Airdate: 2007/11/21

Part 1 of 2
Part 2:

Known for his two ground-breaking Holocaust Trials in 1985 and 1988 that resulted in the forensic investigation known as the best-selling "Leuchter Report", Ernst Zundel is the world's best-known and most successful Holocaust Debunker.

Kidnapped on American soil in 2003 at the instigation of his political detractors and currently imprisoned in Germany for the "thought crime" of questioning the orthodox version of the Holocaust, Zundel's indefatiguable struggle for Truth in History is grippingly captured on this detailed documentary. 5 parts. 4 1/2 hours Pass it on!


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