Reverse Speech has been researched in depth starting in the 90's. It is the subconscious mind (dreaming, breathing, blinking etc) making words and phrases with the sounds from conscious , forward speech. Yes, it's amazing. THUMBS UP! Bitchute watchers act like there is corona on the like button.

Correction: Unfortunately , I think it's : Who saw? - eeee aww, bum bleed..

Reverse Speech is the subconscious (Dreaming) Mind.... IT TALKS in reverse, Using the sound from the words you choose forward, with your conscious mind. It's not gibberish... it's not demons.

You can't hide from your subconscious. Reverse Speech will expose ya.

Reverse Speech is the language of the unconscious mind. It can Not Lie.
More insight into Leticia's motives. Props to David Oates.
Dad with a phone has ghost banned me on his It's a crime did. SO OPEN TO NEW INFO!? Smh.

Leticia Stauch Reverse Speech. The language of the subconscious always tells the truth.
CORRECTIONS! Not: 'Go for Hurty Lottery' - its *GO FORTY* Lottery
then again she says: Hill Forty was he? not: "hill forced, Tee".. Hill *40*
their rattin' upsets me... rather than obsess? possibly it's "beat the list"... rather than 'make'.
and it's MIX or Mess the canister -- not "Yes"... rush to uploaded and then hear the correct word too late. :) and see spelling errors.. grr.

ReverseSpeech is the subconscious mind speaking. It cannot lie. Props to David Oates.

The only audio we have of the man associated with the murders of 2 little girls. The Most Wanted Man in America the Delphi killer ...
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Mar 24, 2017The Most Wanted Man in America the Delphi killer This is an article related to an original piece that I published about the Delphi, Indiana murders of Liberty German and Abigail Williams . If you are reading this article now, there's no doubt you know the sad story about Liberty German and Abigail Williams.

You can't lie under reverse speech.

ReverseSpeech is the subconscious mind talking. THe dreaming mind at work during the day.

Gabe Hoffman mocks the idea that Epstein had ties to Mossad . Reverse Speech reveals the truth.

Las Vegas FBI wants you to call them with information on their Fake Shooting movie.. so they can Kill You! :)

This was fresh off the griddle reverse speech at the time so -may need some corrections.

Lying, Dirty crisisactor tries to fool you . Medical people can be scum too! Surprise! :D

Beto is a sniveling weasel who loves murder... But you all know that already! ;D

SANDY HOOK KID SCREWS UP HIS LINES ON DR. OZ * REVERSE SPEECH* ~the damning interview is not included in this clip vid. But here's the link. Basically: The kid is asked to give his story on what happened and he stutters and stumbles.. saying things that dont really make sense. mentions a DRILL. dr. Oz rushes him off.

Barry Soetoro again Threatens our POTUS in the early days of 2016.

This Impostor was Threatening Trump~ReverseSpeech from Pedo-Barry.

Audio from Phoenix Enigma's channel. Cop talks on the cellphone to his boss.. in reverse he tells the story of a 'bad switch'. If you've been following Phoenix Enigma's witnesses testimony.. we find that the aim is definitely to make us think Kappy jumped by any means necessary.. even killing one of their towns homeless people. THe cult got access to Kappy because of this murderous scam.

Reverse Speech is the subconscious talking. RIP Isaac Kappy . Hero!

Witness from the Phoenix Enigma interview ~Reverse Speech.

The subconscious speaks in reverse while you consciously choose words forward. You can't escape the truth.

The CIA knows all about Reverse speech.. find the book on their website. RS is the subconscious telling the truth while the lips lie. And so all know: the 4 words "who is Michael dade' were given to us exclusively by Monkey Savant • without whom we'd be completely screwed for pics!

Can't hide from Reverse Speech. The subconscious mind talks whether you like it or not.

Reverse Speech Is the subconscious telling what it knows.

Reverse Speech is the subconscious mind talking. When a person lies, the truth is sitting right there with all of its details. No one can hide!


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Reverse Speech is the sunglasses from "They Live".