"I have become death, the destroyer of worlds"
Noah Hawley upon completion of series outline

n word my gd name is ethelrida smutny

ps. it turns out bitchute uploads have to be a specific file type or else it never processess

please god just end it now...

One of the greatest films ever made? Or a piece cherrypicked by countless filmmakers losing all the sting it had?
*Graphic content

once again I edit the video terribly...sorry
On the docket today Salem's lo... The Social Network
according to one reviewer the low point for David Fincher, what does the other have to say? Watch and find out! and then watch again, and again, and again, and again, and you get the gist

after weeks of reviewing relative filth will this week yield a good movie finally? "It's like an army out there; I'm on parole for mail fraud, I gotta hide!"

The Most Underrated Nic Cage Movie?

I thought that the cursor wouldn't appear in a capture...

every episode of the x files about aliens and the overarching plot is terrible... do something about it half pint

woah... dude... I totally just crapped my pants

is this long lost film proven to be worth the wait? tune in and find out!

yes I did not notice the watermark... may god haunt my dreams with visions of kathleen turner... as she is now ūü§Ę
anywho episode 4 the pretend war, or the pretend good writing

yes you've been had... do something about it. like like and subscribing that'll really show me

more of us complaining about another disturbingly bad movie.

who knows anymore, is the name fadda indicative of something? Gaetano is untranslatable something about jail or warrior or prison from roman times. oh you eyeties...

yes its episode 2 the land of killing and taking or wops and dikes

oh dear god... television

Is this Josh Trank's latest cinematic abortion? Or Triumphant Redeeming?

yes some of the video is terrible... for some reason certain gpus have a dim switch for gaming mode and computation mode.


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