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"33+ Classic Collection of Edgar Rice Burroughs. Novels. Stories. Illustrated: Tarzan of the Apes, A Princess of Mars, The Mucker, The Land that Time Forgot, The Lost Continent and others"

This ebook has 7000 pages and as of this writing, cost 0.27 cents.

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Also here:

Oh and to finish the thought? I sent that person an email. On the volunteer help, I simply said: "I'll pass."

And maybe, sometimes, you should do.

You dig?

Rick Astley sang this song that Nat King Cole made famous. What voices!

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Nat King Cole. What. A voice!
Nat King Cole sings "When I Fall in Love"

This book is on sale, as of this posting, on Amazon for two bucks. I just got a notice for it from Bookbub:

A good book description:
In this winner of the 1990 Edgar Award for best mystery novel, Dave Robicheaux, a former New Orleans policeman, is pursued by a psychopath and flees his home on the Bayou Teche, in the heart of Louisiana, to find a new life in Montana. After settling near the Blackfoot River Canyon, Robicheaux finds himself smack dab in the middle of an illegal Mafia takeover of Indian lands. As he struggles to expose the truth, he must face some hard facts about himself, especially after the appearance of an old Cajun friend, Dixie Lee Pughe.

I've never completely read any of Burke's books. I've browsed a few. Here's an Amazon listing of the series, 23 books in all. He seems like a very good writer:


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