Refugee Compilation

African migrant is so dirty flies eat his ass

German woman beated by migrants

Muslims sold slave woman in London

Muslims burn christmas three

Migrant piss in metro

After terrorist attack in Nice

Muslim stab soldier

Migrants attack journalists

Russian beat migrant ass

Muslims burn bus

Migrants fight police

Truck driver beat migrant ass who destroy his cargaison

Migrant attack people at bus stop

Muslims migrants so happy after terrorist attack

Muslim attack old man in DeLijn bus

Migrants attack familly while kids watching in car

Migrants attack family fire back

Migrant resist police

Migrants refuse food from military

Muslim taxi driver refuse blind man & his dog

Muslim destroy wine during ramadan

Cops try to arrest migrant

50+ Migrants attack police

Muslim sharia patrol attack american tourist

Muslims attack pub during protest


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I stock & make videos compilation of illegal migrants invading europe.
Je stock et compile les vidéos des migrants clandestins qui envahissent l'europe.