“As this situation plays out, people formerly involved at high levels of our government are presenting information that appears to verify the idea that fraud did occur and that the media is involved in deliberate censorship to cover it up.”
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Attorney Linn Wood give powerful speech in Atlanta
Courtesy of Right Side Broadcasting

Courtesy of right side broadcasting. Testimony of various witnesses

Courtesy of right side broadcasting. Testimony of Michigan poll worker

Huge Vote increase in Wisconsin by Biden to flip the state at 4:43 in the morning!!!!


Alex Jones presents solid evidence of a corrupt election!!

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Courtesy of Right Side Broadcasting is a snipet of his testimony and witness at Arizona hearings

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Pray for our country and it’s leaders! 🙏🙏🇺🇸🇺🇸

Contact to express your concerns about the attack on our republic, our future elections, and our way of life!!

Excerpts from Pastor Brandon Holthaus of Rock harbor Church:

Topics such as state of church/country, election, and how the Lord will provide

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Alex Jones speaks about fears over coming Covid-19 vaccine. (pardon the language)
Be Informed!!!!!

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Excerpt from a sermon by Paul washer. courtesy of

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From article written back in 2016 by Brannon Howse from

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Excerpt taken from Sermon by John MacArthur courtesy of

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Grover Cleveland gave a great speech in 1888 that’s a great timely reminder!


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