Sam Reeves

Sam Reeves

Sam Reeves


🎬 dir. Mervyn LeRoy (1958)

🎬 dir. H. C. Potter (1948)

Jack Davisson (16, U.S.) performs 'Zapateado' composed by Joaquín Rodrigo (1901 – 1999, Spain).

Elle Davisson (14, U.S.) performs 'Ginga' (from Seis Brevidades) composed by Sérgio Assad (b. 1952, Brazil).

Sophie Lloyd & Nathan James

A mild-mannered man whose nerves are shot from incessant noise is sent to an exclusive, silent retreat with hilarious results. Directed by Tex Avery.

⭐ feat. Chilly Willy
🎬 dir. Tex Avery

Partitas 1-6 (BWV 825-830)
by Johann Sebastian Bach

Played by Alec Holcomb

'In The Arms of Mara' by Grai (Russia)
ГРАЙ - В объятиях Мары (Official video)

⭐ feat. Woody Woodpecker
🎬 dir. Walter Lantz

⭐ feat. Tweety & Sylvester
🎬 dir. Friz Freleng

Alexandra Whittingham (U.K.)
plays 'Schnee in Istanbul', comp.
by Carlo Domeniconi (b. 1947, Italy).

Classical guitarist Thu Le 'spacing out' at Siccas...

Classical guitarist Alexandra Whittingham rockin'...

Anabel Montesinos (Spain) plays
'Uma Valsa e Dois Amores' by
Dilermando Reis (Brazil)

Symphony No.4 in D Major composed by
Franz Joseph Haydn between 1757 and 1761.

00:00:00 I. Presto
00:06:12 II. Andante
00:11:42 III. Finale. Tempo di menuetto

Austro-Hungarian Haydn Orchestra / Adam Fischer

(III.) Un poco Allegro from Organ Sonata n°4 (BWV 528) by Bach
performed by Roxane Elfasci and Baptiste Erard (France).

Pt. I:
Pt. II:

(II.) Andante from Organ Sonata n°4 (BWV 528) by Bach
performed by Roxane Elfasci and Baptiste Erard (France).

Pt. I:
Pt. III.


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