Part 2 of 2. Well it looks as if this might be it for the season as fall is starting to show it's nasty face so I must get out there on 2 wheels and get some awesome sunshine and enjoy the last of the sweet summer weather!! #yamahafz07 #streetvibrations #alpinecounty

Time to get my old mountain bike down and get some exercise and have a little fun doing it!!

Well the time has come to replace our 25 year old roof with a beautiful new one! We have been dreading this installation for the whole summer but now it is done and it looks AWESOME!!

I originally made the edit of this video back in 2011 with incorrect info in the title and rendered in 480p. This "masterpiece" LOL is comprised of video I shot at my awesome job with my 2003 Kodak point and shoot and a 2000 Sony 8mm camcorder between the years 2003 to 2008. So now 9 years after I made the original edit I think this video deserves an update with a nice remaster using iMovie!! #nightjanitor #nevada #reedsbudvideos
Note: I apologize ahead of time for all the "F" bombs in this vid, my only excuse is that I was 15 years younger and dumber!! LOL!!

Original edit:

Just thought I would do a little mining today.....

Welcome to another not-so-exciting motorcycle adventure shot entirely with my iPhone 6S!!

Just sayin' hi here on a GORGEOUS Wednesday afternoon in the middle of August already!! :-) #Summertime #Summer2019

We take a little drive into Washoe Valley for a visit to Sol Cannabis to check out their AWESOME and BEAUTIFUL establishment and do a little shopping as well!!

Disneyland is fun, until the Toontown fight club begins, then it's racist!!
Note: this upload is NOT a REEDSBUD Videos production. I do not own the content and is only being shared for educational and historical purposes and not for financial gain.

Happy 4th of July everybody and Happy 243rd birthday America!! Hope everyone had a kick-ass 4th and are recovering quite nicely. Join me as I ATTEMPT to BBQ for me wifey and I here at the RB HQ all for the BEST and most important holiday of the year!! I apologize for the scratchy audio at times, I think my mic was not plugged in properly. Mahalo and enjoy!!

Well our Buckeye adventure has come to a close for this trip and it's time to get on home! Thanks for watching and coming along with us!!

We had a GREAT time visiting family and love Gallipolis so much but now it's time for some more roller coaster therapy courtesy of Kings Island!

Well it's time to get outta here and head south and it's gonna be a long drive for sure but it's still better than flying!! Caution: Mowing Ahead

Since we missed our deadline to get some kick-ass Chick Fil A food Boo-Boo decided we needed some culture and took me for my first hibachi time at Tomo and it was AWESOME!!

Part 2 of 2. Beyond stoked to be back in the park for a serious roller coaster therapy session!!! Join us once again for a couple of cool clips and a few words from inside Cedar Point!!

Part 1 of 2. Hello Cleveland!!! Our second time at Cedar Point and we are STOKED!! Join us on this first stop of our 2019 Ohio road trip through the beautiful and awesome Buckeye state!!

Welcome to my new series 'My Retro Life' where I take my 20+ hours worth of AWESOME VHS and 8mm home videos and make them into fully edited videos full of incredible memories that I am so grateful that I made and held onto!! I hope you enjoy this blast to my past as much as I enjoyed making it!

A little vid to show our lovely tropical like weather here in Carson City, Nevada on February 4, 2019!!

Got an iPhone...had a ride.

Part 8 of 8. Like the title says...We gone!

Part 7 of 8. Don't worry this is the 2nd to last video in this series and then you're free to go...

Part 6 of 8. And yet another high quality and fun Kona video that I put hours and hours into the production of and of which barely anyone will watch but if you are watching mahalo and enjoy!

Part 5 of 8. Well here is another REEDSBUD video that nobody will watch so I guess I'll just sit here and smoke...

Part 4 of 8. That long drive back from Waikoloa has got us starving so it's time to Get Sum Pizza!! Mahalo and enjoy!

Part 3 of 8. Time to get out of town and head up to Waikoloa where the pace is a bit slower and the beach is less crowded...Mahalo and enjoy!!


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