KKK march for there Democrats in government.

Black Trump Supporter Assaulted by White NPC

More Liberal NPC Violence

South Africa: white farmer appeals for international help after family member shot dead in terrorist attack by Bantu invaders

Star Wars voice actor Rachel Butera shows how easy it is to do Dr Ford fake voice.

Dianne Feinstein Here’s My Repressed Memory from Your 47th Birthday Party - Sharyn Bovat

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Good Job France. So vibrant much diversity.

Why didn't the Europeans oppose these Invaders? First off they were told they would be receiving women and children in much smaller number for Syria. But because of Zionist funded NGO's they received mainly young men from all over the middle east. Second anyone who opposed immigration or said anything about Muslims etc were labeled Nazis and thrown in jail. Why? 'Hate speech laws'. Who created these insane laws that are also in Canada? The ADL. (BTW there's a lot of open border for the new flood of Muslims in Canada to make directly into the US). Do you know what the B'nai B'rith is? This is not about hating the Jewish people. This is about exposing who really is manipulating western society towards certain destruction. Zionism/B'nai B'rith just happen to be the secret societies in control in modern times. "You don't have to be Jewish to be a Zionist"- Joe Biden. Are there gentile collaborators? Absolutely Anglo, Arab, Asian etc.These Zionist supremacists like the Rothschild dynasty don't follow the Jewish faith but still claim to be Jews for political gain. They've set up secret societies(B'nai B'rith) just like the Freemasons. They basically beat them at their own game. Are there gentile collaborators? Absolutely Anglo, Arab, Asian etc. The average Jewish citizen is being manipulated just as everyone else is. Money/banks, Hollywood/entertainment, Media/social media. Who controls these? These are things that keep us as a whole manipulated and enslaved. We can keep calling them the globalists and never get anywhere because we don't really know who they are. Or we can expose exactly who they are and how they manipulate us. Then we can truly begin to move forward in building a new un-manipulated society.

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Ukraine’s right-wing Azov Battalion stages own version of Nazis’ ‘Cathedral of Light’ ceremony

В полку АЗОВ вшанували загиблих бійців - In the regiment of the Azov, the dead soldiers were honored

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There's no England now

German propaganda for small children German children

Deutsche Propaganda für kleine Kinder


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Boer Farmer Pledges To Die Fighting If Ramaphosa or Malema Try to Expropriate His Farm.

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English Translation

FRÅN SN#3: Aktion utanför Lorensbergsskolan - FROM SN # 3: Action outside of Lorensbergs school

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Jugendlicher wird von Migranten zusammengeschlagen, weil er an seiner Schule deutsch sprechen wollte. Young people are beaten up by migrants because he wanted to speak German at his school.

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The following was an anonymous email we received that is brilliant.

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I am uploading a collection of videos about the shooting I saved before Youtube unvideoed them. 7 of 10

I am uploading a collection of videos about the shooting I saved before Youtube unvideoed them.3 of 10


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