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One final note. I noticed a video today (06-21-23) that is certainly worth a watch. The man is Dr Shiva. I don't know much about him, but he seems to make sense. He's offering a potential solution. Here's the link

Good luck

Ultimate Joe Biden Compilation ( ).

Thirty-six possible solutions.

Here are 51 reasons to never vote again.
It's time to focus on real solutions. Like, share, subscribe.

Its getting difficult to tell the difference

Mark Dice can be found at

Foreskin Face Cream

What could go wrong?

Weapons designed to target specific DNA

How will AI govern us

I know everyone has already seen this. I know

Scott Adams can be found at

It's not just a massive psyop. It's chemicals.

Mark Dice can be found at

Antineoplaston -Dr Burzynski

Fruit from BlushWood Tree

UK police kidnap a man. Group fights to stop it.


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