New World Order Exposed

What we don't know...can hurt us. So it seems!

The games the elite play are intended to bring about a global world order. Yes? No?

Where did the word corona come from? You will be surprised.

What does the word CORONA have to do with the mystery religion?

It seems WE THE PEOPLE have been under attack for a long while.

What is happening in the world?

Mind control ? Real or not ? Programed men and women ? Real or not? You decide!

There are lots of things we all NEED to know!

What the heck has been going behind our backs? Do you want to know? Do you care?

Is the World Wide Lockdown also psychological warfare to bring about the Global World Order? It seems so! God help us all, I Pray!

Do you believe the Bible? Do you believe the news in the elite owned media? Do you believe there are some forces who want a New World Order?

The Mystery of the Bible. Seek and ye shall find. Ask and ye shall receive. To believe or not to believe, that is the question.

As crazy as it is, people fear a virus they can't see BUT do not fear the clear evidence (seen almost everyday) of the dumping of something into the sky, (biologicals, Chemicals, Radioactive material, NANO Technologies, Bioweapons, etc.). We don't know what they are dumping into our sky but we can see they are doing it almost everyday.

Are you aware of Agenda 21 & calls for controlling every single resource on planet Earth?

Do you believe what the Bible says? Revelation is the last book in the New Testament of the Bible. It surly seems like everything is unfolding as predicted. God help us all, I Pray!

A Jewish Man moves to Israel from America. He comes back and tells all. Do YOU want to know what he discovered?

Is it important to understand the issue of UFOs & Alien Sightings? I think so. I am convinced they have been here on Earth as long as humanity. Reptilians or Gray's (golem), creatures mentioned in the Bible and other holy books. God help us all, I pray!

The people behind the communist cults have serpent symbols, Hitler's Vril Cult had serpent symbols. The Kabbalah has serpent symbols. The Bible mentions serpents. All over the world, many religions have serpents in their books & monuments. YOU would think people would see the truth.

UFOs from another planet or are they from the spiritual plane. Reptilian beings and gray alien type beings are described in the Bible & other monuments worldwide. MAYBE we ought to wake up. God help us all, I pray!

There are a lot of things we ought to know. One important thing, not all Jewish people support Zionism.

UFOs, hummmmm? Who and WHAT are they?

Is Biblical Prophecy being fulfilled?

Who did President John Q Adams say was the enemy of the USA & Christianity?

There are lots of questions but few answers. Makes me wonder what is really going on?


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YouTube shut down my channel of almost 10 years. I had more than 650 videos posted.
Apparently there are forces who are deceiving the world and want to keep that fact a secret.