The whole World is a stage so remember that and do not let them mug you off.

Rory Gallagher was an Irish blues and rock guitarist, singer, songwriter, and producer. Born in Ballyshannon, County Donegal, and brought up in Cork, Gallagher formed the band Taste in the late 1960s and recorded solo albums throughout the 1970s and 1980s. His albums have sold over 30 million copies worldwide

You can't tell me life was meant to be like this
A black man in a world dominated by whiteness
Ever since the declaration of independence
We've been easily brainwashed by just one sentence
It goes: all men are created equal
That's why corrupt governments kill innocent people
With chemical warfare they created crack and aids
Got the public thinking these were things that black folks made
And every time there's violence shown in the media
Usually it's a black thing so where are they leading ya
To a world full of ignorance, hatred, and prejudice
Tv and the news for years they have fed you this
Foolish notion that blacks are all criminals
Violent, low lifes, and then even animals
I'm telling the truth so some suckers are fearing me
But I must do my part to combat the conspiracy

The S.A.T. is not geared for the lower class
So why waste time even trying to pass
The educational system presumes you to fail
The next place is the corner then after that jail
You've got to understand that this has all been conspired
To put a strain on our brains so that the strong grow tired
It even exists when you go to your church
'Cause up on the wall a white jesus lurks
They use your subconscious to control your will
They've done it for a while and developed the skill
To make you want to kill your own brother man
Black against black you see it's part of their plan
They want to send us to war and they want to ban rap
What they really want to do is get rid of us blacks
Genocide is for real and I hope that you're hearing me
You must be aware to combat the conspiracy

Even in this rap game all that glitters ain't gold
Now that rap is big business the snakes got bold
They give you wack contracts and try to make you go pop
'Cause they have no regard for real hip-hop
They'll compare you to others and say: "but yo, he sells"
And you know in your heart that he's weak as hell
So you say: "I ain't doing that corny stuff"
But they tell ya that your chart positions will go up
Sometimes they front big time and make you many promises
And when they break 'em then your mama says
"son you're making records but that guy seems shady"
It could be too late and your career could be played gee
I hope you listen to the things that I'm sharing see
We all have a job to combat the conspiracy

Green was a major figure in the "second great epoch" of the British blues movement. Eric Clapton praised his guitar playing, and B.B. King commented, "He has the sweetest tone I ever heard; he was the only one who gave me the cold sweats."

The Guvnor plays a great set in Paris and makes that Guitar weep.

Mo’ Wax was a record label started by James Lavelle in 1992, which closed about ten years later. Initially they released 12" singles and licensed a compilation from Japan of Japanese Hip Hop, until 1994 when they began releasing albums of their artists original work. While some of these artists such as DJ Shadow, DJ Krush, and Money Mark continued releasing music after Mo’ Wax closed, others have seemingly disappeared from the music scene. They have not left this channel though and will all be put out eventually. This is excerpt from rare double album of Japanese beats.


Editing could have been better but it was a long time ago.

Early days of Tory Crimes with look at the Clash, story of their times in 1976, at theur legendary gig at Victoria Park, Bethnal Green. Good to see my old block of flats in those scenes. It was the first major Rock against Racism gigs in East London and was used in Rude Boy the Motion Picture that featured Joe Strummer. The heady days of New Wave and working for the Clampdown.

Great intro by Michael (I'm 33) Caine to Motion Picture on the 60s.
I think their splendid.

continuation of Caine's (here he is 33) look at London of the 60s with some great Kinks lyrics. Nod is good as a wink to a Blind Man. (ya get me)

Romanian MEP shows she has bigger balls than most of the Men who get paid to look after their constituents best interests as she lays it out plain, stick your jabs where the sun dont shine.

An early look at the pistols by LWT network shown all over south east in 1976. Pistols interviewed by Janet Street Porter (aka Michael Jagger)

BrianJonesTown Massacre and the Dandy Warhols filmed over 7 years on the road and in the process making one of the great Rock Docs.

John Cale and Anna Calvi end of Bowie Proms. Sorrow and Space Oddity and Marc Almond with After All

By 1971 David Bowie was branded a one-hit-wonder, Lou Reed was considered washed up following a disastrous debut and Iggy Pop was seen as merely a drug crazed ex-Stooge. But a meeting of minds in that year's closing months was the catalyst for an extraordinary turnaround for these three musical geniuses, resulting in the most dramatic shift of musical style since the dawn of the rock age.

John Cooper Clarke is the Bard of Salford and you could not have miSsed him if you were into live music in late 70s early 80s as he supported them all, from Pistols, Clash to Siouxsie and Iggy. Beasley Street has never recovered nor Chickentown.

be the resistance

The lyrics and soundscapes from Jay are not your usual corporate lobby music but the Guy has 'Something to Say' and he is on that Kurt Vonnegut tip so he is here on the Revolution will not be Televised.

How Elites have fucked over the rest of us and how their EU got setup to assist them not us. As we see the dystopian nightmate arriving, the Jackboot stomping on mankind this shows how we have always been under attack.

Another incident that once looked at a bit closer shows many sketchy facts and the fingerprints of MSM all over supplying dodgy info
and promotion of the Govts agenda. This is clip from the Richplanet investigation into Jo Cox and what happened.

Gilbert Scott-Heron (April 1, 1949 – May 27, 2011[8]) was an American soul and jazz poet,[2][3] musician, and author, known primarily for his work as a spoken-word performer in the 1970s and 1980s. His collaborative efforts with musician Brian Jackson featured a musical fusion of jazz, blues, and soul, as well as lyrical content concerning social and political issues of the time, delivered in both rapping and melismatic vocal styles by Scott-Heron. His own term for himself was "bluesologist",[9] which he defined as "a scientist who is concerned with the origin of the blues".[note 1][10] His poem "The Revolution Will Not Be Televised", delivered over a jazz-soul beat, is considered a major influence on hip hop music.

A great clip from NWR' s Bronson biopic that uses Scot Walkers music


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