"The bank robber Saburo Crocodile is holed up in the Penguin Hotel and refuses to be persuaded by his mother to turn himself in. The chief of police has a suitable solution: just tell Master Arale that the big bad crocodile wants to play tag with her!"

"Suppaman’s little brother Syoppaman, who respects him very much, has been assigned to defend Saturn. So he comes from outer space to Earth to pick up some pointers from his big brother on how to be a proper champion of justice."

"Gatchan, now having multiplied into two, is eating the Norimakis out of house and home (literally)! Baffled, Midori suggests the Gatchans dig a well by eating the ground outside. After two days of crunching and munching, they dig a hole deep enough that a hot spring bursts forth!"

"A lot of stuff suddenly goes missing in Penguin Village, prompting the police to investigate. But after seeing only rubber tires left behind, Senbei surmises that the items haven’t been stolen but were instead eaten by Gatchan!"

"It’s Obotchaman’s first day of school and boy is he excited! But when he arrives, Mr. Kurigashira tells him he has to pass a placement test before he can join Arale's class!"

"Arale and Gatchan spend the night at Obotchaman’s house! They play hide-and-seek and then the word-chain game, but when Arale suggests they arm wrestle, Obotchaman dashes over to Senbei’s place and asks for permission to hold her hand!"

"Obotchaman forgot to grab some spare Robovitan A on the way to begin his new life in Penguin Village, and as he starts to lose consciousness on the floor of his recently acquired house, he weakly calls out using some strange telepathic link he shares with Arale: 'Help…Robovitan A…bring some to me…'"

"For accidentally smashing into him last time, Dr. Mashirito kicks Caramelman #4 out of his laboratory. Not knowing what to do, Caramelman-kun decides to move to Penguin Village and live there. Meanwhile, the whole village gathers together to announce what his new name will be, as decided by suggestions from around the world."

"Caramelman #4 begins to doubt whether Senbei and Arale are really plotting world domination like Dr. Mashirito says, so he goes around the village inquiring about the Norimaki Family’s reputation. Meanwhile, Mashirito arrives in Penguin Village wearing Caramelman #5, a papier-mâché mask that looks just like Senbei…"

"Caramelman #4 returns to Penguin Village intent on destroying Arale, but he’s also sort of hung up on her. The two finally face off and Arale is so overjoyed to have a powerful new friend that she invites him home to have dinner with her family!"

"Ikkiman joins the Battle Ball match he’s attending midgame and becomes their relief pitcher, but will his super human “Brown Bear Killer” pitching style be able to cut it against professional Battle Ball players from outer space?!"

Watch Ikkiman ep. 01:

"Dr. Mashirito wants revenge against the Norimakis so he builds a boy robot duplicate of Arale called Caramelman #4 and sends him to attack her, but when Caramelman #4 actually meets Arale and sees that she’s a cute girl robot, he gets flustered and runs away!"

"Senbei wants to take a bath with Midori, so he spends the morning renovating his old bathroom into something more appropriate for newlyweds. Then, Midori races home during her lunch break to feed and spend time with her new husband."

"Senbei and Midori want to go somewhere unique for their honeymoon, so they use the Fairy Tale Machine to enter a storybook about the Arabian Nights. Once inside they become separated, and Senbei gets chased by the Ogre-King’s men who mistake him for a flying carpet thief."

"Midori comes to visit the Norimaki household bringing with her a gift of radishes. Overjoyed, Senbei unintentionally practices his marriage proposal in the hallway. Then, surprisingly, from the bathroom Miss Yamabuki replies with a resounding 'yes!'"

"Senbei finds out it’s Miss Yamabuki’s birthday and thinks it’s a good day to propose to her. He sends a letter with Arale asking her to meet him at the Penguin Bridge so he can confess his love. He’s too shy though, so he builds a robot to do the proposing for him."

"Arale and Gatchan go to the beach with Miss Yamabuki and the rest of the gang. Meanwhile, Senbei dreams that Midori likes someone else, so he invents a pair of special contact lenses to allow him to see who she likes the most."

"A famous singer named Midori has vanished in Fog City and it’s up to Detective Senbei Norimaki and his associates Araleo and Gatchan to find her! Using the K-9 Robot in their search, they wind up at the residence of Spako, Midori’s jealous and bitter rival…"

"The summer sports tournament continues with the running long jump, the 800-meter relay race, and the final event of sports day: Penguin Village champion boxing! It’s Arale and Tsukutsun versus Taro and Tsururin in the ring, but can Tsukutsun win against Tsururin-chan’s powers?"

"Today’s the day for the summer sports tournament! It’s Arale’s middle school versus Taro’s high school versus a group of pro athletes in a series of Olympic-style events, but who will win and become the Penguin Village champion?!"

"After arriving on Planet Nikochan, King Nikochan reunites with his wife and kids. Then a very evil alien called Komattachan shows up demanding radishes. King Nikochan and his servant try to fight back, but he’s too strong! Soon, Arale takes notice and wants to play too…"

"Senbei builds a fine new spaceship but he’s too chicken to fly it due to his past mistakes with the Gravity Manipulation Device. He gives it to Nikochan to test out instead and it works! King Nikochan and his servant finally head to space…but uh-oh, looks like Arale and Gatchan have stowed away on board and are traveling back with them to Planet Nikochan!"

"Taro dreams of entering the Japanese high school baseball tournament known as Koshien but he’ll have to play against Arale and Akane first to see which team in Penguin Village gets to go."

"Back in the olden days, Lord Mashirito attacks Norimaki Castle in Penguin Village over some delicious dumplings, causing the great demon god that protects the village to be summoned to stop him."

"Senbei has an hour to wait until he can open the gift Miss Yamabuki sent him, so he kills some time reading Arale’s picture diary, unaware of how frightening a diary it really is!"


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