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Olympic Games 1972 – Piaff 399 (SWB born 1958 by Gaspari out of Clodette (5) 5159 by Ruthven-Kondor, breeder Carl-Axel Andreasson) and Liselott Linsenhoff won a individual gold medal (the first time a woman did that) and a team silver. At the Olympic Games 1968, Linsenhoff made history as the first woman to win a gold medal in an equestrian event when she placed first as a member of the German team with Piaff. Piaff covered 76 mares in Sweden, before he was exported to Germany 1965, and left Miss Piaff in S-level dressage and Ärla-Miss in S-level show jumping. Piaff was but to sleep in 1986 at the age of 28. To this day the Liselott Schindling Foundation supports primarily dressage newcomers and bestows the annual Piaff Sponsorship Award. Piaff will always be known in the history as the horse that carried the first female to Olympic victory.

Lambert 589 (SWB born 1975 by Emir out of Josephine (13) 8620 by Juan-Diogenes, breeder Bengt W. Borg) in 1990. Lambert covered 932 mares and left three stallions; Unruh 730, Zober 057, Livius 9020 and many competition horses. Several of his offsprings was exported to USA and Finland (some also to Norway, Germany, Spain and Japan). Lambert died in 1993.

Three approved chestnut stallions: Porfyr 657 (SWB born 1979 by Diamant out of Terecina III 7756 by Unikum-Onkel, breeder Sixten Jönsson), Flamingo 481 (SWB born 1969 by Urbino out of Joviala (73) 6721 by Jovial-Alcasar, breeder Knut Nilsson) and Stanford 687 (SWB born 1981 by Anart out of Ravena 8377 by Ravello-Novarro, breeder Carl-Erik Clausen).

Elite stallion Napoleon 625 (SWB born 1977 by Iran out of Josephine (13) 8620 by Juan-Diogenes, breeder Bengt W. Borg) in 1992. Napoleon 625 covered 1375 mares and left ten approved stallions: Amiral 764, Bernstein 761, Bombay 898, Gazpon 740, Nactus 854, Nelson 993, Vivaldi 753, Washington 751, Wenzel 759, Zephyr 829 and many successful competition horses. Napoleon 625 died in 1996.
Napoleon was 2d in the HorseTelex (earnings) ranking (from 2017-01-01 to 2017-02-14) of sire of dame.

Elite stallion Maraton 600 (SWB born 1976 by Utrillo out of Fairy (51) 9175 by Caracas-Fairey xx, breeder Brita Wehtje). Maraton left six approved stallions; Jirlow 768, Magari 716, Magini 695, Milano 717, Miroco 718, Umido 728 and many successful competition horses. Maraton was placed in S-level show jumping and died in 2008.

Strauss 689 (SWB born 1981 by Hertigen out of Utrinda (31) 12538 by Utrillo-Unikum, breeder John Hansson) with Annette Solmell. Solmell and Strauss got a silver medal in the Swedish Championship 1993, 1994, 1997 and 1998 and got a bronze medal 1995 and 1996. They placed 5th with the Swedish team at the Olympic Games 1996. They got a team bronze medal at the European Championship 1997 and a team bronze medal at the World Championship 1998. Strauss got A premium for his offsprings and he left two stallions; Artist 765 in international S-level show jumping and Sunshine Prince 833 in S-level show jumping. Strauss died in 2006.

Artist 765 (SWB born 1985 by Strauss out of Damast (F2) 13531 by Hartung-Gaspari, breeder Flyinge AB) in 1992. Artist 765 competed international 1.60 jumping. He was a small but very brave horse. He placed 2d in Falsterbo Derby 1993 and 4d 1994. Artist 765 died in 2012.

The very elegant Indus 530 (SWB born 1972 by Cosmos xx out of Tirola (5) 7608 by Oberon-Utter, breeder Erik Nilsson) in 1990. Indus covered about 1200 mares and left five stallions: Ismir 597, Othello 641, Spartacus 658, Tristan 702 and Trofé 703 and offsprings in S-level jumping and dressage.

Elite stallion Urbino 430 (SWB born 1962 by Drabant out of Nella 4763 by Nerox-Brûleur, breeder Ivar Olofsson) in 1990. Urbino 430 covered 1546 mares and he left eight stallions; Callaghan 460, Flamingo 481, Leopard 590, Tolstoy 701, President 827, Bobby 896, Oskar II CRB 9021, Perhsson CRB 9040 and many successful competition horses. Urbino 430 died in 1991

Elite stallion Ceylon 454 (SWB born 1966 by Jovial out of Judit (70) 5609 by Jago-Pikör, breeder Britt Lovén) in 1990. Ceylon covered 1645 mares and left four stallions - Cesam 736, Chirlon 870, Master 850, Silvan 581 and many international sport horses in all disciplines. Ceylon was a legendary stallion that died in 1994.

Elite stallion Chagall 455 (SWB born 1966 by Utrillo out of Efrodite (23) 6211 by Frondeur-Heinfried, breeder Ingvar Henriksson) in 1990. Chagall covered 951 mares and left five approved stallions, Chapman 757, Chirac 611, Gauguin de Lully 813, Iran 533, Zorn 863 and many successful sporthorses. Chagall died in 1990.

Pompe 401 (SWB born 1958 by Celsius out of Anette (44) 5371 by Regulator-Lage, breeder Torsten Jönsson). Pompe left the stallion Unesco 428 and Pondus, Marocko, Cato and Phoenix in S-level show jumping. Pompe was exported to Great Britain 1970 and reexported to Sweden 1974. Pompe died in 1978.

Niarchos 391 (SWB born 1956 by Polarstern out of Diana (F2) 3787 by Largo-Althof). Niarchos covered 637 mares in Sweden and left Nicolina in S-level show jumping. He was exported to Denmark in 1977 (DH 268) and died in 1986.

World famous Gaspari 340 (SWB born 1949 by Parad out of Russi (5) 3359 by Haffner-Gaumen, breeder Sten Hummerhielm). Yngve Viebke and Gaspari placed 4d in the Swedish Championship 1957, 2d in the Swedish Championship 1959, won the Swedish Championship 1960 and placed 9th in the Olympic Games 1960. Hans Wikne and Gaspari placed 11th in the Olympic Games 1964. Viebke and Gaspari placed 7th in the European Championship 1967. Gaspari covered 593 mares and left thirteen approved stallions; Piaff 399, Gassendi 422, Playboy 445, Dragon 465, Elektron 469, Herkules 504, Emir 471, Figaro 477, Imperator 529, Gallax 487, Gaspadin 499, Garrant CRB 9004 and Guldgossen CRB 9031. He left very successful offsprings; Curry, Esquire and Imperator 529 in S-level jumping and Balzac, Lenard, Gaspano, Nicklas, Santana, Tim, Pari, Piaff 399, Gassendi 422, Elektron 469, Herkules 504, Emir 461 and Guldgossen CRB 9031 in S-level dressage. Piaff 399, Gaspano, Herkules 504 and Imperator 529 participated in the Olympics. Gaspari died in 1975.


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