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RUSSIAN LAWYER TELLS ALL !!! Pause video to read pages.

These documents are being ignored and buried by both the right and the left, yet both are spreading myths about Natalia Veselnitskaya, myths that she dispells in these documents!

That tells me that there's something important in them. She's being made to look bad to both sides, and that might mean that she's exposing something outside the controlled-two-sided narrative.

I already can see a few lies the media on both sides has been telling about her, from what she's writing here: She did not work for Fusion GPS for one, and secondly, she did not meet with Simpson before or after the meeting.

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There are the links to the original documents below, which were screencapped in the video. Even though the first one was obtained from a mainstream site, it looks like they had the original and then buried it. Not sure if they even read it before whatever coverage they gave it. The other two are from gov't sites. I only found the first one because I had almost the exact name to search. The second two were referred to in the first, so I found them with a search too.

Veselnitskaya to Grassley (June 9 Meeting FARA visa) (eng):
THE ARCHIVE SITES FOR THIS ONE KEEP MESSING WITH THE FORMATTING OF THE CHART THAT SHOWS THE MONEY LAUNDERING. The text will all show but the chart's colour boxes and arrows will be missing. The screenshot in this video (at the 2:00 minute mark) is what it should look like. It's from my copy that's from the original, unarchived url.

You can try the original url at some of those other archive-[various dot whatevers] if you like. The url (a copy that msnbc obtained and put online briefly) is: Veselnitskaya to Grassley (June 9 Meeting FARA visa) (eng).pdf

Additional appended pdfs, which are mentioned in the above pdf can be found at:

2017-07-11 CEG to DHS + State (Russian lawyer visa):

2017-07-17 CEG to DHS + State (Follow-up on Rinat Akhmetshin):


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