Saint Hamudi

Mein kurzes persönliches Statement Video zu Alanya

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Sonntag der 17. November 2019 / 20:15 Uhr Premiere

Folge 2 unbedingt Nicht verpassen, bitte dieses Video dann am Sonntag direkt speichern und veröffentlichen und auf allen Facebook Kanälen und Foren veröffentlichen

Danach beginnt eine neue Zeitrechnung in Alanya

Asking Members of the right wing group where is my
White Stacy because i am an Incel

Black Pill Screening

FACEandLMS roped after that Experiment

It's over

Full hair on the head, white, wide jaw, wide cheekbones, forward facial growth, thick eyebrows, symmetrical V-shaped body, and 6ft + tall

Black Pill about Tinder

Incels Assemble, don't drink Cola anymore,
they insult Incels

You can never escape the Race Pill

You know this guy is packing a 9 incher

Chasing FACEandLMS with his short small car

Nothing to loose

The State of Woman in 2019

This should be shown in schools to give boy's a heads up on the nature of modern women.

Should i blackpill him ? I have his FB Account

The older you get, the faster time goes by. The older you get as an incel, the more missed important youthful experiences you have. Other people are going to college parties, getting married, and having kids while you rot. The older you get, the more your body begins to fall apart from the inside after the age of 25. The older you get, the uglier the foids your age get and a younger foid will find you creepy if you try anything. Eventually you’ll become a lonely old fart with no experiences to reflect on before you know it.

Don't go to public swimming pools or areas as an incel


How many No's will he takes before he realize the black pill

Rest in Peace Oldcels

10 % Wertsteigerung pro Jahr, glaubt diesen Märchen nicht
Ohne die Immobilie zu kennen, ohne die Infrastruktur zu kennen, ohne die Entwicklung im Bereich Arbeitslosigkeit zu kennen, ohne zu wissen wie sich die Leitzinsen entwickeln werden, ohne zu wissen wie sich die Neubautätigkeiten auf den Immobilienmarkt auswirken ,ohne ....

Solche Aussagen sind einfach fahrlässig

Meine E Mail Adresse:

[email protected]

His seed will create more suffering incels

Is Hamudi a " Gigachad " , are you kidding me

Looksmaxing is cope

She would reject me to the moon and back

A day in the life of an Incel


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