Richard Bowles

Richard Bowles

Another early animation of mine, this time taking a trio of tales that we've all heard of and poking them in the eye.

My own rather silly take on a few of the more famous Old Testament stories. In case you're wondering, this animation is supposed to be funny, but you probably have to have gone to Sunday School to get the joke.

This was the first of the "Little Black Blobs" videos that I created, really just to see if I was capable of producing some animation that told a story, even if it were a stupid one. Looking back, the animation seems so primitive now.

This was intended originally as a Christmas present for my mother. It's my rendition of A.A. Milne's poem "King John's Christmas" - her favourite poem - with my own spin on it, of course.

This was my first attempt at animation, and the first thing I ever uploaded to YouTube, so I regard it with some sentimental attachment despite the fact that it is laughably primitive by anyone else's standards, even by my own later standards. It seems only fitting that it be the first thing I upload to BitChute too.


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Hi folks,

I've always wanted to be an animator. It was my dad who gave me that interest. He tried making a few animations of his own back in the olden days of cardboard cut-outs and stop-frame cameras. He couldn't have foreseen what would be possible using home computers and readily available software.

Occasionally I get someone who asks me what software I use to create the stuff that I do. The individual CGI frames are generated with POVRay, then touched up with Microsoft Paint if needbe. I use MonkeyJam to create the individual shots of animation, and then Microsoft Movie Maker to stitch those shots together into finished animations. I process the sound recordings using WavePad by NCH Software. All these packages are freely available for download on the Internet, which is just as well given that I am working on a budget of $0.00 here! In fact, the only money I spent was on a half decent microphone after viewers on YouTube started shrieking about the abysmal sound quality on one of my videos. (I'll let you judge which one).

Since I'm hoping to set up the feature whereby all my YouTube videos are automatically copied over here, you might find the occasional non-animation video creeps in. If so, my apologies.