Keep your head high Boers.

I was rummaging through some old memories when I found this old documentary of Katanga on a beta max tape.
On front of the tape says 1984, suggesting that's when it was recorded but it might been later.

Be advise the documentary might of suffer some data rot.


It's a long way to Mukumbura. By Mike Westcott and Leprechaun.

I remember 72 MkI Marina estate my parents had, with me and my sister always riding in the back seat. The vehicle was powered by a 2.6L (164 cid) engine, paired with a 4speed manual transmission.

Leyland/Austin/Morris Marina was launch in 71 domestic market only, later in near the end of 71 internationally for the 72 model year. The following are the engines line ups for the Marina, it differs in the markets where they were sold.

Leyland marina engine lineup.
1.3L (79cid) I4
1.5L (92cid) I4
1.7L (107cid) I4
2.6L (164cid) IOE I6
1.9 L (117cid) I4 diesel

This video, (Afrocentrics Lost Technology Resurrected) Is mirrored from ASuperEgyptian's YouTube channel.

All credits goes to ASuperEgyptian. https://www.youtube.com/user/ASuperEgyptian

Never forget and forgive what the U.N. has done to Katanga.

Remember Katanga 1963.

A song about the Boer prophet Nicolass van Rensburg.

John Edmond.

This is not my work all credits goes to Henry Shivley, Form the trenches world report.


Some Rhodesian music hope you people watching like it.

Siener Van Rensburg, also known as the Boer prophet, who live from 1864 to 1926. Who made predictions 100 years ago, which quite a bit have came true in the last century more are still yet to be seen.

All credits goes to Henry Shively. From The Trenches WorldReport


This is not me in this podcast.

All credit goes to Henry Shively. From The Trenches World report.


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