"The Anpanman Grand Prix is a land, air and sea race around Anpanman World using specially built cars. A grumpy young girl from Flower Land called Maggie causes an accident that wrecks Creampanda’s race car. After helping him fix it, she enters the race as his partner."

"Yakisobapanman and Uncle Negi try to escort the young Pepper Trio and their important cargo to Vegetable Village in time for this evening’s carnival but Baikinman and his gang want to steal the cargo for themselves. Luckily, Naganegiman keeps showing up to help fight them off, but how? Who could this mysterious masked swordsman be?"

"Baikinman and Dokin-chan crash the annual mushroom festival and kidnap Kamameshidon’s sweetheart, Kinoko. Kamameshidon is powered up by a lake fairy and turned into Super Gold Kamameshidon. Then he and the rest of the Donburiman-Trio try to rescue Kinoko, but they end up in Mushroom Valley, under the influence of dangerous mushrooms, and Sushi-roll Maki-chan shows up to help save the day."

"Anpanman’s friends get the spotlight in this collection of three adventures. In the first, Baikinman kidnaps Anpanman and others and it’s up to the toddler Aka-chanman to save them from Baikinman’s dangerous amusement park, the Baikin-dome! The next story takes place in a wild west setting, where Baikinman and his Kabi Gang are hijacking train deliveries. SLman, a steam locomotive, and Currypanman agree to make an important food delivery, but can they overcome Baikinman’s Gang? The third and last segment has Anpanman and his friends building handmade vehicles to go on a trip together, and as each new one joins the group, they sing their theme songs, creating an Anpanman song medley!"

"The Hari Hari Island Adventure Rally is just about to start! Hello Kitty, Keroppi, and other Sanrio favorites have gathered in fantastical cars for an endurance race around the island’s many obstacles. Sam and Chip think their vehicle has what it takes to win the checkered flag, but after a late start and a few unfortunate accidents, can this plucky duo survive the odds and pull off a victory?"

"In an anachronistic version of ancient Japan, a preschooler from a samurai family gets questionable dating advice from his Playboy magazine reading ninja friend/servant."

"In a drought stricken town, the Silver Company suspiciously has control of all of the water. A little girl named Pink uses a hover bike and help from her friends to hijack water shipments and in turn draws the attention of a kindhearted sheriff and three dangerous thugs hired by the Silver Company."

“A day in the life of a far from home alien lawman trapped in the body of a human he accidentally killed with his spaceship. Savings Warrior Cashman needs gold to fuel it so he can get back home, so he uses his superpowers to make money.”

"A demon child named Ackman collects souls for money while being pursued by a self-righteous Angel with devilishly bad luck."

Arale and friends join the Fire Brigade and learn about fire safety in this educational short.

Arale and the gang learn traffic safety in this educational short.

"Arale finds a book which Peasuke lost. Somehow, Arale, Peasuke, Hiyoko, and Suzume all go into the world of 'Alice in Wonderland' by the Fairy Tale Machine."

"Senbei decides to fake an illness to be nursed by Ms. Yamabuki. So he asks Arale and Gatchan to go buy a watermelon. They look for a watermelon everywhere but cannot find it, because it's not watermelon season right now."

"Arale's school is looking for a new PE teacher. Senbei sends a resume to the school because he wants to work with Ms. Yamabuki. However, he finds out there's another person who applied to be the PE teacher. It's Suppaman."

"While Arale and her friends are drawing graffiti on some gravestones, Oharu-basan, who has special powers, shows up and tells them that they will have a bad luck because of it. Are they really going to get bad luck?"

"Arale tries to play soccer, but she kicks her own head instead of kicking the ball! Her head flies so far away she can't even find it. While Arale is out looking for her own head, the villagers assume she's missing and go looking for her everywhere."

"The battle just started between Mashirito's Army and the EDA! Arale is too strong during the battle, so Dr. Mashirito decides to attack her with Poop."

"Dr. Mashirito decides to get revenge on Arale! At the same time in Penguin Village, Suppaman sets up an "Earth Guard Corps" and Arale, Gatchan, and Butao decided to join the corps to fight for Penguin Village's peace."

"Senbei is so excited to have a date with a 'world super star.' The rumor circulates all over the village. Everybody is excite to see the "super star", but once they found out the star is Dr. Mashirito they start booing him."

"Dr. Mashirito has an evil plot to conquer the world with his robot! But once he finds out Senbei created the super robot Arale, he decides to send him a letter of defiance. However, when Senbei receives the letter he thought it was a love letter."

"The alien Bubibinman comes to Earth to become a super hero! But he looks just like a Arale thinks Bubibinman is really a fly which became bigger by the Big-Small Ray Gun, so she decides to spray bug killer on him."

"In ancient Arabia, Senbei becomes very rich by a magical teapot's spell. However, once Suppaman takes his magical teapot away, the spell is reversed."

"This episode is about the future. In the Momonga Kingdom, Arale and her friends are stealing a lot of stuff and became violent. One day, they feel very board so they decide to steal a giant robot from Senbei's base."

"Arale has never rode a tricycle, so Senbei decides to make a tricycle for her. Instead of making regular tricycle, he creates a tricycle which time slip to ten years ago and ten years later."


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