New World Order Exposed

Are we being deceived? Are the powers that be controlling the weather? It seems so!

Is the Global Warming Issue being used to bring about a Global World Order? It seems so!

Who controls the World? OMG! God help us all, I pray!

Why did they destroy the town towers?

It appears 911 was planned & executed so the elite who want a global world order could destroy the Arab Nations. So it seems. God help us all, I pray!

Who and what are these entities contacted by Channelers?

Is the world about to burn up? I think not. At lease not naturally. It does appear the powers that want a population reduction and a global world order, are using advanced technologies to burn up the planet. God Help Us All, I pray!

Who are the Pleiadians? Are they evil or good? Who summons them? What's the big secret?

Who are these entities being channeled by Psychics, Mediums, Prophets, Channalelers, etc.? Can we trust what they say?

Can we believe what we see in the news, the press releases, the magazines, the TV programing, etc. Are there forces j

Why does Utube censor my videos? Why have they terminated my channel? What have they censored, terminated, restricted so many other channels?

Why is the censorship of the truth increasing? Where will it end? God help us all, I pray!

Do you believe in Demons, Angels, Ghost, God?

What in the world is going on? It seems like we are living in the twilight zone! What do you think?

Are aliens abducting humans? If so, then why?

Why do the space aliens want their embassy to be in Israel? Are they here to save us or enslave us? Why do these gray aliens look like Allister Crowley's (the man know as the evilest man alive) entity who taught him the BOOK OF THE LAW? Are these beings evil or benevolent? Are these beings the evil beings mention in the bible?

Are the UFOs & Aliens connected to ancient mythological beings?

Do you believe the UFOs sighted by people all over the planet are from outer space, inner space or are they from Earth?

What is a gray alien doing in a crop circle and a six pointed star (Israel Flag) and a sefirot (Kabbalah of the Jews) in a crop circle ? Got an answer? I would love to hear an explanation?

What is the truth about UFOs, Aliens & other mythological beings?

Are advanced technologies being used against WE CITIZENS?

Are they spraying chemicals into the sky where you live?

What kind of technological weapons are being used against WE THE PEOPLE?


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YouTube shut down my channel of almost 10 years. I had more than 650 videos posted.
Apparently there are forces who are deceiving the world and want to keep that fact a secret.