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Expose on what you're not being told about Ivermectin.

Here is the story of the powerful players who worked together to suppress any knowledge of a drug that could have ended the pandemic last summer.

Here is The Ivermectin Story: Part 1:

Lars Jorgensen of gives an in-depth look at their THORium CONverter reactor in Bali.

ThorCon is a molten-salt fission reactor. Unlike all current nuclear reactors, the fuel is in liquid form. It can be moved around with a pump and passively drained. This 500 MW fission power plant is encapsulated in a hull, built in a shipyard, towed to a shallow water site, ballasted to the seabed. ThorCon is a straightforward scale-up of the successful United States Oak Ridge National Laboratory Molten Salt Reactor Experiment (MSRE).

The complete ThorCon is manufactured in 150 to 500 ton blocks in a shipyard, assembled, then towed to the site. This produces order of magnitude improvements in productivity, quality control, and build time. A single large reactor yard can turn out twenty gigawatts of ThorCon power plants per year. ThorCon is a system for building power plants.

ThorCon has been working with the Indonesian government to add reliable electric power to the grid. In 2019 the Ministry of Energy completed a successful study of the safety, economics, and grid impact of the 500 MW prototype ThorConIsle. Phase 1 is to build and test it with step by step commissioning, ending in a type license for future power plants. Phase 2 is shipyard production of ThorCon plants to provide an additional 3 GW of cheap, reliable electric power.

Scientists attending the International Conference on Emerging Nuclear Energy Systems in Bali, Indonesia, were excited by ThorCon CEO Lars Jorgensen’s presentation of the design of the TMSR-500 liquid fission power plant. Nuclear engineering professors termed the design brilliant and clever. The conference added a second session to answer questions in detail. Nuclear professionals from Malaysia, Brazil, Japan, and South Africa engaged in subsequent discussions. Indonesia’s former Minister of Energy came specifically to hear about ThorCon.

The ThorCon team then returned to state-owned shipyard PT PAL Indonesia, which had begun reviewing ThorCon specifications in July. Potentially PAL can manufacture the exchangeable Cans which contain the liquid fuel, pump, and reactor vessel. Teams from PAL and ThorCon spent two days discussing specifications. ThorCon is revising them, and PAL will verify its capability and provide a budgetary cost estimate. PAL is seeking to diversify its shipbuilding business to include the energy sector. “The thorium molten salt power plant can produce clean energy cheaper than coal, and could be a reliable energy system in a low-carbon economy” -PAL.

This video was captured by Bob Effendi on 2019-10-16. Bob posted his original edit here:

...Bob also shared his raw footage with me, as I was interested in applying iZotope RX 7 noise reduction (and echo-removal) audio processing to make Lars easier to hear. I don't think my edit nor Bob's original have great audio, but perhaps you'll find one easier to listen to than the other.

Thanks to Bob for access to his footage. Hopefully this alternate edit will help ThorCon tell their story.

I've also included brief audio snippets from Rod Adam's podcast "Atomic Show", as Lars made some clarifying (audio) remarks after this video was shot:

ThorCon Power:

My nuclear-power video projects (MSR, Thorium, etc.) can be monitored here:


gordonmcdowell channel

Ralph Hania, Troels Schönfeldt, Lars Jorgensen and Kirk Sorensen discuss challenges, opportunities and their respective companies distinct approaches to Molten-Salt Reactor technology.

Audio improves at 1-minute mark. Thorium & MSR & Nuclear assets used in Thorium Remix project.

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Channel: Thorium Remix
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11 Nov 2020
The MS in Applied Economics hosted a friendly conversation on a morose topic on November 11, 2020. This presentation was led by Dr. Genevieve Briand, MS in Applied Economics Assistant Program Director. Genevieve went over where the data could be accessed and downloaded.

Johns Hopkins researcher argues COVID deaths in USA far less than those attributed to it. "Briand believes that deaths due to heart diseases, respiratory diseases, influenza and pneumonia may instead be recategorized as being due to COVID-19."

Patrick Bet-David has a virtual sit down with consumer protection trial lawyer Reiner Fuellmich to talk about the Coronavirus and his work on the German Corona investigation committee.

It says part 3 but works as a stand alone video. This video exposes the data tampering fraud of NASA and NOAA to show a warming trend correlated with CO2.

WHO call lockdowns "a catastrophe" in Octobor 2020 - which is the same terminology I used on day one back in March.

Tony Heller Mirror, original ->

Tony Heller looks at the details of the death of Joan Rivers.

Until a few weeks ago, masks didn't work. But they have magically transformed into the savior of the human race,

Head of CDC flip flops on masks.

Cardinal Gibbons High School of Ft. Lauderdale Florida,
Maxine Hong Kingston Elementary School in Stockton, California
Nichols Jr. High in Arlington, Texas
Dewey High School in Dewey, Oklahoma

Experiencing mystery illness clusters in their school with no known chemical, viral or bacterial origin.

Joe Imbriano, aka The Fullerton Informer, believes this is the beginning of 5G testing on students in advance of the full roll out coming soon.

Some of the symptoms parallel a mystery illness in the US embassy in Cuba nicknamed Havana Syndrome in 2017. The timing coincides.

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Video Date: August 2020

Jake Morphonios aka Blackstone Intelligence is still pushing NWO COVID fear porn 6 months into the plandemic. This time it is about celebrities / athletes having COVID and heart inflammation. Heart inflammation is common with many viruses, including the common cold virus, which Coronavirus actually is.

Also known as THE MOST IMPORTANT VIDEO IN THE WORLD by Fullerton Informer's Youtube channel.
Would the elite target children? We know they already do. Stay vigilant!

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Just take a look at this "church leader". Tells you all you need to know about this Antifa riot supporter.

Original video by towlie2110lol

On August 25th 2020 Kyle Rittenhouse shot three rioters on Kenosha Wisconsin in what appears to be self defense.
This video looks at the different angles of the first person to get shot as he chases after Kyle and throws a projectile at the 17 year old.


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