Renaissance Horizon

Renaissance Horizon

You never have time to do laundry when your in congress!

Youtube's AI is analyzing the video's audio as well as the behavior of the viewers. The only humans involved in the "manual review" are the ones who coded the algorithms.

Brand new wireless lavalier microphone system from Galaxy Audio for $80. Does it live up to the hype?

Dylan Petrohilos is a paid activist with a blue checkmark on twitter. He outed himself as being tied to the Antifa mob at Tucker Carlson's house. He works for the far-left Democracy Collaborative and is a former employee of John Podesta's CAP.

The Scottish movie Outlaw King is totally savage! But is it as good as Braveheart?

A senior staff member for John Podesta's non-profit admitted to being part of the mob at Tucker Carlson's house. He also implicates the National Lawyer's Guild.

Article from an official website of John Podesta's Think Tank:

Screen Capture of DC Antifa chapter talking about vandalizing people's houses:

My previous expose on one of the leaders of the DC Antifa Chapter:

Notorious Antifa leader Lacy MacAuley implicated herself on twitter as being a ringleader of the incidents at Tucker Carlson's house.

Last Kingdom comes out exclusively on Netflix on November 19th. Norsemen season 2 is available on Netflix now.

Get a historical Kingdom of West Saxon Flag:

The distinction between the Democratic Party and far-left extremist groups is being blurred all across the nation.

Liberal audience laughs wildly. No condemnation at all.

Some sensible advice for Halloween

CNN rallies the shocktroops

No, Elizabeth Warren did not take a DNA test. She hand picked an individual geneticist to analyze her DNA. Even he says she has virtually no evidence of American Indian ancestry.

The solicitor for the city of South Fulton appears to have implicated herself and the entire municipal criminal justice system in a felony voter fraud scheme.

Here is a link to the actual tweet. However, I assume it will be taken down shortly:

Here is an snapshot:

How much would you pay to see Bill & Hillary Clinton?

Jackson Mayor Chokwe Lumumba says students had no malice intent.

The Guardian and VICE hit possible new lows.

This is me performing the hanging windshield wiper. My goal is to do the human flag in the near future.

Song: DEgITx - Grim Reaper

Did the audio of Scott Bronstein cold calling former Yale students violate Bronstein's privacy? Or is this a tactic used by CNN to get the audio deleted from social media?

Over $200,000 raised. Not saying it is a scam but ...

CNN is cold calling former Yale students to recruit people to make comments about Brett Kavanaugh.

Pauline Hanson, a high profile member of the Australian Senate is asking for a full debate and vote on the statement "it's ok to be white."

Everyone's DNA results have been updated and refined! They can finally detect Irish DNA.

What events shaped David Hogg's life and made him the dynamic activist he is today?

BitChute is a video sharing site that was launched in January of 2017. However, it has really taken off since August 6th.


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