"Patty meets Joey's family and learns that his dad, Philip, a car designer, is about to be fired from the car company he works for because the owner thinks his car designs are too unique."

Dr. Slump and Arale-chan Safety Education Anime #3, "The Penguin Village Fire Brigade" (1984) by Toei Animation.

"Arale and the gang are the Penguin Village Fire Brigade, and together they teach the citizens of Penguin Village about fire prevention and fire safety."

Dr. Slump and Arale-chan Safety Education Anime #2, "Let's Respect the Traffic Rules" (1983) by Toei Animation.

"Traffic cop Miss Yamabuki teaches Arale and the gang about traffic safety and bicycle safety rules."

Dr. Slump and Arale-chan Safety Education Anime #1, "Arale-chan's Traffic Safety" (1983) by Toei Animation.

"Traffic cop Miss Yamabuki teaches Arale and the gang about traffic safety and pedestrian crossing signal rules."

A reel of commercials promoting the "New Maple Town Stories - Palm Town Edition" anime series from 1987.

"Patty meets Rolley Cocker’s family inside their apartment building, Palm Mansion. Rolley’s little brother Peter is jealous of the time Patty is spending with his sister. While Rolley and Patty are selling ice cream on the beach, the Cat Brothers use Peter to try to steal the Cockers’ Ice Cream Wagon."

"Patty Hope-rabbit arrives in Palm Town with her aunt. Along the way, she saves her new friend, a cocker spaniel named Rolley, from a pair of new villains called the Cat Brothers."

New Dr. Slump (Dr. Slump '97) English dubbed pitch trailer from the early 2000s.

"Penguin Village has run out of toilet paper! Now it’s up to the village’s handsomest hero, Senbei Norimaki, to make the long journey to visit the legendary supermarket in the east. No one knows exactly where it is, so Senbei builds an airplane but it soon falls apart and he crashes. Fortunately, Arale and Gatchan join his quest and they continue traveling east together in search of the supermarket and copious amounts of TP…"

1982 trailer for the Dr. Slump and Arale-chan special, "The Legend of Penguin Village's Heroes."

"Miko’s father is preparing his car for a local drag racing event. Upon learning that the race winner will receive a prize, Dr. Bell creates an enormous truck loaded with dirty tricks and enters it into the race. Andre also enters the race with a gold tank, and he and Chikkun must work together to stop Dr. Bell from winning."

"Fee catches her big brother Kay kissing a boy. Infuriated with her brother’s immoral behavior, she demands the two break up. The boy, named Leif, demands in return that Fee go out with him instead."

"The Andersons have adopted Jonathan and his dog Adam into their family, but Fee just can’t seem to get along with them. She scolds Jonathan constantly for not being open enough with his feelings. At church Jonathan bumps into Clarissa Howell, an elderly heiress who thinks he looks just like her late son, Harry. After seeing Fee seemingly get abusive with Jonathan, Mrs. Howell offers to adopt him and Adam herself."

"The Anderson family are your typical happy (though slightly dysfunctional) American family, so when a mysterious child named Jonathan and his dog Adam appear on their doorstep in sunny Los Angeles, California, they flip out when Jonathan claims to be the son of their father, Wilfred Anderson."

"Chikkun's father, the King of R, arrives on earth with the young nobleman Andre. They bring a message from Chikkun's future arranged wife, Princess Leah; she makes a declaration promising to marry whoever retrieves the Waruchin, immediately pitting Chikkun against Andre. Elsewhere, Dr. Bell and Giji-Giji accidentally create hundreds of replicas of the Waruchin and must find the real one."

"Dr. Bell engineers a flower that kisses anyone who gets close to it. A kiss from the flower then temporarily wipes the person's memory, and makes them want to kiss others. The only member of the Kyunkyuns whom is immune is Moko, who has a cold, and Takkun finds a way to use her germs as an antidote."

"The Kyunkyuns, and Chikkun and Takkun go to a local amusement park. They run into Dr. Bell disguised as a lost child, which turns out to be a scheme to get to hug the girls. When he is spurned, Dr. Bell uses the Waruchin to turn the amusement park rides the girls ride into dangerous obstacles."

"A local TV station runs a movie about a Mecha-King Kong, and on opposite sides of the city, Chikkun and Dr. Bell mourn the death of its titular character at the end of the film. Dr. Bell is particularly moved by the movie, and creates a full scale Mecha King Kong. However, just like in the movie, it begins to wreak havoc in Tokyo."

"A small, bratty debt collector flies from Star R to Earth in a ship that looks like a giant mecha credit card, looking to collect on a large welfare loan Dr. Bell once took out. If Dr. Bell is unable to pay her back, she may foreclose on the earth. asks Chikkun and Takkun for their help in turning the debt collector away, and they begrudgingly agree."

"Miko has a school assignment to sew a plush doll for a student art show, but unable to sew, she asks Chikkun to pretend to be a doll that she can submit. Chikkun wins first prize and gets lots of attention from girls, which makes Dr. Bell envious. Dr. Bell makes a female penguin doll named Penko, and brings her and the rest of the plush dolls to life through voodoo, as part of a scheme to lead Miko to a dance party and to break Chikkun's heart."

"With the Waruchin, Dr. Bell creates a vapor that can shrink anyone or anything it's sprayed on. Dr. Bell uses it to try and kidnap the Kyunkyuns, but a series of mishaps shrink him, Chikkun, and their spaceships."

"While using her telescope, Mukko sees a beautiful boy in a suit and cape in the middle of the night. The Kyunkyuns struggle to find the boy's identity, but at the same time, Dr. Bell kidnaps Miko and takes her to the seaside."

"Dr. Bell builds a special phone device that allows him to teleport people through corded phones. He uses this to try and kidnap the Kyunkyuns, starting with Moko. Chikkun and Miko hurry to rescue their friends, and to find a way to turn Dr. Bell's invention on himself."

"Miko is still keeping Chikkun and Takkun a secret from her parents, but her father accidentally discovers the alien ship on top of his house. The aliens must remain a secret so Miko's mother will be perfectly calm and collected, as she prepares to enter a heavy machinery Ikebana event. In the meantime, the Kyunkyuns try a new plan to defeat Dr. Bell and keep the peace at the ikebana event."

"Miko goes to meet with her group of friends, a girl gang called the Kyunkyuns, and Chikkun tags along. While the girls initially mistake him for a plush doll, they soon learn about Chikkun's plight to retrieve the Waruchin, and become his allies. Dr. Bell attempts to spy on Chikkun, but discovers the Kyunkyuns and falls head over heels for them. Dr. Bell then devises a scheme to kidnap the girls by making the symbols from a weather forecast come to life."


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