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This is a conglomeration leftover after YouTube sensored my video, DemonRats and Rinos. I added clips of the lies, as they are told by the liars themselves. The addition of Alice In
Wonderland clips really ads a comfortable sense of being entertained while being informed. I say, "try it, you'll like it", if not, toot a loo and good luck!

Join Alice in the Rabbit hole of this conversation about who the Democrats and fake Republicans are and the deeper truths about Hunter & Joe Biden's dealings with Ukraine and China.

The Radical Left is attempting to shut down all television networks by DEMANDING they not have Giuliani on their networks. THE SOCIALIST DEMOCRATS ARE IN A PANIC

This is a compilation of clips that l tried to sync with each other in a way that lays out a plethora of details about Ukraine & the Democratic Presidential Candidate, Former Vice President, Joe Biden & his son Hunter.
The matrix of connections with the Russia Gate Conspiracy Theory, Clintons, and several other actors, including former POTUS, Barack Obama, is a rabbit hole within a rabbit hole.
This synopsis is a primer.
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Louis Farrakhan speaks in a Roman Catholic Church in Chicago regarding his being banned on FaceBook.

This is shocking how the rush to get this technology up and running in the entire country is to become a National Priority even so that testing is not done first. WHY?

I had to place this video on private in my YouTube channel because I got nervous with their censoring run a muck.

A more detailed compilation of woman journalist ejected from Bernie Sanders public event. Includes interviews with event attendees. Shocking abridge of the 1st amendment!


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