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Here’s our show from Feb 20th. Now you might be asking why we did a broadcast on a Thursday instead of Monday. Well that day the Daytona500 was put on a Monday, and then on Tuesday, I had a lot of harassment from the trolls who want me dead and want to harass our members. The trolls are calling for major changes to my show including making it a call in show, and getting rid of me as the host. It’s never happening! Turning my show into a Call In show is not how Showdown works at all! It’s where everyone gathers to listen to music and have a good time! Plus I’m never retiring as a host not unless I’m forced to or something bad happens! Let that be a warning and a statement! Plus if I was to turn the show into a call in show there’s people who are not comfy with speaking or will get stage fright right there. You have to keep the show rolling. So it’s never gonna happen! Anyway enjoy this episode of Freeform night on Showdown!

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This video was delayed getting uploaded here but now it’s finally up! Also this was filmed late December of 2019!

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The first of many pre recorded Showdowns to come!

As we continue our NASCAR Heat 4 Full Season Playthrough, we hit the first road course of the season at Sonoma!

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(NOTE: at the time of recording I was still having a cold, Infact the next few racing videos coming out soon I sounded awful. Don’t worry, I’ll sound better in future videos!) Link to our Hazbin server!

In this episode of Trackday Group C Edition, we have a look at Toyota’s Group C car that wasn’t very successful, but over the years became one of the iconic cars in Grand Turismo!

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Oh yeah!! It’s our 1980s night! This night was a lot of fun to produce and have fun with! Watch the chat’s reactions to each song!

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Showdown continues with another episode another free form night!


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After many delays trying to get this up, here’s the audio from Wednesday nights Showdown! We went back to the 1970s!

Share this and keep an eye out for more!

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Here’s our show from January 20th!

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Here’s our Swing You Big Electro Sinners night edition of Showdown! Guest DJ is my good friend Scorpid!

Also listen for some cameos!

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Here it is, Showdown with Sly Fox!! We will be recording these shows from here on! This was our freeform night! FREEFORM nights are nights when there’s no theme!

Future episodes will hopefully be posted the day after the recording of the original episode! Come listen in! Also for you commenters, down in the comments, you can put the time codes of when each song begins to play!

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If you ever played Grand Turismo, you know there’s a few Group C cars in there! However there’s one car that was a nightmare to try and beat, and that is this one! The Mercedes C9! NOTE: I will be revisiting these cars in my Grand Turismo Sport videos soon! And I can tell you there’s a big difference between all of them!

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Today we run my all time favorite Group C car!

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In this episode we take the Lancia LC2 out for some hard laps around Laguna Seca

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Today’s episode is all about decoration with the Decocraft mod as well as get our house looking like a house!

Here’s a sneak peak at the new intro for Trackday Season 2 “History and Tech”

In Season 2, join Sly as he explains about the history of different series, races, and of course the cars! You’ll know what goes into making a race car, what terms the teams use, and what it’s like to run with those parts! Trackday Season 2 will hopefully leave you all knowing something new about racing, cause racing isn’t just about “making circles and turning left”, it’s way more than that!

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We begin to light up the joint

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Race 14 takes us to Pocono, a track I tend to struggle with, what’s funny is we return to this place in about 5-6 races later!

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Episode 3 sees us continue to complete our house and make some big decisions on the carpeting too!

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Time for ep 1 of our special Group C series

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The Coca Cola 600, the longest NASCAR race!

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Kansas Speedway is the next stop! YOUD be quite surprised how well worn tires actually worked

Its off to Richmond Raceway!

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It’s off to Texas Motor Speedway now


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