Unfortunately Reagan's disclaimer has nothing to do with Germany and the jews!
Rather,Reagan's remarks was regarding a program he did,along with Bobby Kennedy,that was a panel discussion of the political situation in South Vietnam in 1967!

This is an excellent video, except that like most people today, the narrator does not understand that the Bible is not a Jewish book, because the Jews are neither Israelites nor Judah. In fact, the only "Jewish" book in the Bible is the book called Esther, which the narrator mentions.

Made in 1933. How can the characterization of the "Big Bad Wolf" as a Jewish merchant be missed? The appearance, the accent, it is all there. So why don't Americans of today understand that the wolves have looted and pillaged the nation


This is a wonderfully written document that appeared in a monthly newsletter written by the late Hans Schmidt, which was called "GANPAC" (German-American National Political Action Committee), and describes a view-point of Germany's National Socialism, as seen through the eyes of a German of a person who lived, worked and fought for his country, during the days of Germany's re-birth / renaissance.

We need to also remember., that the "Western point-of-view" of National Socialist Germany has been generated from a Jewish view-point, and that what we have seen of Germany (via the Jewish owned / controlled "main stream media") is through the eyes of Jews who hated National Socialism (for cutting them off from their parasitic, corruptive AND profiteering ways), and wanted to completely overthrow the German people, so they could again, control AND profit from the German people once more!!

Rosenblatt Exposed

Adolf Hitler lands in Smolensk Russia - German Eastern Front 1943. Adolf Hitler lands in Smolensk, Russia during World War II to meet his Generals on the frontline in 1943. Hitler was always under heavy security and flanked by his most loyal SS men.

Why should we believe without question or documented evidence the "facts" presented about the so-called "Holocaust" when there have been so many obvious lies purported to be "history", especially in the post-war media? Why do people in Germany actually go to prison for merely questioning certain aspects of the "Holocaust"? Why is it that all of the claims concerning this one event of history must be believed and can never be questioned, no matter how ludicrous they actually may be?

And especially when no real physical evidence to support many of those claims has ever been found? Is the "Holocaust" a historic event, or a state-controlled religion? Blaming the German people falsely for the murder of 6 million people, and extorting them for decades based on those claims is a "hate crime"! Many thinking men and women have seen through many of the phony holocaust tales that have been foisted upon us by the media. Here we present just a few.

Although it is not quite to our satisfaction, even Jewish and Polish authorities at Auschwitz have reduced their estimates of the number of people who were "exterminated" there by as much as 70%, for which see FIXING THE NUMBERS AT AUSCHWITZ. [See this screenshot if the article expires.] If the post-war governments were not truthful about the deaths of three million people, dismissing it as "politically motivated", what other aspects of the Holocaust accounts were actually politically motivated? Who is to gain by suppressing discussion?

The Jews Have Killed Tens of Millions of Christians. Adolf Hitler fought against Jewish Bolshevism, and tried to save Europe from the Communists. Great Britain, the Commonwealth nations, and the United States all joined forces with Communist Russia against the "evil" Nazis. The entire paradigm was created by the jewish media at the behest of the jewish international banking cabal. Most Americans fell for it, and still do.


End Up As Nuremberg Trial Evidence


Who Helped Create The Holocaust Myth, Then Went On To Create The Cold War.

Baking Ovens To Cremation Ovens

To Frame The Nazis And Justify World War II.

Using The Pfaffenberger Affidavit

With The New York Times To Promote The Holocaust Myth

Wants To Evolve Beyond Good Guys Fighting Bad Guys, But The Holocaust Myth Gets In

The Holocaust Myth Was An Incoming Popularity Coup, And The "Military Industrial Com



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