Ron Paul from committee floor. House Financial Services Committee. Bernanke present, but not in this video. Dated 2/17/2007 C-SPAN

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Ron Paul speaks from the House floor on 5-22-2007. He talks on Patriotism, the Iraq war, and Immigration. Very powerful.

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Dana Rohrabacker on Immigration on the House floor. 5-22-2007

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Video I recorded at CES 2014 from the Cisco Booth
This talks about how in the next many years we will be tagging, tracking and uploading our lives to the big data cloud.

CES 2014 Cisco Booth
The Human Face of Big Data
The House that works for You

Ron Paul from committee floor. House Financial Services Committee. Bernanke speech, Barney Frank and the whole crew!

Dated 2/17/2007 C-SPAN

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Interesting video from Illusive71 user, in .flv format. Its always good to get a different perspective on things.

Clip from "Freedom to Fascism" from Aaron Russo. Get the film, its really good.

Ron Paul discusses items about the Federal Reserve and how our country "borrows" money from a bunch of bankers.

World government, police state, 9-11, Alex Jones, corporate media mind control, military industrial complex, and corporatism.

Wake up! Read books, read news, or we're all screwed.

We're In A Lot Of Trouble
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911 Truth March - Chicago Daley Plaza. Alex Jones uses Bullhorn to drive home points.

Joseph Stiglitz is a leading economist, and worked at the World Bank. He talks about the World Bank, poverty and problems therein.

(audio is slightly low due to cable box)

C-SPAN 5/22/2007

Used with permission under C-SPAN public copyright

Ron Paul from committee floor. House Financial Services Committee. Bernanke present, but not in this video.

Dated 2/17/2007 C-SPAN

Google Video version:

Here is the FULL committee meeting with Bernanke:

and here is a mirror for the FULL version:

And here is a supplemental World Bank meeting:

And Dana Rohrabacher talking about stuff:

And Rons Patriotism speech:

This video highlights a very serious concern which none of our media is looking into. The Amero is being looked at as the defacto currency of the North American Community (or Union).

Here is a better quality audio/video copy

Here is a high quality Google Video version

Montage of reasons why Ron Paul would make a good president. This video also highlights memorial day and how "supporting the troops" also finds ways to bring them back home.

Being a patriot is more than just blindly supporting the foreign policy of this great country. Our leaders are flawed, just like us, and we have to make them understand this.

Lord Bush just does not seem to understand that when he makes mistakes, people die. Hold them all accountable, call your Congress people now!

This video by "pianomutt2000" check him out!

Ron Paul talks about the World Bank, poverty and problems therein. He hits another one out of the park.

(audio is slightly low due to cable box)

C-SPAN 5/22/2007

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This news story, among others lately, signals a turning point in the great machine which is the New World order.

Using clergy to quell dissent? What next?

The PDD-51, John Warner Defense Authorization Act, and many other recent Executive Branch decisions are simply closing loops in the plans which started a long time ago, and as recent as the 80's.

Alex Jones predicted 9-11, and he is now predicting some very volatile attacks in the US again. The powers that be want martial law to properly control the citizens.

Wake up, and see through the Matrix.

KSLA link:

Infowars Story:

Smedley Butler, American Hero:

This is a high quality version directly from their web stream.

Lou Dobbs reports on the partnership.

It seems that 12 states have actually been talking about the illegal partnership proposal and requesting the federal government to abandon its current progress on the

If you don't know the is a trilateral agreement much like a treaty, but it has not been discussed by Congress. For all intents and purposes this is the groundwork for a North American Union.

Give Ron Paul a look.

This guy is the real deal.


As Americans we need to set a supreme example to the rest of the world. As I tell my kids, "are you setting the best example you can?" We need to ask this of ourselves on the world stage. What does the rest of the world say about us? How about when we travel, when we talk to others? We need to make the best choices we can. Sure we are going to make mistakes, but I think U.S. foreign policy has been due for a revamp since World War II.

If you are not American, what do you think about our country? Please comment, or send a video response. Tell me what you and/or your country does to set an example to the rest of the world too. I truly want to start a dialog on this subject. Tell your friends to login and comment too.

Throughout the world we will all have different cultures and view-points. We should at least be able to trade goods and be cordial to one another. The original United States experiment in 1776 seemed to work well until the greedy bankers got involved in 1913. Maybe somebody can recommend a way to rid us of this evil. I want to be free again.

If you are American, please comment and tell me what you think. What do you think our society has done. Do you agree we have problems with our foreign policy? What are your views on the people who control this country? What about the gap between the rich and the poor, our borders, the SPP (, and more?

"Donald Rumsfeld said that his mission in the War Against Terror was to persuade the world that Americans must be allowed to continue their way of life. When the maddened King stamps his foot, slaves tremble in their quarters. So, standing here today, it's hard for me to say this, but 'The American Way of Life' is simply not sustainable. Because it doesn't acknowledge that there is a world beyond America.

Fortunately, power has a shelf-life. When the time comes, maybe this mighty empire will, like others before it, overreach itself and implode from within. It looks as though structural cracks have already appeared. As the War Against Terror casts its net wider and wider, America's corporate heart is hemorrhaging. For all the endless empty chatter about democracy, today the world is run by three of the most secretive institutions in the world: the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, and the World Trade Organization, all three of which, in turn, are dominated by the U.S. Their decisions are made in secret. The people who head them are appointed behind closed doors. Nobody really knows anything about them, their politics, their beliefs, their intentions. Nobody elected them. Nobody said they could make decisions on our behalf. A world run by a handful of greedy bankers and CEOs who nobody elected can't possibly last.

Soviet-style communism failed, not because it was intrinsically evil but because it was flawed. It allowed too few people to usurp too much power. Twenty-first century market-capitalism, American-style, will fail for the same reasons. Both are edifices constructed by human intelligence, undone by human nature.

The time has come, the Walrus said. Perhaps things will get worse and then better. Perhaps there's a small god up in heaven readying herself for us. Another world is not only possible, she's on her way. Maybe many of us won't be here to greet her, but on a quiet day, if I listen very carefully, I can hear her breathing". -- Arundhati Roy, "Come September"

If you can be told what you can see or read... then it follows that you can be told what to say or think. Defend your constitutionally protected rights


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