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CNN is not to blame for slandering the Covington High School students. They were the victim of information warfare by some guy on twitter.

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The left in America and Europe has weaponized intolerance. Moderates and conservatives keep conceding in the face of left-wing temper tantrums. We are about to lose everything.

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Or is this story just more fake news?

The German media/left is only doubling down in the wake of a brutal mob attack on an elderly parliament member.

Denmark has started handling jihadists far differently than Sweden, the UK, and many other Western countries.

Sweden just released the men convicted of the 2010 Copenhagen plot against the Jyllands-Posten newspaper office. Experts say hundreds of very dangerous inmates with terrorism convictions are set to be released all over Europe in 2019.

Estonia and Lithuania flip, while Romania, Lichtenstein, Singapore, Libya, and Algeria back off support.

If you are not familiar with the UN Global Compact on Migration, or why so many people are opposed to it, please see my original video on this topic:

The UN has still not published a list of the countries that adopted the compact. I have, however, created a full of European countries that adopted and rejected the compact.

On the map, the countries that adopted it are in green. The green who have not adopted it are in red. The white countries are ones that I do not know if they adopted it or not.

Here is the results of the Pew Research Survey:

What is the UN Global Compact on Migration & why do so many people oppose it? Watch my first video:

Here are the countries that I know have not signed yet:

USA, Italy, Hungary, Switzerland, Austria, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Israel, Chile, Dominican Republic, Chile, Australia, New Zealand.

There are eleven other countries that did not sign, but the UN hasn't published a list and the so-called "mainstream" media sure as hell does not know either (they are naming wrong countries). Some could simply be small 3rd world Banana Republics that support the compact, but didn't attend the conference and have not sent in their paperwork yet.

A week from now, the number of countries not signing will probably shrink. However, some countries will probably withdraw over the course of the next year.

Brazil is slated to withdraw in January when the new administration takes power.

Representatives of 159 governments have arrived in Morocco. However, opposition and controversies continue to grow. Meanwhile, many people involved in the conference are also involved in actively fomenting the next big migrant wave.

To see the new official statement from the Trump administration on the Migration Compact, click here:

To see my original video on what the compact is and why people are opposing it, click here:

This video contains updates for Dec. 5th and 6th and concerns Dominican Republic, Latvia, Lithuania, Canada, Belgium, Denmark, and the Balkans. For my original video, that explains what the compact is, click

The Intergovernmental Conference to Adopt the Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration, will be held in Marrakech, Morocco on 10 and 11 December 2018. Opposition to the compact has exploded across Europe and intensifies by the day.

Researchers at Yale & Princeton say you might even be motivated by racism if you don't patronize/condescend minorities.

Are you ready for some extreme feminist vegan metal?

Who knows how bad things are going to get in Sweden..

She's the naive girly-girl who stripped and fell into a Congressional seat. Or is she?

Season 3 is out and being distributed exclusively by Netflix. Meanwhile the head writer seems to contradict previous claims by BBC that this is the last season.

You never have time to do laundry when your in congress!

Youtube's AI is analyzing the video's audio as well as the behavior of the viewers. The only humans involved in the "manual review" are the ones who coded the algorithms.

Brand new wireless lavalier microphone system from Galaxy Audio for $80. Does it live up to the hype?

Dylan Petrohilos is a paid activist with a blue checkmark on twitter. He outed himself as being tied to the Antifa mob at Tucker Carlson's house. He works for the far-left Democracy Collaborative and is a former employee of John Podesta's CAP.

The Scottish movie Outlaw King is totally savage! But is it as good as Braveheart?

A senior staff member for John Podesta's non-profit admitted to being part of the mob at Tucker Carlson's house. He also implicates the National Lawyer's Guild.

Article from an official website of John Podesta's Think Tank:

Screen Capture of DC Antifa chapter talking about vandalizing people's houses:

My previous expose on one of the leaders of the DC Antifa Chapter:

Notorious Antifa leader Lacy MacAuley implicated herself on twitter as being a ringleader of the incidents at Tucker Carlson's house.

The distinction between the Democratic Party and far-left extremist groups is being blurred all across the nation.


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