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See the video YouTube removed claiming " Inappropriate content" YouTube notified me that "Your video YouTube Shooter's Motive and Look What YouTube Allows TYT to Have was flagged to us for review. Upon review, we’ve determined that it violates our guidelines and we’ve removed it from YouTube."

Unite and take a stand for fairness and dignity (and for some, your livelihoods). You can help spread the word. ▷ Sharing this version on my channel using the YouTube tools will boost visibility. Jörg Sprave, the man who created the original video, has made it available under Creative Commons Attribution license (reuse allowed) so another way to help spread the word is uploading this enhanced version to many different platforms on the Internet. Please include the following links so Youtubers can join the union:

The website ▷

The forum ▷

Facebook Group ▷

I added some titles and urls to Jörg Sprave's original terrific video called "Creators, Users... To Arms! Join the YouTubers Union."
The YouTubers Union logos I used are The YouTubers Union logo created by gheorghelaza and Youtube Fast Forward Logo idea Creator: freeman (Original) David Mulgrew (Fast Forward version)

I also created this YouTube petition, I think signing this also helps get out critical info and puts more focus on and highlights some of the YouTube problems: or see it with playlist:

Transcript of this video:

Hello and welcome.

My name is Jörg, a German, professional YouTube Creator. I have been a “YouTube Partner” for many years now and they awarded me with both the silver and the golden Play Award. I visited the YT headquarter, I have been at their parties and I even personally met their CEO, Susan W.

I can say that I don’t hate YouTube. Quite the opposite actually. I love Youtube. After all I helped building it, and I know many great people who work for YouTube. YouTube is NOT evil, at least that is what I think. Hope.

But you know, I had many partners in my long career before this job here. If a partner gets too much leeway, then sooner or later he will succumb to the temptation, step over the line and things get out of bounds. This is exactly what happened within the last year, and now it is high time to set things right again.

Because some big advertisers united and boycotted YouTube, they changed their entire business approach. They simply yielded to the pressure, to the great disadvantage of many many creators. No surprise. On one sided we have huge corporations with deep pockets and on the other side we have thousands of very small individuals with no power and no money.

So, gradually we saw a lot of atrocious things brought upon us. YouTube now messes with the content of videos that are within their rules. That never happened before. The consequences are grave.

Massive demonetization. Bots given power over humans – bots demonetize, bots delete, bots issue strikes, bots even ban YouTube partners. Kicking out all of the small YouTubers. Taking away parts or even all of the income from long term partners and giving all of the cash to the content YouTube, not the audience, likes. Censoring by uneven distribution of funds. Discrimination, by categorizing completely different videos into the same group. Total intransparency. Sudden change of rules and values. “Community Guidelines” that are softer than a sponge and more elastic than rubber. In short:
The adpocalypse. ... (Read more here):

The title on YouTube was "YouTube Shooter's Motive and Look What YouTube Allows TYT to Have" In-depth report on not only what motivated Nasim Aghdam, the female shooter at YouTube's headquarters, but also evidence of double standards on this very topic! BTW, “Nasim the Persian Azeri female vegan bodybuilder, also animal rights activist promoting healthy and humane living. Nasim produced and launched the first Persian TV commercial and music video (Do You Dare) regarding animal rights and veganism through international Iranian satellite Television in 2010,” read the “About” section on her YouTube channel." "She had various online aliases including Nasim(e) Sabz and Nasim VeganBreeze. ... In an article posted under one of Aghdam’s aliases, she revealed that she identified as Baha’i. Using the name Nasime Sabz, Aghdam mentioned her spiritual beliefs and also mentioned that Baha’i followers are “frequently persecuted in Iran.”"

Here is the link to his full video:
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Youtube and Google have made a major change to their longstanding advertising policy and this has resulted in an enormous setback for independent journalism. Their policy change deprives independent journalists of advertising revenue if they report on such topics as war and political conflicts. This imposes a serious financial hardship for those trying to earn revenue from reporting.

For years journalists have been led to believe that they could report on the news of the day and earn an income for their work through the placement of ads which YouTube and Google would place. Now YouTube and Google have pulled the rug out from under independent journalists by arbitrarily declaring topics such as war and political conflicts to be content which they no longer consider “advertiser-friendly.”

What we are asking for with this petition is a return to the policy which allowed independent journalists to earn income from advertising revenue exactly the way it was in previous years with the original YouTube/Google policy. The promise which YouTube/Google held of giving those reporting independently from “mass media” or “mainstream news” a way to earn revenue has been cruelly taken away.

If you value a healthy free press then we ask you to join with others signing this petition asking YouTube/Google to restore the policy they had before they changed it. The button to sign this petition and the tools to share this petition are on this page to the right. And there have been victories where YouTube has been successfully petitioned with a petition, so let’s work towards another victory: Please Sign this and Share this with everyone you can.

Below are more details about how wrong, unfair and misguided YouTube and Google’s policy change is along with specific examples and explanations:

“Content that YouTube considers to be inappropriate for advertising includes but is not limited to: … Controversial or sensitive subjects and events, including subjects related to war, political conflicts, natural disasters and tragedies, even if graphic imagery is not shown.” source:

Petition: (Direct Link: )


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Politics should be in the hands of the people. Political discussion shouldn't be dominated by private interests, we should have a level playing field where issues can be freely discussed by all on an equal footing. We the people must establish a Representative Press to ensure our rights. These current affairs, foreign & domestic policy videos highlight how the current media fail to serve the public interest, convenience and necessity.

Without a Representative Press, a Representative Government is impossible. Let's use this platform to advocate for the formal establishment of a Representative Press. Think about retrofitting Voice of America through legislation to mandate that it be totally under the control of the people, totally transparent and dedicated to serving the needs of all Americans. Think how fast we could reach that tangible goal.

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