A little vid to show our lovely tropical like weather here in Carson City, Nevada on February 4, 2019!!

Got an iPhone...had a ride.

Part 8 of 8. Like the title says...We gone!

Part 7 of 8. Don't worry this is the 2nd to last video in this series and then you're free to go...

Part 6 of 8. And yet another high quality and fun Kona video that I put hours and hours into the production of and of which barely anyone will watch but if you are watching mahalo and enjoy!

Part 5 of 8. Well here is another REEDSBUD video that nobody will watch so I guess I'll just sit here and smoke...

Part 4 of 8. That long drive back from Waikoloa has got us starving so it's time to Get Sum Pizza!! Mahalo and enjoy!

Part 3 of 8. Time to get out of town and head up to Waikoloa where the pace is a bit slower and the beach is less crowded...Mahalo and enjoy!!

Part 2 of 8. Aloha and welcome to our Kona Pad for 2018!! Our stay here at the Kona Coast was FANTASTIC, I can't wait to come back!!

Part 1 of 8. Well it's that time again my friends...time to bring you some Hawaiian goodness from REEDSBUD, welcome to RBBI 2018!!

A compilation video of all of Rush's instrumentals from 1981 to current (as of 2018) performed live. I edited this video using footage from Rush concert videos (DVD's). I do not own the music or the original videos, it all belongs to Rush, I just did the edit!!

Well it wouldn't be August unless we burn at least once!!!

On December 15th 1967 The Silver Bridge connecting Kanauga, Ohio to Point Pleasant, West Virginia collapsed into the Ohio River, the cause was structural failure, some even say the Mothman tried to warn of the impending disaster. Join us on a very rainy search for the memorials for the Silver Bridge disaster in both West Virginia and Ohio

I always like to get down to the river as much as possible when we are in town visiting family and so today we head on down to the river on a gorgeous Buckeye day to take in the beauty and awesomeness that is Gallipolis and the Ohio river!

And you thought I forgot about the train ride, do I look like I am new or something!!!?? LOL!! Of course we rode the train and here is the video...see how it go!! We love you Cedar Point, thanks for having us!!

We sure woke up to some crazy weather this morning, after being 90 degrees the last few days, looks like we got out of here just in time!! Our kick-ass time at Cedar Point is over and it's time wrap things up and head on down to southeastern Ohio!! Thanks so much for watching!!!

Part 2 of 2. Holy, I shot a ton of video today and still managed to ride like a mofo!! Today is our last day in the park....DAMNIT!!!

Part 1 of 2. Holy, I shot a ton of video today and still managed to ride like a mofo!! Today is our last day in the park....DAMNIT!!!

Today we finally get into the park, I feel 16 again!!!

After MANY years of dreaming we FINALLY made it to Cedar Point!! Join my beauty wife and I as I host 3 days of REEDSBUD style Cedar Point awesomeness!! Today we arrive at our beautiful hotel and take a look around at our amazing surroundings here in awesome Ohio!!


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