In this video I discuss Keto Eyes....

In this video I discuss vaccinations and censorship of Natural Health Channels, Biohackers and other victories the big pharma has scored against our health. I talk about corrupt science paid for by huge companies and the influence on our government and laws. I talk about MMR, Glyphosate and Autism, and how to raise your awareness on these preventable health conditions. I talk about and review the documentary Vaxxed. This video cannot be uploaded to YouTube, for fear of censorship and channel removal.

Mr. Anderson just signed up for Sled for RED to help ACR Health raise money and awareness for substance abuse and addiction. I hope that you will consider donating. If Kristy films it I will post it here. The Donation page is linked below. It is basically a sled race with sleds made of cardboard and duct tape all for a good cause.

I feel like I have been a little too political. Does anybody really give a shit what I believe? I discuss my political views some, and also talk about censorship and freedom. I feel like I have gotten too political these past few weeks. Not sure if that is a good or a bad thing.

I discuss why I am starting a channel on Bitchute. I discuss freedom of speech and what pushed me to the platform. I talk about my future plans for posting exclusive content to the Bitchute platform.
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