Daylight savings time has been around since the founding of the USA?
Like most of the bad ideas ruling the USA, this idea is a product of 1960s activism.
This video is a reminder that the current fail of global civilization is due to the accumulation of bad leftist ideas over the last 200 years.
We are not fated to self-extinction. It is a choice. A choice we can reject.

Early 1970s (R) Richard Nixon imposes wage and price controls on the United States economy. Clearly unconstitutional but the Warren SCOTUS itself promotes an anti-constitution agenda.
1976 ... (R) Gerald Ford saves New York city from bankruptcy because of Wall Street and the fact it was the HQ for corporate America.
1979 ... (D) Jimmy Carter bails out the Chrysler corporation.
2001 (R) The Bush white house damages, then bails out the airline and insurance industries.
2008/2009 - (R) Bush and (D) Obama bail out the banking and insurance industries as well as many multinational corporations (including Chrysler, their second go at the taxpayer trough) deemed "too big to fail".
2020/2021 - (R) Trump and (D) Biden destroy the US economy and then bail out EVERY business in the USA. Literally wrote a check to every business in the nation. They write checks to millions of "non-profits" as well. In addition, they add a new phrase to the western lexicon, "essential workers". A phrase right out of the Marxist play-books in every collectivist nation on earth.
2023 ... The bank of the rich and super-rich (Silicon Valley Bank) goes bankrupt. It is FDIC insured guaranteeing payment of 250,000.00 dollars for every account holder. The average account at SVB has more than 10 million dollars in it. The average account in almost every other bank and credit union is less than 10,000.00 dollars. The Biden administration makes every billionaire and multimillionaire whole at SVB after the account holders call the white house and remind Joe Briben who funds his campaigns and thousands of other DNC-controlled campaigns.

Now ask yourself, do you live in a world where capitalism exists? In this video I answer that question.

Someone you've never heard of. I find him interesting. His importance in my opinion lies in his humility. A smart person who is also humble. Not very many of them alive anymore. That's a big reason why humanity is de-evolving.

Finally, a good use for A.I.

Somewhere around 42:06 in the video above, Tucker Carlson expresses his opinion that he is astonished at the things Devilcrats say and believe.
Adam replies with his insight that the left doesn't believe it's own bullshit. Adam is right. The only thing leftists know is they need to enslave everything in order for them to survive. They are aware that they are a force for death, and if the force for life ever fights back they will lose.
So they are in hyper-desperation mode every nano-second of their existence. They spend their lives saying and doing things to get out of that mode, not realizing there is no escape from hell after you sell your soul to the devil.

How did we get here? And where is "here"?
Dystopia is where "here" is.
We got here by not caring about future generations. We got here by not appreciating those who came before us. We got here by making a religion out of the frivolous (entertainment and drugs).
We made our bed, and then we shit in it, and then the left paid some hookers to pee in it ... and now we have to sleep in it.
Nighty night. Don't let the globalist-bugs bite.

DJT is the heir to Reagan. But from a historical perspective he is more important, in my opinion.
Why? Because not even Reagan could get every hateful, evil, extinctionist to stand up and say, "Look at me, I want to murder civilization at the minimum, and the Cosmos at the maximum."
Trump did that. And all it took was him saying, "I wonder what the world would look like without tyrants?"

This is a sister video to "How to become a scientist in 15 minutes".
Click on the link below if you missed that video.

The first republican presidential debate occurred last night, August 23rd 2023.
The two best candidates: Larry Elder and Donald Trump were not there.
Trump, because he wisely sized up the event as an ambush and declined his invite.
Larry Elder was excluded because he actually cares about civilization. Fox News has labeled people like that as NAZI's.
I hope you payed attention to the narrative Fox News tried to create with it's two evil hosts.
What was the narrative? That all the problems in the world could be solved if we just have more anti-science, anti-civilization, evil people in positions of authority.
JFC, let's pray Fox News goes bankrupt.
Here are the Manchurian candidates from last nights "debate".

Gov. Doug Burgum of North Dakota

Former Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey

Gov. Ron DeSantis of Florida

Former Gov. Nikki Haley of South Carolina

Former Gov. Asa Hutchinson of Arkansas

Former Vice President Mike Pence

Vivek Ramaswamy, a businessman

Sen. Tim Scott of South Carolina

^^^^ All of these people are owned by the America-hating-globalist-loving Chamber of Commerce.

I made this video back in 2021. Watch it and judge for yourself whether my insights into QAnon are correct.
I still disagree with Alex Jones' narrative that the earth is run by conspiracy committee (because if a species is evil, you don't need conspiracies to explain their evil behaviors), but I do think his doom & gloom personality is tailored for the age we live in. And for that reason alone he is worth some of your time.

Nixon made a bad lawyer very rich and famous, when he authored the Watergate crime, because that allowed John Dean to author a book titled: BLIND AMBITION

John Dean knew that immoral ambition will always lead to success in the USA, that's why he has dedicated his life to being immoral. This reality condemns the USA and the human race to the ultimate failure. Can this problem be fixed? I'm not sure. But with UFOs and self-imposed Plandemics being proven real, I would say time is running out.

Seriously, you can become a scientist. It's a lot easier than you think. And quite frankly there is a severe shortage of good scientists right now.
You noticed my NIKE hat? Remember, the corporate logos I wear are meant to be ironic. NIKE executives want a race war. All rich people want a race war. "Divide and conquer" preoccupies their every thought.
Civilization cannot exist without a thriving middle class. FACT!
The Republicans believe virtue resides with the wealthy. Wrong.
The Democrats believe virtue resides with the poor. Wrong.
The vast majority of good people reside within the middle class. In this video I talk about that truth. And why the only people who can rescue civilization are middle class folk who are engaged citizens. Rich people and poor people produce the same thing: suffering. When people in those groups join the middle class, they produce goods and services which lift all boats.

I am not an optimist.
I am also not a pessimist.
I'm certainly not a catastrophist.
I am a realist. And I've noticed prominent conservatives keep saying we are winning?
My question? How are we winning. The left is bankrupting, imprisoning and murdering it's enemies. The result of that behavior is that elected republicans are moving further to the left. Don't believe me? How many republican senators are threatening to defect to the deathocrat party?
Look it up. Then start working to elect actual patriots.

Many months ago I made a video entitled: "Benching Tucker Carlson". I made the video in response to a few interviews he conducted where he was sucking-up to the swamp.
I knew he was doing it for his Fox-Overlords. I knew his heart wasn't really in it, but never-the-less he bent the knee.
Over time his personal integrity wouldn't let him keep sucking their unit. He got himself fired. They're trying to muzzle him and he's fighting back. For this reason and others I have called him off the bench and he is the starting pitcher again.
Keep up the good work Tucker, and NEVER BEND THE KNEE.

I choose the automobile over the bicycle and the horse and the camel. The reason is because I am an actual progressive rather than an existential threat to all life in the Universe, like the left.

The "N" word has been used casually for far too long in service to evil. It has been used to facilitate death, destruction and slavery.
If you are serious about promoting brotherhood and unity, then you'll fight back against those who use this provocative word as a call to treat a group of people as sub-human simply because of the color of their skin.


A system of government marked by centralization of authority under a dictator, a capitalist economy subject to stringent governmental controls, violent suppression of the opposition, and typically a policy of belligerent nationalism and racism.A political philosophy or movement based on or advocating such a system of government.Oppressive, dictatorial control.

^^^^^^^^^^^ Who do you recognize in this description?

^^^^^^^^ When someone defines freedom as safety and safety as Stalinism.

Are you worried about interference in the 2024 election?
You should be. 98% of the interference will come from the Devilcrat party using every institution in the USA to subvert the will of the people.
They've been doing it since 1824. And if practice makes perfect, then 200 years of practice has now resulted in the perfection of the enslavement movement.

"All it take for the triumph of evil is that good people do nothing".

Click on the links below and elevate your wisdom quotient.

Declared for the nomination so far:
Trump: Would like to see him get it and then defeat Obiden
Nikki Haley: Yikes!!!! Joe Manchinerian candidate ... do not want.
Ron DeSantis: Globalist, nuff said. (btw, I would luv to be wrong about him)
Vivek Ramaswamy: Smart, strong, good communicator, patriot ... a less nerdy version of Dinesh D'Souza. Obviously would be waaayyyy better than the brain-dead fool in the White House.
Tim Scott: Likeable, smart, good values, inspiring ... but would make a terrible POTUS. He doesn't have the backbone to stand up against the left.
Kanye West: I'm not calling him "Ye". I am calling him a lunatic that should be ignored by everyone.
Larry Elder: I have a man-crush on him. If anyone has the ability to surpass DJT, it is Larry. I can't think of one negative quality that he possess'. Him becoming POTUS would be the one thing in this Universe that would make me believe in God.
Asa Hutchinson: He's actually more evil than Bill Ayers. If you want to know why Republicans do nothing but harm their own voters, just listen to Asa for a few hours.
Here's the good news. Of the 8 people listed above, only one of them can be labeled "your typical white republican".
Viva La Difference!!!!!!

Are the elections rigged?
Should you withdraw and never vote again? No.
I want you to vote. The more patriots who vote, the harder you make it for leftists to steal elections.
We may not be able to out-vote rigged elections, but we can force the left to cheat in broad daylight ... and by doing that we MIGHT get a republican state attorney general to prosecute some of them. I'm not saying that will fix the problem, but it's a start.

I used to subscribe to Sirius XM radio.
Not any more. Why?
Well if I ask you to give up woke corporations, shouldn't I be setting the example?

When Bruce Jenner killed someone on the PCH he did something to save himself from severe consequences. He became a woman. Making leftists happy in the USA earns you a get out of jail free card. Watch this video to learn more about that ugly reality.
Click on the links above and educate yourself on leftists.

Check out these videos. Your IQ will be doubled by the end.
Primary Colors 1998
Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe 2016
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Plandemic 2020 TV series
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The ObamaGate movie 2020
Chappaquiddick 2017

Forbidden Planet is a 1956 science fiction movie. Under-rated in my opinion. The message in that movie resonates more with each passing day. This video is one big spoiler alert, so I recommend you see the movie before watching this video.
I think you'll like it ... a lot!!!

Sydney Watson had me worried. She had convinced me that she was abandoning her mission of educating the uninformed and the lazy.
It turns out, it was a rope-a-dope.
She is increasing her footprint within the political right with a "community" (aka WEBSITE she founded with a partner) that will be competing with many other right-leaning news and documentary outlets.
And I think that's great. She's smart, brave and on the right path. BTW, I am in no way affiliated with her and I doubt she has ever heard of my channel (has anyone really?).
Click on the link below and check out her website.


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