Spent 3 years trying to stop brexit, played a role in blocking no deal, pushing for a peoples vote on more than one occasion aswell as the court cases to boot, yet their gimpy slogan is 'scotlands being ignored'. Fuck off with your fake Independence movement you grovelling socialist wankers People need to realise this is to ensure she wins the next election she can tcontinue implementing all her global goals right under your f*cking nose.

Originally uploaded to youtube on November 29th 2018, as one of the only 'youtubers' who even bothered to talk about the UN Global Migrant Compact, for all the good it did.

They manufacture the refugee/migrant 'crisis', done to justify the announcement of their premeditated solution (the migrant compact) which was then signed by most of the countries involved. After the signing, they updated the definitions to include for 'climate change' as a factor for migration. Combined with the adaptations to our legal system to incorporate & encompass all these human rights laws, we all knew this is where this was headed.


It's impossible to know if the coronavirus is or isn't as severe as some say it is. But bare in mind, Sustainable developments is about population control & sustainability is depopulation.
I'm not an 'anti vaxer' but the minute they make it compulsory, I will no longer trust them.

UN Sustainable Goal 10.7: Facilitate orderly, safe, regular and responsible migration and mobility of people, including through the implementation of planned and well-managed migration policies

Wanting independence and wanting to stay in Europe are two different things and two different issues. In 2015 and 2016 they won back to back elections due to upset over the 2014 referendum. That clearly indicates support for independence and reinforces rhe beleif it was rigged. You don't lose an independence referendum then go on to win the way they did. Nicola sturgeon clearly saw it that way, as she explicitly told the bulk of her independence supporting voters that if they voted to leave the EU then the premise for any future second independence referendum wouldn't arise, so the only sensible and logical vote was to remain in europe. Her words not mine, so How much of that 62% voted due to wanting to remain in the eu and how many voted going by what she said? Who knows and she doesnt care, but heres the laugh of it all. Had the UK voted to stay in europe, there wouldn't be any talk of a second referendum, further proving its nothing to do with independence but it doesnt stop her hijacking the movement. My problem is and has been with her how she's taken support for independence and deliberately muddied the waters to conflate it with rejoining Europe. Her winning an election 'promising a second referendum' doesn't indicate support for Europe. Her idea of a second independence referendum however, means leaving the uk to rejoin Europe. This woman is lying to the Scottish people, manipulating them and above all else, doing it all to ensure she remains in power. She was quoted as saying last year 'I'm obsessed with keeping the SNP in power", Another lie of course. The UN want her there, because she is the one implementing all the necessary policies for the Agenda of the 21st Centuries first milestone - 2030.

Some trivia while you're here.
Do you know how the Scottish Government define parent? A “parent” includes a guardian and any person who is liable to maintain or has parental responsibilities (within the meaning of section 1(3) of the Children (Scotland) Act 1995) in relation to, or has care of a child or young person;” No mention of biological mothers and fathers, no because the government intend to parent your children.
Do you know how the Scottish Government define equality? Equality is about ensuring that every individual has an equal opportunity to make the most of their lives and talents; and recognising that historically certain groups of people have experienced discrimination. The pursuit of equality therefore requires that measures and protections are put in place to ensure that people are treated equally; to protect people from discrimination, harassment and victimization; and to foster good relations
White man bad, of course from the pander wankers. The proverbial anti white bullshit coming from our own government, supposedly there to 'represent' us. Us being the ethnically SCOTTISH people, in a historically 100% ethnically SCOTTISH COUNTRY. So done with this shit like.





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