I've caught these shrews in a live trap in my garage, with peanuts as bait. You can see that they try to stay as far away from each other as they can, and if I try to put them next to each other, they squeak and run away. I think that's how they got stuck in the trap: kept away from each other and neither could exit. When alone they seem to have no problem leaving, they are too light and small for the trap to work. The trap is like this: only a different brand and not fully transparent.

Unlike voles, they seem to not like being held by the scruff of the neck: one had something like a heart attack but recovered, another suddenly peed itself and died. Holding them by the tail works much better. They're both in the close-ups, the one with the wet spot is the surviving one (it pre-peed itself either in the trap or when unloading). The stills are of the dead one, you can see the black tips of the teeth, which comes from the high iron contents in the enamel.

They're both probably young, and I think the dead one is a boy (his peeing device is white and seems to have a tiny bulge, as opposed to pink and an outright hole for girls).

The live one got deported to the other side of the road.

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