Someone said: "America First President. That's Donald Trump."

I altered it to:

America's First President. That's Donald Trump.

In my lifetime anyway.


Trump delivers remarks in Pennsylvania

Strawberry and apple fruit soup croutons

8 large ripe strawberries
2 small sweet apples (These apples are REALLY small, like from a backyard tree, and I later cut up three more and added them to the bread mixture, uncooked.)
A dollop of raspberry jam
Six inch piece of leek
Salt and ground pepper
Big bread cubes from cut up hamburger buns (and a few pieces of Winnipeg rye bread) enough to fill the shallow baking container that comes with the toaster oven.

Cut all the fruit up. Microwave. (Two minutes is a good time when you're testing a food.) Crush up the fruit. Mix it in with the bread cubes, cut up leeks, salt and ground pepper. Add the kitchen sink, if you're in the mood. Just make it bite-sized, is the trick. Experiment, is my point and make do with the food you have when you make things like this and only do as much prep as you are in the MOOD for. If you're getting tired of chopping something up, just stop. Toss what you didn't do in a plastic bag and save it for the next time you're in the mood to use it. Don't sweat it.

Bake in the oven--I used a toaster oven in this case--on fairly low heat. (Say 350 degrees.) Watch it close. See if you can get the bread to brown a bit to add to the texture of the whole concoction. See where it leads you in terms of how you eat it.

Considering I went to the kitchen to just heat up some bread, we've come a long way from just that. And as I was in the mood, I stood and peeled the label off that raspberry jam jar I showed you, running it under the hot water. It's a beautiful jar. I'll see what I end up using it for, but what's important is: DO it only when you're in the mood.

Eat your mistakes. And above all, have fun when you make food.

And make do.

Here is the latest Drudge Report. I hear you now complaining how it's slanted AGAINST Donald Trump. Why do you think that is?

Here's the old TYT video, talking about what Drudge does, and how the hosts think Drudge's website approach is not as GOOD as their approach. Notice the lack of IMAGES or images used to enforce the headline on Drudge's website. What exactly is TYT trying to do to you, its viewer?

'N*gger' Covers Drudge Report for Django Unchained

Here is a video capture of an old Matt Drudge radio show.

Matt Drudge Radio Show (June 9, 2002)

He sounds like Alex Jones, don't you think? I wonder, in his day, was he attacking mainstream news in the same way as Alex Jones? And who was at the top of the list when it came time to CANCEL the internet stars? Wasn't it Alex Jones? (And Laura Loomer, as I think on it.) Why do you think that is? Because they were so 'ineffective'?

Or because they were (and ARE) strong competition for the PRETTY PEOPLE and their own agendas?

Remember something here. This isn't a game we're playing here; it's a BUSINESS. A business that's affecting how you see real life.

Pay Attention. Your life may depend on it.

. . .

"Selecting this option significantly reduces the advertising revenue earned by Drudge Report to fund operations. We ask that you carefully consider this penalty before selecting it."

I read this line at the bottom of Drudge Reports cookie collection option. It strengthens my thought here that Matt Drudge is, first and foremost, about business. He's IN business to do business. And if he was once first to the race, he is now being overrun by a LOT of conservatives who do news.

What would YOU do if your market for making money was being reduced? You might just change your audience base, wouldn't you? Just like FOX News appears to be doing, being LESS Pro-Trump.

I think this is about business. I'll keep you posted on what all else I find.

If I find any interesting links on ABC writing, I'll put them here. But god, don't BORE the kid while you're teaching him. Have mercy!

1. Jan Brett alphabet and lovely illustrations. I found this woman years ago. Her images are fun and she was one of the early ones to put stuff online that you could even download and print out. And you know, each letter has a lovely illustration so get out some paper and pencil and practice looking at the drawing and see if you can copy it in some way.

The letter A, for example. There are plenty more under the link above:

You can download an ABC book cover (see the link on the same page but I'll add it below) and use your drawing programme (I just go into my MACs preview application) and fill in your name for a book. Make a new folder and add all the letter pages to look at or trace on the computer screen with your finger. Thing is, while you're learning your letters you can also learn how to use the text function (if you have a MAC) on your Preview app. You can fiddle with the text and change the colors of the letters.

Does this Facebook link work? She has a lot of hedgehogs in her stories. Here's a video on how to draw a hedgehog:

Explore it any way you want and have fun.

"Worth It" with Andrew Ilnyckyj and Steven Lim

These two guys' personalities SO compliment each other. It's an important element to creating good film.

$27 Cake Vs. $1,120 Cake
. .
$4 Rice Vs. $52 Rice


First time I've seen this food. AMAZED just like the host, Inga Lam, was amazed.

I Made The Crazy Frothy Dalgona Coffee

Inga Lam:


On people who burn cities for fun and profit: The police, when they arrest these 'burning liberals' should tag them with a non-removal tattoo that says: "Burning Liberal." I'm sure, the way some of these people think, it will become a badge of honour. Least til they have kids and the kid asks them where they got that tattoo. And why. "Someone's stupidity should not interfere with my ability to walk my dog." ~~roo3storySays

Campaign ad from realDonaldTrump's twitter:

. . . . . .

"A Harris administration"

Gavin Newsom on the California fires and climate change. Say what? And Kamala Harris is tweeting a similar message:

So Joe Biden was lucid on Facebook's CEO and revoking his control; yet he bitched about Trump when Trump did something about it in May 2020?

1. Clive Barker - The Man Behind The Myth

2. Jordan Peterson
2017 Maps of Meaning 07: Images of Story & Metastory

3. Bret Weinstein
Twitter's CEO is a Coward (from Livestream #40)

4. Donald Trump

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Clive Barker: Abarat - The Artist's Passion Full Version

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Another regular interview:
Clive Barker interview

. . .

Something more recent:
Clive Barker - Interview - Part I

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On Creating:
Clive Barker's Master Class - Part I

Clive Barker's Master Class - Part II

Jordan Peterson in the 90s
Maps of Meaning 01 (Harvard Lectures)

Check video description for entire playlist of these videos from the 90s.

2017 Personality 13: Existentialism via Solzhenitsyn and the Gulag






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