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When a lunatic white convert (Guru Dave Frawley Gouswami) into the low IQ brahmanical Hindu cult of Hindutva (Saffron Liberty) comes back to the west. He tries to recreate western society into a failed, 3rd world, filthy, cesspool ripe with corruption, division, conflicts and socialist failure. His objective is to turn North America into another failed Hindu state as a part of the greater Hindutva tendency to corrupt and destroy anything once beautiful and good. He uses his main big muscular African warlord and convert into Hinduism: Guru Leroy Ram-Bhakt Mahalingam and his fellow cohorts comprising of Indian-American Hindutva Brahmin goon: Rajiv Dixit Sharma, Black activist and fellow Hindu convert (Lookez Domaz Shiva), girl friend Shanti-Uma and some other goons.
However, there stands ONE Heroine who will fight and eventually destroy this terror group, either killing them or sending them rotting in Jail forever.She is the Protector ( Law Enforcement Officer ) from the Future in the Vancouver Police Department. She chases these Saffron Terrorists through time and eventually good defeats the evil.

Despite being a petite blonde girl at 4'11", US Wrestling Champion Zoey Skye is one of the toughest and most successful mixed martial arts fighters and wrestlers in the business. She has successfully beaten and defeated much bigger sized opponents which only proves that size does not always matter.

This compilation features friendly wrestling matches to competitive matches where she thwarts all attacks and takes down every big mean spirited huge muscular opponents who are mostly twice or thrice her size.

Watch the amazing Zoey in action!

US Junior Level Intercollege Mixed Fighting Championships 2019: South Zone (USA)
Brandi Christine Lauren vs Trisha Jameela Adura.

Trisha Jameela Adura:

Height : 1.85 Meters (6'1")
Weight: 203.4 Pounds (92.3 Kgs)
Fighting Styles: Wrestling, Boxing and Ju-Jutsu


Brandi Christine Lauren:

Height : 1.75 Meters (5'7")
Weight: 120.5 Pounds (54.6 Kgs)
Fighting Styles: American Mixed Martial Arts (*Chun Kuk Do)

*Chun Kuk Do is an American martial arts technique developed by World Karate Champion Chuck Norris.

Result: Brandi Lauren - Decisive Victory on Three Counts.

Frank Erwin Sports Center, University of Texas
1701 Red River St, Austin, TX 78701,
United States of America.

A Collection of Republican girls who are well trained in Armed combat / MMA Fighting techniques destroying their opponents with relative ease. Collection of Underground real life fight compilations captured on camera.

Why girls need to learn Self Defence & Martial Arts? Real Life fights/ demos + Bonus Movie clips.

Best of women wrestling and mixed martial arts fighting.

Conservative/ Republican/ Christian Gals getting armed and ready to kick ass!

World champion reigning Queen of Martial arts teaches a bunch of low IQ uirban ghetto rapper thugs a lesson in good manners.

Cynthia Ann Christine Rothrock is an American martial artist and actress in martial arts films. Rothrock holds black belt rankings in seven styles of martial arts and was a high level competitor in martial arts before becoming an actress.

Rothrock was one of the youngest contestants who was a five times World Champion in forms and weapons between 1981 and 1985.

She took first place in forms 32 times and first place in weapons 12 times in her first 38 tournaments, including competing in "Men's Forms" three out of four times as there was no Women's Division. She was "Grand Master" of five tournaments and came in first place in 4 out of 5 fighting events.
Its for this very reason she is considered the Queen of the Martial Arts world.

Featuring the undefeatable, unbeaten and supremely talented Mixed martial arts (Jujitsu) reigning World Champion fighter: Jamie Milanowski (USA).

Castle has been voted as one of the Top 10 most favorite TV Shows with a Pro-Conservative audience in the United States. It tends to showcase more conservative value programming.


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Watch beautiful Right Wing Conservative White Aryan Christian Girls of the West Beat Up & Take Down Much Larger Male & Female Brown & Black, Hindu/Muslim Democrat Voting Opponents.

!st Match: White Republican Catholic Spaniard-American Girl: Ivilisse Velez VS Democrat Muslim Tonga Gigantic Muscular She-Hulk: Lehde Tapa.

2nd Match: Ivilesse Velez VS Negroid Moslem Democrat Jazz (Razza Khan)

Watch Petite Beautiful Conservative Republican Christian Girl Deonna kick the ass of a much Larger Democrat Moslem Opponent Razza Kong who must be atleast 3- 4 times the size of the petite beautiful Republican Deonna.

Republican Girl For The Win!

Watch Real Life Fights of Mickie (Republican Christian Girl) kick Democrat Moslem Butts!

Watch Beautiful Republican Conservative Catholic Lady Ivory (Lisa Mary Moretti) Beat Up Some Much Larger Big Huge Muscled Masculine Looking Ugly Democrat Moslem She-Hulk!


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Featuring The Beautiful Petite But Lethal Republican Conservative Christian Republican Women Efficiently Defeating The Ideological Enemies of the United States - Democrap Voting Leftist Losers Such As the Antifa, BLM (Black Lies Matter), SJW ( Social Justice Wankers) & Muslim Retards, Kicking Their Asses With Ease!