"The Tsun family invite the Norimakis and Miss Yamabuki over for dinner to celebrate their moving to town. The next day, the Tsun children are invited to attend school in Penguin Village. Meanwhile, Joe Dunn appears at the high school looking to take a few kids hostage..."

The famous Japanese bicycle commercial that gave Tsuntsunodanoteiyugo Tsun from Dr. Slump her name...

"Everyone! It's Tsun-Tsun-Tsunoda's T.U model bicycle!"

"The Tsun family make their entrance, crash-landing in Penguin Village. Meanwhile, Senbei creates Mr. Roller-Where-Ya-Want, a device that can change the user's surroundings."

"Promo for the 1981 anime series Dr. Slump and Arale-chan."

"The Kurigashira Ballet Troupe is to perform “Swan Lake,” and Senbeko is chosen to be prima ballerina, but her bitter rival in both dance and love, Supako, steals her special ballet shoes, given to her by her deceased mother…"

"Patty's Uncle George and Aunt Jane are doctors who own and work in the Pika Clinic. Jane spends most of her time examining patients while George spends his time cooking for the patients and staff of the clinic. After getting into an argument over whether or not cooking is an important duty, the two attempt to switch roles with Patty and Rolley's help."

Merry Christmas from shiteatersubs! Here’s a special gift from us that you don’t have to put under the tree, you can open this sucker ASAP! (We won’t tell Santa, promise!) It’s the second Dr. Slump and Arale-chan Christmas themed episode, ep. 087 that aired December 22, 1982!

"In a retelling of Hans Christian Andersen’s Christmastime literary classic, “The Little Match Girl,” Arale, Senbei, and Gatchan sell magic matches to save Princess Midori from the matches’ curse."

"Senbei's grandpa and his nephew Ryota come from their far away home in the rural mountains to visit him in Penguin Village. They meet Arale, who the villagers think is Senbei's sister...but his grandpa knows that he doesn't have a sister! How will Senbei keep Arale's creation a secret?"

"Arale learns about planting seeds, meanwhile the Fly Milk Gang’s delivery business dries up and so they take it out on the villagers by plowing up the streets with their brand new tractor."

"Daigoro Kurigashira is the new ethics teacher at Penguin Village Middle School. All of the students laugh at him because he has a huge head, so he decides to quit teaching. But maybe he’ll change his mind after he finds out his students are throwing him a surprise party and Arale has a special gift she wants to give him…"

"Goku makes a special request to come home from the Other World to see his family for New Year’s Eve and reflect on the year’s most famous scenes from Dragon Ball Z."


“We’ll Show You Everything: Forget the Year’s Cares with Dragon Ball Z” is a five minute special recap episode that aired December 31, 1993 between episodes 211 and 212 of the Dragon Ball Z TV series. It was shown on Fuji TV during a four-and-a-half hour New Year’s Eve special called “All Accounts Settled ’93! We’ll Show You Everything: The Great FNS Audience Appreciation Festival” [’93総決算! 全部見せますFNS大感謝祭].

"We’ll Show You Everything: Forget the Year’s Cares with Dragon Ball Z" aka "Looking Back at it All: The Dragon Ball Z Year-End Show"

"Everyone in the village wakes up one morning to find destruction that looks like a typhoon hit, but there’s no evidence of what caused it. Oharu-basan claims the village is cursed, and the village chief calls everyone to meet at the shrine. While there, they hear cries from the woods and Arale and Gatchan go to investigate…"

"Lamb’s grandpa Charley sells popcorn in the park. Yota and Guta steal his prized medal, but Lamb’s terminally shy older sister Sue vows to get it back for him."

"A physical exam at Arale's school prompts Senbei to pull an all-nighter installing a tape recorder in Arale's chest so the doctor can detect a heartbeat. Next, Senbei creates Mr. Handy, a robot that does whatever the user thinks about."

"The casts of Dr. Slump & Arale-chan and Queen Millennia unite in a crossover event that wraps around two special episodes, one from each series. First, bank robber Joe Dunn takes refuge in the Soramame Barber Shop after being chased by the cops, but the cops soon lose interest in him when Clark Kenta from PCB-TV shows up with a television camera and begins interviewing Arale and the gang. Second, a special recap episode of Queen Millennia digests the contents of episodes 1-10 of the TV series, starting with the introduction of Hajime and his family and ending with Hajime finally coming face-to-face with Queen Millennia. Includes commercials."

"Penguin Village has run out of toilet paper! Now it’s up to the village’s handsomest hero, Senbei Norimaki, to make the long journey to visit the legendary supermarket in the east. No one knows exactly where it is, so Senbei builds an airplane but it soon falls apart and he crashes. Fortunately, Arale and Gatchan join his quest and they continue traveling east together in search of the supermarket and copious amounts of TP…"

"The sea monster Dodongadon shows up and causes panic all over the village. While Arale and Gatchan try to play with the monster, the police chief decides to call in protectors of justice, the Ultra Police Force, to take care of the matter."

1982 trailer for the Dr. Slump and Arale-chan special, "The Legend of Penguin Village's Heroes."

1981 trailer for the Dr. Slump and Arale-chan one-hour special, "Penguin Village SOS!!/Affairs of the Heart!/Anything is OK, Mr. Handy."

1981 trailer for the Dr. Slump and Arale-chan special, "Affairs of the Heart!/Anything is OK, Mr. Handy."

1981 trailer for the Dr. Slump and Arale-chan special, "Penguin Village SOS!!"

"Sheila goes to a movie studio to audition for a role and Patty and Rolley come along. There she's spotted by the famous movie director, Stillberg, who hand picks her to be in his newest film. But when the director's demands prove to be difficult, Sheila has to decide if she's willing to do what it takes to become a star."

"In the future, Ikki Sawamura is a super human alien from another galaxy, sent to earth as an infant and raised in the mountains of Hokkaido by an elderly couple. When his girlfriend dumps him to become a star, Ikkiman heads to Tokyo, vowing to become the most famous star ever! There, he discovers “Battle Ball,” a combat sport mixing baseball and martial arts and joins the Blue Planets, a team representing earth, in a Battle Ball tournament being broadcast across the galaxy."

"After a mishap with the Waruchin, Chikkun, Takkun, and Miko are teleported back in time, along with Dr. Bell and Giji-Giji. The group realizes they have been sent back to the prehistoric era, and try to seek out a way back to 1980s Japan. Along the way, they encounter an ancient tribe of humans with a god who looks almost exactly like Giji-Giji, and the tribe begins to treat him like royalty."

"Patty meets Joey's family and learns that his dad, Philip, a car designer, is about to be fired from the car company he works for because the owner thinks his car designs are too unique."


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