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"We must realize that our party's most powerful weapon is racial tensions. By propounding into the consciousness of the dark races that for centuries they have been oppressed by whites, we can mold them to the program of the Communist Party. In America we will aim for subtle victory. While inflaming the Negro minority against the whites, we will endeavor to instill in the whites a guilt complex for their exploitation of the Negros. We will aid the Negroes to rise in prominence in every walk of life, in the professions and in the world of sports and entertainment. With this prestige, the Negro will be able to intermarry with the whites and begin a process which will deliver America to our cause."

Israel Cohen, A Racial Program for he Twentieth Century, 1912. Also in the Congressional Record, Vol. 103, p. 8559, June 7, 1957

The distance apart is the only decision they should be allowed to make (with only those 2 options available to them).

- The only quarantine that is necessary.
- Saving ourselves
-The 10 "Goy" challenge

Even today my relentless (((trolls))) still shamelessly say things like:

- "Scott, you have no following... hehe haha!" AFTER they have censored me relentlessly since the very beginning (even when I was soft spoken and being careful not to blame "all" Jews). And even after they openly bragged about shutting me down hundreds of times (at that point, in early 2009, and thousands of times since) and hacking my websites over at the JIDF. But yeah, I was "just making it all up", even as they were shamelessly bragging about it and coordinating their continued efforts openly.

- "Scott, nobody cares what you have to say." AS they watch my every video and listen to my every word. I mean, some of these weird stalker Jews have been watching me since the beginning (Ravdov/B52/abx/etc), are always the first to show up, and have never missed a video (talk about "crazy" and "obsessed"...just watch them go nuts in the comments section below...within mere minutes/seconds of my posting this old video... in the middle of the night, no less).

- "Scott, Jews would never ever bother with harassing you or anyone you work with or know." AS they have never taken a break from trolling me and have systematically hunted down every individual I have known or worked for/with in order to relentlessly harass them into cutting me off. In a manner not all that unlike the way they harassed and threatened the System Admin on one of my old sites, as highlighted in this very video. And not at all unlike what they have done and continue to do to many others, including normy conservatives at this point. Only they have done even worse (than simply call, write, and harass) when it comes to a couple people I have known (when the begging, pleading, and harassing don't work they come at people with threats).

All of this denial AS they have openly coordinated their efforts in the past (at the JIDF) and continue organizing their harassment efforts to this day. The group/list I infiltrated was a big one even back in 2008, but i am sure it has only grown (these people are ultra organized). Just as they have grown more bold over the years as well, since they no longer fear any repercussions at all. But yeah, (((troll))), I am a "crazy loser" for stating what everyone here already knows: Jews are relentless in their whining to and harassment of anyone and everyone who could help them do their bidding in "SHUTTING IT DOWN" or punishing anyone who has ever exposed them. I am not unique or special in that way, but they simply never forgive, forget, or allow anyone to speak the truth about them without punishing them severely. And this is something all of you John Does already know. Otherwise, you wouldn't be a John Doe.

- "Scott, Jews would never ever threaten you in any way, you paranoid liar." AS/after they have shamelessly/openly made some of the most vile/disgusting threats imaginable.

- "Scott, Jews would never mess with your finances or prevent you from working. Now go get a job, you lazy bum." Even after they have hunted down everyone I have worked with or depended on for the last 13+ years and drained my bank accounts dozens of times (among other things).

- "Scott, Jews never tried to get anyone fired or blacklisted for wrongthink or hate speech, let alone bothered themselves with a nobody like you. What are you, some kind of a crazy conspiracy theorist?" Even after normies have been fired and blacklisted left and right for things that are trivial by comparison to the truths I have spoken. And even as some of them have "bothered themselves" with trolling me relentlessly for the entire 13+ years. Also, I am certain that some of them were directly involved in harassing these people I know, but have no shame and get a good laugh out of denying it all now.

- "Scott, why are you always ducking, dodging, and disappearing?" Says the anonymous trolls, to the man who has never even taken a break or ever hid from anyone.

Nevertheless, these are things everyone here already knows they say/do, but these trolls still shamelessly act as though we are all oblivious to the behaviors they continue to put on full display. They will boldly tell us that we are "crazy liars" for taking notice of the things they are actively/undeniably doing right out in the open. Then act like they are the "victims" whenever we dare take notice of any of it.

I mean, the fact that they will shamelessly tell such blatant lies even to people who already know the things they have done and are openly doing (my audience) only speaks to the level of chutzpah these Jews all have.

In any case, this old video of mine isn't covering anything new for any of you. Everyone here knows the MO of these Jews. This is just a few examples of it. Only it's even worse now.

EDIT (8/13):

As I mentioned in this video (though, I was tired and stumbling a bit with my words/numbers), my 1st (leveraged) move (after patiently watching and waiting for the perfect opportunity) would have been Chainlink on 7/27/20.

Here is the exact breakdown:

I would have taken out a $625 position when it dipped to $7.00. Which, at 20x leverage (sometimes I do 25, but 20 would be on the slightly safer side) would have been enough to acquire 1,785 shares/coins.

Then my next order would have been at roughly $6.75 for an additional $625. Which would have added 1,850 more shares/coins to my position.

Then my next order would have been set up (in advance, just like the rest) at $6.50, but this time I would have been investing $1,250. Which would have added roughly 3,850 additional shares/coins to my position (total position then would be just a few shy of 7,500).

Of course, had I owned a crystal ball I would have took the entire position and bet the house with 100x leverage at exactly $6.444, but I feel confident enough that this (starting at $7 and protecting down to $5.75) would have been the way I would have built my position. After BTC had stabilized above $11k I knew Link would be the 1st coin to run and run big, which it did and continues to do.

Nevertheless, my 1st take profit point would have been at $9.80ish. Which would have been for $24,700.

At which point I would have waited to see if there was a breakout above $10 before entering again, with roughly the same sized position (which would have cost me $3750 at this point/price, but it would have been house money and well within my range of comfortable risk). Considering that Link was then at an all time high yet there was still no sort of a retracement/correction at $10 was very bullish, indeed. There was no resistance to break through, so a run to $15 was all but assured at that point (unless BTC crashed or Covid part 2 was kicked off or some such thing). So I would have then took profit at just below $15 and waited for the same confirmation above $15 before c-o-n-s-i-d-e-r-i-n-g another position, but I doubt I would have actually taken one (even though it is in fact still climbing... but it would be foolishly impatient to jump back in at that point). In fact, I would be looking more for a correction (down) at this point (as it approaches $20) or just watching from the sidelines after such an incredible lighting fast fun from $6.50 all the way up to $15+. Nevertheless, the run from $10 to $14.80 would have yielded an additional $36,000.

So yes, I know what I am doing and I am patient enough to wait for opportunities like this one (this would have been the 1st position I would have entered using my strategy in months, though I am sure I would have taken minor/safer positions along the way as well). The total profit on an initial risk of "just" $2,500 would have been almost $60,000. And yes, I have made similar % gains in the past. And yes, I would have seized this opportunity too had I not been forced to withdraw all of my fiat from the market (quite) awhile back due to my medical issues/bills and these bastards sending the police to my house several time to extort me.

In any case, what woulda, coulda, and shoulda been is water under the bridge. However, I will look for more opportunities like this one in the future, despite the uninformed (((haters))) who act like I am just some "gambler" who is "throwing darts". I have been at this (off and on) for longer than most of them have been out of their diapers (since the 1990s). And yes, it has in fact paid the bills many a year. I don't say that with pride (trading is, indeed, a very jewey thing to do), but simply as a matter of fact. And all of the early lumps/losses I took only taught me the lessons I can now bring to any future trading I am "forced" (for lack of better, more noble, more profitable, less time consuming means of making the ends meet) to do.

In the meantime, though. 100% of my everything is going into my farming (mushrooms, veggies, etc). So any gibs I get will go only into that for now. I have been farming, small scale, for several years now. So it isn't all entirely new to me (though, the mushrooms are a relatively new thing). I just need to scale it up.

And once again, thanks to the 3 of you who have helped me out thus far. Words aren't enough, but I am humbled and deeply appreciative to each of you. 2 of you I hope to pay back ASAP (one person I know and one sent me a little BTC), but whoever sent me that cash in the mail I wouldn't know who or where to send it back to. So I can only thank you again! And again... THANKS!



White people cannot say anything.
Black people invented everything.
Jews din du nuffin.

Either way, history has been rewritten and that rewritten history is the foundation for which all of this insanity is being built upon.

Covering the news takes a long time. Here, you can read along or simply skip ahead:
Forbidden Words:

Nick Kang Cannon:

The only proof needed:

and don't forget:

Radio3Fourteen (2015)

Professor Priyamvada "Kill Whitey" Gopal reminds us that "White lives DON'T matter"...and only an evil hateful racist Nazi White supreeeeeeemacist terrorist would ever even suggest otherwise.

Jews, Jew-ISH people, and converts. It's all so obvious.

Ashkenazi Jews did not originate in Europe anymore than a mulatto, a mestizo, or a Eurasian did. These people are all part European, by definition, but what distinguishes them from the rest of us is their African, Indian, Asian, and yes, their Jewish DNA. Thus, the term "Ashkenazi" should now become synonymous with mulatto, mestizo, Eurasian or mongrel, but "White" they are NOT.

Ashkenazis are mostly Jewish, a race which originated in the Middle East. In other words, the Ashkenazis are not the original Jews. They were spawned from them, and these founder Jews spread their seed so as to better blend in with their European hosts.

In fact, the Ashkenazis are hardly "White" at all.

Jews are the closest relatives of the Palestinians, not the Europeans:

A study of haplotypes of the Y chromosome, published in 2000, addressed the paternal origins of Ashkenazi Jews. Hammer et al.[13] confirmed that the Y chromosome of some Ashkenazi and Sephardi Jews contained mutations that are also common among Middle Eastern peoples, but uncommon in the general European population. This suggested that the male ancestors of the Ashkenazi Jews could be traced mostly to the Middle East.

Moreover, given that haplogroup R1b1 is particularly abundant in populations of Western Europe, studies of Nebel et al. (2001) and Behar et al. (2004)[14] suggest a contribution of (ONLY) about 10% of Western European tradition among Ashkenazim. For G. Lucotte et al.,[15] the West-European contribution is about 11%.[Note 4] In 2004, the largest study made on Ashkenazi Jews, Behar et al. (2004) gives a percentage of European contribution of 8.1 % ± 11.4%.[Note 5] When the calculation is made excluding Jews from Netherlands the admixture is 5% ± 11.6%.

(ONLY) "about 10% of Western European tradition among Ashkenazim"

There's a reason jews avoid open debate. This one didn't get the memo.

Disagreeing might just (soon will) be a criminal offense.

B(L)ACK by popular demand. 6 minutes and 40 seconds is all it took for a lowly low IQ drunk ass nigga like me to wake up. When you "super duper smart" crackas gonna finally wake up?

But today would be better than tomorrow.

The new Red Terror is upon us. They are radicalizing, organizing, and empowering their VChK (Cheka/Antifa/BLM/"Social Workers").

That is to say, these communist bastards and their foot soldiers are lying in wait like snakes in the grass; they are so eager to get the blood flowing that they are champing at the bit and frothing at the mouth. You can see it in their eyes, you can hear it in their voices, and their anger is so extreme that it is palpable. So yeah, these are the people who will soon rule over us: with an iron fist. The cops, as blind as they are and as blindly obedient as most of them might be, just wouldn't be as willing or eager to follow through on the orders that will (relatively) soon be given. The oligarchs need more commissars in place, then the real "fun" (for them) will kick off.

The 30 Years War (2008 Video)


Sambo "Uncle T.O.M." Roberts: a negro who is no longer in denial.

The kind of endless 1-way "conversations" we have always had, where White people are never allowed to question (or even say) anything, present any facts, or defend themselves at all.

They don't even know, but they are making demands for things they already have. Only they want more, and they will not be satisfied until they have it all.

Fact is, they want us completely disenfranchised, dispossessed, displaced, disarmed, and ultimately dead. So they will continue systematically destroying our e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g WHILE crying out in pain the entire time.

PS - Here's another thing I should have pointed out:

Notice how there are a lot of cops kneeling in prayer and even marching with the "protesters". I mean, they believe this twisted black "victimization" narrative and are even willing to overlook the fact that these "protesters" are looting and targeting them for violence, but they are sympathetic nonetheless. So just imagine the level of sympathy they would of had if Americans were protesting their loss of rights instead of this black "victimization" bologna!?!

Americans of all colors (though, most would have been White) would have been coming together and protesting the government over real issues (loss of rights, the destruction of our economy, media lies, censorship, etc) instead of this twisted anti-White/black-victimization narrative. In this scenario there would have been many cops flat-out switching sides (not merely as a gesture, but legitimately crossing that line) and jews knew it too. So they shifted the focus onto White people and the low hanging Shabbos Goy fruit (their cops) instead (of the real issues and ZOG itself).

They are always two steps ahead and they make sure to never allow a good crisis to go to waste. As soon as some momentum is being gained by the people who are actually exposing (and willing to oppose) them they go on the offensive and put even more pressure on their (potential) opposition. Like clockwork, it never fails. They never allow themselves to be exposed or put in the line of fire and quickly shift the focus off of themselves and onto Whites (be they White cops or non-existent White "Supremacists"). And we need to expect more of the same moving forward.

Antifa as a "terrorist organization".

Old video. Just a reminder, since it is 'suddenly' relevant.

Covid 2.0/Bolshevism 2.0

Is it really all about forcing us to take their "vaccine" or is it really just a cover/excuse for killing the "best of the Gentiles", yet again? Perhaps it is both, but they are without a doubt looking for an excuse to mass-murder the very best of us.

Advice for the Fence-Sitters
January 14, 2011

If you have any doubts about how wide spread this Jewish conspiracy is and if you think it’s just a "few" Jews who are only "part" of a much bigger problem ("elitists", "Illuminati", etc), then I am going to suggest a simple test for you that will prove (to YOU) otherwise.

All you have to do is comment on ANY mainstream article, ANY related video on YT, or ANY place where a political discussion is in progress and you will find that (bar none) there will be an army of Jews there to attack you and/or censor your comments.

Now I am not talking about using any "hateful" words. Just simply interject a couple of very subtle FACTS. Like "Jews have a monopoly over the media" or "Jews control the Fed". As a matter of fact, you could even phrase it in the form of a question and ASK "don’t the Jews have a monopoly over the media?", "don’t the Jews control the Fed?", or "what is the reason behind this Kosher tax?". Just make simple points or ask questions, then sit back and witness the reaction for yourself.

Not only will there be a virtual army of Jews waiting for such "antisemitic" comments/questions (quite telling in and of itself), but the manner in which they respond will tell you all you need to know about them and what they think of their Gentiles pets/slaves.

They will lash out (in typical Jewish fashion) and suggest that you are a "terrorist", "White trash", a "Nazi", an "antisemitic", "hateful", a "loser", "insane", and a whole list of filth that I will not even type here. The more calm and peaceful you are in stating your case or asking your questions, the more vile and disgusting their attacks will be. They want you to lose your cool and act out in the same manner that the puppets they paraded on all the old talk shows used to act. That makes it easy to turn people away, but if you calmly state the facts they will attack you in hopes of getting you to respond to them emotionally, on their level. Don't-Do-It!

Continued below (in the comments section)

Version 2020 and 2008

It's "all about black people", of course...and only "racists" (who "want black people to die") would ever protest any of the measures that the "White supremacist" system is taking to "protect" us. Don't forget that we are "in this together", and by that we really mean that you "racist honkey cracker White devils" are here to "serve us". So stop with your "White flight" and just embrace the wonderful DIEversity we are so happy to bring you.

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