Corona/Swine, Zyphr/Protocols, FEMA Camps/Gulags... give it a name. It's the same (((players))) and it's the same (mass-murder the "Goyim") game.

Well, what better way to pull off the rounding up and execution of political dissidents than under the cover of a pandemic (martial law and extended/forced lock-downs/quarantines, blackouts, food shortages, riots, etc...)? It would be the perfect opportunity to blame the sudden disappearance/deaths of millions of people on something other than the (((usual suspects))), and it is the perfect excuse to prevent us from organizing.

Tick - Tock

The seeds were planted (and the plans were made) a long time ago. Also, the laws are "already on the books".

What they talked about doing then (Swine Flu) they are doing now (Corona Virus).

I think most Americans would have rebelled had the Obama administration issued these same orders (and the orders to come, either this time around or during Corona round 2), but the Trumptards will all blindly accept whatever (((they))) have Trump do.

Nevertheless, my recommendations still stand: don't allow them to forcibly vaccinate you and don't ever voluntarily turn yourself in for "quarantine". If enough of us fought their Shabbos Goy the way would should, then they would be less likely to blindly follow their orders.

Either way, I'd rather die than to ever allow them to inject me with their toxic potions or put me in some cage/camp. Maybe it won't come to that this time around, but it is only a matter of time.

It is murder it always does

Just an early morning rant with the main point (Caronavirus) mixed in.

(((Left))), (((Right))): it's all the same.

Treasonous GOP governors brazenly going against the wishes of their constituents by not only allowing more refugees into their states, but by asking for even more.

They were given every opportunity to opt-out of the "resettlement" program (all they had to do was...NOTHING), but so far not a single one of them has done so. Just the opposite. Proving that the right is no different than the left, as they ALL always give in to (((special interest groups))).

They are acting as though the "vetting" process ensures them/us that only future "scientists" and "engineers" will be invading our borders, who are all "hard workers" eager to "pay our pensions".

It's treason, of the highest order. They know damn good and well that 90%+ of the citizens they are suppose to be serving are against more invaders invading their states, but they sign on anyway...and of course they ignore their constituents on websites like Twitter, who think they can Tweet their way out of this or convince their governors to go back on what they have already voluntarily, and quite eagerly signed up for.

Excerpt from one of the Tea Party events I attended back in 2009-2010.

The main 2 points I want to revisit are:

1. Jews will ALWAYS look to (mis)lead the dissent. From the Tea Party “movement” to the NRA/Militia/Gun-Rights “movement”, etc...

2. They make sure to keep us constantly defending ourselves against their endless accusations of “racism”. To the point where THAT becomes THE central issue and the only concern of the now fully subverted “movement”. Angry and inquisitive Tea-Party patriots and Gung-Ho-Gun-Rights patriots alike go from being pissed off TO going on the defensive (“I’m not a racist, I swear...the democrats are the real racists!”) TO going on the attack (“GET THOSE RACISTS OUT OF HERE, before they make us all look bad”).

Same shit now as it was back then. These “patriots” soon forget what they are “fighting” for and are basically turned into GOP SJWs. Things like immigration, taxes, and gun rights all become an afterthought, as they spend all their time trying to prove they “are not racists” (by calling democrats ”the real racists” OR by attacking/shouting-down any of us who would inform them of any meaningful truths).



"The Chinese/Russians are coming, but don't worry, they are only coming to free you and to hand-deliver your mail-order bride."

"God's chosen" can DO whatever they want to us, but us "lowly Goyim" are not supposed to say anything at all about any of it... ever. I mean, what could be worse or more dangerous than Goyim knowing?

3/7/2016 response to the 180 Angelo John Gage had just pulled.

NAME the Jew at ALL times. Period. Don't overthink it. Don't treat your audience like children, who "can't handle it". Simply name the J-e-w.

Never forget that Trump is just a Shabbos Goy puppet. He makes NO decisions on his own, and he certainly didn't mastermind the assassination of Soleimani. If you think he has ANY real power at all, your illusion would be completely shattered the instant that Trump ever even thought of going against his Jewish handlers (not that he ever would). Yet some of you are still trying to figure out "Trump's motives" and "what will he decide to do next"? Really?

Do you still believe in democracy too? Your vote counts, right? And Jews aren't the ones counting the votes or hand-picking the candidates. No way! That's all "crazy conspiracy theory antisemitism", to be sure. If anything, "Trump is doing all of this to get reelected", right? That is to say, he isn't actually doing anything he promised he would do the 1st time around, but starting a war is "what he needs to get reelected". At least that's what I am hearing from some of you.

I will spell it out, since you cannot figure it out for yourselves: his "motive" (with this and everything else) was to do what he was told, and he will continue doing what these Jews tell him to do. It was, is, and will continue to be as simple as that.

And now that Bibi is coming out to distance Israel from this attack some of you actually believe that to be "proof" that Trump "acted alone"? Really? So, after DECADES of trying to start a war with Iran, and after countless calls to get America to do their fighting for them, you think Israel had "nothing to do with it", because Bibi said so? Would you expect Jews/Israelis to come out and openly claim responsibility? Ha! Of course they were going to publicly distance themselves from this, while pulling all of the strings from behind the curtains. Just as they ALWAYS do. Duh!

Bottom line: Jews have their Golden Boy Shabbos Goy. He will gladly do their bidding and take all the blame. The sheep will look no further than Trump, and most of the "alt-right" voices will echo this sentiment too. These slick (or inexcusably stupid) "alt-right" bastards will continue pushing the idea that "Trump is his own man" and helping Jews distance themselves from the power they have and the problems they have created. Which they will continue to do, whether things go their way or not.

Just for the record.

All of this was painfully obvious, right from the start, but a lot of it is still relevant (and needs to be said/understood) today.

Many still believe that "Trump is our guy" and these sheep will defend him blindly. Meanwhile, he is the perfect Shabbos Goy and scapegoat, who will do the Jews bidding then take all of the blame.

Either way, it has all been censored (of course), so I just want to go back on the record with everything. Yes, ALL of it. Tell me when, where, and how I was wrong about any of it? Everything is unfolding or has already unfolded just as I said it would.

Old and a bit cheesy, but (((they))) still want their war. Donald Trump is just the Shabbos Goy they needed to make it happen. Now they're just a false flag away.

We. Are. Already. At. War.

Building a proper foundation.


Not their narrative of it, of course, but they are (without a doubt) destroying the environment. On purpose.

How we should respond.


Beating on a dead horse...or three.

They are the destroyers.

Their purpose is to destroy.

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