People are refusing to acknowledge the obvious, they are evil, bought, extremely stupid.
It is easier to fool a person than to convince them they have been fooled.
Are people going to take a 4th dose!? How fearful can people be? How gullible? The Satan has never laugher harder.


This is really Biden speaking, at this point we should only be surprised that people still would vote for him. That is the problem.

The WHO says this. Also instructions concerning previous vaccinations were that those people were to stay away from hospital setting because they could spread the virus.

The 2nd most successful strategy to beat back the global elites and stop the NewWorldOrder:

WE MUST educate THE POLICE. Show them 1. of the Nuremberg Code (which supersedes national law). Present the USA constitution or in Israel, the 12 basic laws. An educational demo in front of police stations. Because as we have surely seen by now, the legislative and judicial courts have been corrupted,

Our goal is to get police to “stand down” they don’t need to join us in protest – they just need to turn the other way and not enforce illegal laws. The police who just follow orders, need to be the most well established, current law – not some temporary, human rights violating laws created by emergency order by a bureaucrat or organization which has no authority to do so. Congressional vote is required.

GO TO YOUR POLICE STATION NOW! PLANT THE SEED. Without control of the police, the global elites cannot implement new draconian laws.

Oh, the first most important strategy: Cry out to God. Pray. (and try ridding our own selves of greed, arrogance and disrespect.)

Legislation is failing, go to the people, store owners. Talk to to the police and tell them to look the other way and not enforce illegal laws -- laws that contradict previously established current laws. See Nuremberg Code point #1 ->

Do not succumb to taking the vaccine for your job. We need to make a stand now or all is lost. You will be required to take more and more vaccines and you cannot undo the damage, the earlier you stop the better off you will be.

Do the vaccines contain Graphene Oxide or not? Has anyone seen a package insert? Maybe none are required because the vaccines are still not approved for general use, they are Emergency Use Authorized (EUA) only.

Here is come info I found.
Functionalized graphene oxide serves as a novel vaccine nano-adjuvant for robust stimulation of cellular immunity


4th incident of contamination of Moderna vaccines!

PRO-VAXXERs will probably have an answer like "We cook in stainless steel post so naybe particles get into our body that way, the vaccine is no different. I'm not worried. They will never admit they could be wrong, let alone investigate past mainstream news stories.


Here is how control of the population happens, laid out in a delicate, impactful fashion. Totalitarianism on a worldwide scale has already begun. Pray, because only God can save us.


He is risking is career, job, friends but he cannot remain silent anymore. People are being forced to resign. He says they said give us 2 weeks to flatten the curve and we are now at "show me your papers"

Cristian Granucci says
"This is tyranny"
Tyrants want do divide the people and have them fight each other.
The union must step forward. There are 100s of firefights joining together.


Fight, Fight, Fight
Join groups, speak out,
Join Children's Health Defense
Join Del Bigtrees Highwire.

Citizens with a different viewpoint from the current government are becoming Enemies of State. There is no respect for our constitution.
Infowars Host Own Shroyer charged in Capitol Riot, but he didn't do anything except stand on the steps OUTSIDE

Sings it straight. They can't stop us because we are ready to fight. Riot in the street. The whole world is brainwashed.

Tom MacDonald - "Brainwashed"
4,750,618 views in ONE WEEK. Aug 13, 2021


We have gone from two weeks to shelter in place to show me your papers


A classic, hidden from public view. We can't let main stream media run by the global elites dictate the narrative of what is going on in the world. Demand TRUTH! And talk to your friends, if they can't handle the truth then why do you want them as friends?


Seems the doctor is paid/coerced into giving a stern warning about how important masks are for children and can't bear it, because at the end she says so and laughs! How CBS let this slide is a miracle, spread the word that main stream media is fake - their agenda is pushing vaccines to suit their largest advertiser, pharma.

Original Source:

One thing we know, there was no insurrection. Was this man a Capitol Policeman planted and caught carrying a Confederate Flag? Trying to incite freedom loving Americans exercising their right to demonstrate?

The government needs to release the video tapes for us to see what actually happened.

Vaccine data is being withheld Pfizer is criminal. Vaccine is concentrating in ovaries and will likely sterilize women.

Dr. Stock, a functional family medicine physician speaks to school board, Friday, August 7th 2021
Dr. Stock said after having treated Covid-19 patients himself, there are far better inexpensive treatments available (than the vaccine) that include combinations of Ivermectin, Vitamin-D, and Zinc among others


Very layperson review of where trials were done and were mutations emerged and the fact that there were no significant mutations until we started vaccinating!

Form Pfizer VP and Chief science officer, including 16 yrs as allergy and respiratory researcher. Dr. Michael Yeadon co-founded a biotech firm that was bought by Swiss giant Novartis for "a lot of money." He is the most senior pharmaceutical executive in the world (so far) that is speaking out against the vaccine and especially vaccinating children.

over 20 years experience as a doctor and pharmaceutical scientist.

Dr. McCullough, one of the most knowledgeable doctors in part because he has successfully treated 1000s of Covid patients, says It is unprecedented not have any safety information presented. He has many peer reviewed published papers.

START AT 1 minute in. Eviction Moratorium is extended, illegally by a non-elected person - Rochelle P. Walensky, MD, MPH, who was appointed head of Centers for Disease Control (CDC) by Biden. This is a clear usurpation of power, even democrats admit it is not legal and Pelosi won't call a Congressional hearing - Congress is the body who makes laws.

Note that banks will however still require landlords to pay their mortgage -- even though landlords cannot collect rent. They will lose their property and the banking system will gain ownership and sell the properties to corporations.TOLATARIANISM. You are seeing it happen before your very eyes.

Zelenko whose life is threatened DAILY, has trained 100s of doctors and cumulatively treated nearly 1 million people worldwide (mostly outside the USA!) with hydroxychloroquine (HCQ)

Perfectly healthy, Everett Romney, center for his highschool basketball team was hospitalized days after taking the first shot. BLOOD CLOTS WERE FOUND AND HE REMAINED IN ICU several days. I am not sure what the update is as this occurred back in April.

Father went into hospital as well for blood clots.



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