"Mr. Kurigashira gets an offer to teach at Metropolis Island Middle School, and after a rough day with Arale and the other students, he decides to accept. But when Miss Yamabuki calls in sick the next morning and can’t take the class on their field trip, he agrees to help out one last time..."

"Toriyama sponsors a treasure hunt and the villagers scramble to figure out the location of the treasure. Meanwhile in the shadows, Bibiruman, the two carjackers, and Joe Dunn join forces to get revenge against Arale-chan…"

"It’s the 14th of Crawfish, and Senbei is struck with a timely craving for roasted sweet potatoes. Meanwhile, Kinoko lectures Suzume and Gatchan on “how to become a lady,” with varying results…"

"Chibiru returns to Penguin Village carrying the Devil’s Dictionary, a legendary book that contains every magic spell since the creation of the world. He wants to use the book to steal the villagers’ souls but the magic spells keep backfiring, helping the villagers instead…"

"Suppaman treats Arale and Gatchan to an old-fashioned picture drama depicting himself fighting for justice against some bad guys. But when the bad guys show up in town to start trouble for real, Suppaman gets scared and joins their gang, even helping them rob them the Penguin Village Bank!"

"While Arale is out on a picnic with her friends, a yakuza boss and his two henchmen appear and try to take their lunches. After the boss loses a game of rock-paper-scissors to Arale, Gatchan eats his precious sunglasses!"

"After accidentally groping a strange woman’s breasts, Senbei invents the Kon-Kon Helmet, a device that transforms its user into whoever (or whatever) they wish, so he can transform into Miss Yamabuki and hide from the cops!"

"Gatchan finds a huge egg while playing at the beach. He and Arale decide to keep it warm, and days later out hatches a baby penzarashi (a cross between a penguin and a seal). Senbei and the gang then set out for the super cold region of Awesome to search for the baby’s parents!"

"Parzan pretends to be Suppaman and goes around the village doing bad things. At the same time, Donbe pretends to be Suppaman while playing hide and seek. Meanwhile, an employee of a famous umeboshi company arrives to present a valuable prize to Suppaman…"

"Arale and her classmates go on a field trip to Metropolis Island, but the carjackers from ‘Super Driver’ show up and hijack their plane."

"Cat burglars Lulu and Pal sneak aboard the Reh-Tsu-Goh to rob the Tsuns. Their strategy: distract anyone who catches them by giving the person a book they’ll like."

“Eagle Sam asks his friends Canary and Guzuran to help him sell doughnuts to the citizens of Birdieland, but suddenly a UFO appears and Police Chief Albatross and his policeman lackey, Bogey, want to shoot it out of the sky for no good reason at all! Then, Sam gets a call from his old friend Tiger-kun who now lives in India and is being hunted by big game hunters. But is this really a secret plot by Chief Albatross to lure Sam into a trap?”

"Adder, the Fairy of Darkness, schemes to invade a peaceful paradise that the beetles, Popo and the other Fairies of the Forest call their home."

"Miss Yamabuki has been kidnapped! To rescue her, Senbei, Arale, and Gatchan must travel to a mysterious island and face off against jungle natives, a giant ape, and a super strong kid who's determined to turn Miss Yamabuki into pumpkin stew!"

"While doing some spring cleaning, Senbei discovers a treasure map. He quickly gathers Arale and the gang together for a treasure hunt. But the map leads them to Mashirito Castle, a castle full of traps set by Dr. Mashirito to defeat Arale!"

"Space Police detective Heiji arrives in Penguin Village from the planet Hana no Oedo. After witnessing Tsukutsun’s fighting technique, he invites him and the rest of Arale’s gang to come along on his spaceship and help fight against the Crimson Spider Clan, a trio of bad guys who have recently invaded his planet."

"Mr. Sckop returns to Metropolis Island to take his high school entrance exam. After suffering a mental breakdown while studying, he’s diagnosed with “Nitwit Neurosis,” caused by hanging around too long with the nitwits in Penguin Village. Vowing revenge against them, Sckop becomes a cyborg…but can this city nitwit ever truly hope to beat the country nitwits (Arale included)?"

"Senbei repairs the Gravity Manipulation Device he salvaged from Tama-chan’s damaged spaceship and attaches it to the Reh Tsu Goh so that the Tsun Family can go back to China. Tsuruten and Tsunoda are thrilled, but Tsururin and Tsukutsun are sad to leave Penguin Village and their new friends behind…"

"Akane and Arale invite Tsukutsun on a movie date, but the “Three Regular Idiots” (Yo, Ribbon, and Hoi) attack him on his way to the cinema…"

"Patty and Rolley try to open a puzzle box with an important memento inside that once belonged to Dr. George’s deceased mother. Yota and Guta attempt to steal it and after a struggle, it winds up out of reach inside a storm drain. While Patty waits for Rolley to get something to grab it with, a rainstorm comes and threatens to wash it away…"

"Taro swindles Peasuke out of his allowance so he can afford to take Tsururin on a date. Looking for some payback, Peasuke invites Arale and Gatchan along and tells them that Taro is taking them to a haunted house, aware that his big brother is deathly afraid of ghosts."

"King Nikochan and his servant are desperate to return to outer space. They start a skating rink to make money to buy a spaceship, but Arale and Gatchan destroy the place playing Whack-a-Mole. They then trade Arale their trained finch in exchange for her air-car, mistaking it for a spaceship. After the air-car is broken during a scuffle, Arale tells them that the Tsuns’ house is one big spaceship and so King Nikochan and his servant decide to break in and steal it…"

"A manned space probe is sent to Venus. Four months later, Arale, Gatchan, and Tsururin travel back in time to play. While there, they stop a large meteor capable of destroying life on Earth, knocking it back into orbit so it becomes the moon."

"King Nikochan and his servant ask Gatchan to carry them back to their home planet, but Arale makes them pretend to be ogres for Setsubun instead."

"Bobby Kumanov and his family travel to Palm Town to visit Patty and do some shopping. While there, Bobby’s three little brothers wreak havoc and eventually their hijinks cause them to cross paths with the Cat Brothers. Meanwhile, Bobby begins to resent the fact that Patty may like living in Palm Town more than she did living in Maple Town."


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