Truth Hertz w/ Charles Giuliani - March 12, 2012

"The holocaust industry has become a tyrannical dictatorship that incessantly manipulates, distorts, marginalizes and manufactures false conclusions to prop up their sinking ship. By taking their hysterical obsessions to psychopathic levels, the charlatans behind this ruse make it glaringly apparent how weak the foundation of their argument is.

Victor Thorn, author of over 30 books and chapbooks, best known for his groundbreaking political conspiracy research, has set his sights on the biggest conspiracy of them all, 'The Holocaust,' with this book."

The Piper Report - December 21, 2009

Michael Collins Piper sets the record straight about some of the popular myths surrounding Anne Frank's infamous diary.

"Friedrich Paul Berg (1943 - 2019) was the son of German immigrants. He was educated in the United States and holds a degree in Mining Engineering from Columbia University. His professional engineering work has been primarily as a mechanical engineer. He has served as an Environmental Affairs Representative. In that capacity he was recognized as an expert for environmental concerns including air pollution.

Berg wrote many Holocaust revisionist articles, criticizing in particular the supposed use of diesel engines as a method for mass killings. See also Holocaust material evidence: Gas vans and gas chambers using diesel exhaust."

Codoh: Revisionist Personalities: Friedrich Paul Berg -
Codoh: Authors: Friedrich Paul Berg - (Archive) -

Both of the late Benton L. Bradberry's appearances on The Truth Traveler. Believe it or not but these shows aired on GCN, the same network that hosts the tranny-loving penis juice salesman, Alex Jones.

"The official story of Western Civilization in the 20th century casts Germany as the disturber of the peace in Europe, and the cause of both World War I and World War II, though the facts don’t bear that out. During both wars, fantastic atrocity stories were invented by the Allied propaganda machine to create hatred of the German people for the purpose of transforming public opinion to support the wars."

A 2006 interview with the high priestess of Holocaustianity. Also includes related calls from later in the show.

Those who believe that Israel is behind the alleged chemical weapons attack in Syria—hiding behind a “false flag” designed to implicate the Syrian government—have very good reason to believe in such a scenario.

In fact, as my book, Final Judgment, which documents the role of Israel’s Mossad in the assassination of John F. Kennedy, first pointed out at far back as 1994, the use of “false flags” by Israel’s Mossad to cover up its role in worldwide assassination conspiracies and other criminal activity had been utilized time and again: “Arabs,” “radical Muslims,” “the Mafia,” “right-wing extremists,” and even environmentalists, among others, have repeatedly taken the fall for crimes committed by the Mossad or carried out under its coordination.

The use of “false flag” operations by Israel and its Mossad has been documented repeatedly since the Jewish State first came into being.

What follows is an overview of some other notable instances in which Israel utilized “false flags” in its international criminal endeavors.

There is a solid record of evidence pointing to ward a longtime—albeit little-known—role by Israel’s intelligence service, the Mossad, in providing financing and tactical support for the very “Muslim extremists” presumed to be Israel’s worst enemies. The truth is that Muslim extremists have proven useful (if often unwitting) tools in advancing Israel’s own geopolitical agenda.


Published in 1936, read by an anon from /pol/.

"So many conflicting reports are being circulated about church conditions in Germany, and such concern is being manifested on the part of Christians in the United States regarding the matter, that a careful study of the situation seems advisable at this time."

Read by an anon from /pol/.

'"Positive Christianity in the Third Reich,' written by German professor of theology and N.S.D.A.P. (Nazi Party) member Cajus Fabricius, dispels the misconceptions that National Socialism was an anti-Christian ideology and that the Third Reich was an anti-Christian state. This short book reveals to us that Hitler was a strong proponent of Positive Christianity in the role of German life, that there is no contradiction between Positive Christianity and National Socialism, and that Christianity was as popular as ever under Hitler."

"Michael Collins Piper examines stories—deliberate forgeries—that have taken on a life of their own, contributing much confusion within what is known as “the truth movement.” Many such rumors are iconic and good people have invested much energy promoting these legends."

At 5:10 I added clips of Des Griffen and Tom Metzger, who both knew Walter White Jr., shedding some light on the Harold Wallace Rosenthal "interview".

Original Article:

A complete reading of Jack Bernstein's 'The Life of an American Jew in Racist, Marxist Israel' by John Stadtmiller, done over two broadcasts of The National Intel Report in February of 2009.

"Unlike most American Jews, whose support for Israel is limited to words and money, Jack Bernstein actually "returned" to the "Jewish homeland" not as a tourist, or for a summer visit but to live and die in Israel as a committed builder of the Jewish nation. As he explains here in this punchy and persuasive booklet, his idealism soon turned to disillusionment. He takes the reader on a guided tour of Israel s history, institutions and values. He exposes Israel s sham and hypocrisy, revealing its oppressive, racist, militaristic, and parasitic character.

Bernstein speaks above all to the deceived and misguided American people, whose money, toil and blood sustain the Zionist state. As long as the US continues to support Israel, he prophetically warns, there will be no end to war in the Middle East, strife between Jews and non-Jews, and the brutal oppression of Palestinians."

A compilation of chess grandmaster Bobby Fischer's radio appearances.

No idea who made it.

Human Sacrifice among the Fanatical Hasidic Jews and Other Cults from Ancient Times to the Present tells the forbidden true story of numerous children - and even some adults - who were murdered in similar fashions for their blood. It tells of countless children whose bloodless corpses were discovered to have been reportedly murdered by fanatical Jews. It also describes some other cults that have existed in the past - some of which may even exist today in Mexico - that have participated in similar acts of human sacrifice.

"'Human Sacrifice among the Fanatical Hasidic Jews and Other Cults from Ancient Times to the Present' is an excellent video demonstrating without question that the accusation of Jewish Ritual Murder is indeed true. This video will make yea sayers out of all nay sayers!"
--Rev. Dr. Matthew F. Hale, head of the World Creativity Movement

"The ADL is steaming! [Almost] two hours of documentation, illustrated through paintings, woodcuts, drawings, sculptures, rare books and other obscure sources. Worldwide Revisionist News & Views has put out the first-ever video documentary on Jewish ritual murder [in English]. Listen now - no one with an objective mind (an important stipulation) can watch this tape without at least admitting that the matter is worth looking into further. Do you have a friend who 'just doesn't believe in such things'? This documentary is virtually irrefutable, and is most educational. You will NEVER see this material on the History Channel, but truth takes no backseat in this fast-packed documentary."
--Harrell Rhome, Ph.D., head of Eagle Publications

"The new video on the history of Human Sacrifice is the best study of this suppressed subject that I have ever seen. It is a real breakthrough for serious students of the subject. The research is unique in that rare photos never seen by the general public before are presented here for the first time. While controversial, the film presents the facts in an impartial way. I believe that it will spark new interest and thoughtful discussion which will help resurrect additional study for a more clear understanding of this subject."
--Dr. Ed Fields, editor of "The Truth at Last"

Both of Michael Collins Piper's appearances on Charles Giuliani's show.

Airdates: 2011/03/15, 2012/03/16

This week Texe interviews Michael Collins Piper on his newest book, Ye Shall Know the Truth. Do main stream newspapers hide important information in plain sight? Did the Mormon church and big banks help fund the rise of Las Vegas as a gambling mecca? In postwar Germany, did the American occupation government destroy more books than the Nazis? How does Jewish control of the media relate to the book industry?


Texe interviews Michael Collins Piper on his newest book, The Caiaphas Complex. A fascinating look at today's behind-the-scenes Zionist movers and shakers in America with some great ideas on how we can strike back with the message of truth.


Texe Marrs interviews Michael Collins Piper on his insight-filled new book. Michael shares his experiences in meeting Philippine President Marcos and his wife, Imelda, and also the current Iranian President, Ahmadinejad. He discusses Israel’s Zionist lobby in the U.S., including AIPAC and ADL groups. Piper examines the old Jewish tactic of branding anyone who opposes their actions as “anti-Semitic.”


Texe Marrs interviews Michael Collins Piper on his powerful new book exposing the Rothschilds leadership of the New World Order conspiracy. Piper explains how over the centuries and decades the wealth of the fabulous Rothschild Dynasty has enabled these power-hungry Zionist plotters to seize more and more control—over stock markets, banks, corporations, universities, and national governments. The henchmen of the Rothschilds have also used organized crime to accomplish their aims. Their power is also felt through the secret societies and in globalist groups such as the United Nations, the International Monetary Fund, and the Council on Foreign Relations.


Texe Marrs interviews noted author Michael Collins Piper, discussing his blockbuster new book, The Golem: A World Held Hostage—Israel’s Nuclear Hell Bomb and the Road to Global Armageddon. The Golem, in Jewish lore and legend, is a monster, a beastly Frankenstein conjured up by the black magic of sorcerous, Talmudic rabbis. Once formed, he goes forth to kill and destroy all perceived enemies of Israel. Piper says that today, Israel’s huge and growing arsenal of nuclear bombs and other weapons of mass destruction are, in truth, The Golem. Israel’s Zionist leaders, insane with hatred for Gentiles—and especially for Arabs and Moslems—fully intend to unleash The Golem on Iran, Syria, and any other nation that opposes the Zionist Master Plan for a Talmudic World Kingdom. Even the capitals of Europe are threatened. Horribly, The Golem of Israel may end up hurdling the United States into a catastrophic World War III and threatens to destroy the earth itself.


Texe Marrs interviews Michael Collins Piper, author of the outstanding new book, The Judas Goats. Piper reveals how the Jewish ADL, AIPAC, JDL, and other elements of the Synagogue of Satan covertly work to undermine American patriotism and destroy nationalism. These Zionist organizations employ provocateurs and saboteurs (Piper courageously names them!) who infiltrate pro-American groups and churches. These "Judas Goats," as Piper calls them, impersonate true patriots and commit crimes to inspire hate legislation. The media help the Judas Goats to smear good patriotic men and women.

In Part II, Piper exposes the Zionist and New World Order shills masquerading in the political and media worlds. Included: the Jewish ADL, Fox News, CNN, the Vatican, the U.S. Congress, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Ann Coulter, and Laura Ingram. Piper points out that the supposed split between Republican and Democrats is mostly a mirage and that the Left Wing vs. Right Wing paradigm is likewise a construct of the reigning elite.


Michael Collins Piper and Texe Marrss discuss Andrew Carrington Hitchcock's book, 'The Synagogue of Satan', which Texe published and wrote the foreword to.

The Piper Report - March 27, 2007

Free Audiobook of 'The Synagogue of Satan: The Synagogue of Satan Updated, Expanded, and Uncensored' -

Michael Collins Piper outlines the Mossad connection to the assassination of MLK, as laid out in the “Questions, Answers & Reflections” section of his book ‘Final Judgment’.

The classic debate between Michael Collins Piper and the Israeli diamond merchant Eric Jon Phelps over who’s really at the helm of the global conspiracy – Zionists or Jesuits? Following the debate is an excerpt from Michael Collins Piper’s May 25, 2006 broadcast, addressing Phelps’ reaction.

More information:

The Investigative Journal - May 16, 2006
The Piper Report - May 25, 2006


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