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Lets make this easy for ya.

Lets make this easy for ya.

Suggested reading for all Americans./ The Hows and whys. Trumps playbook. New chessboard, same game and moves.

WWIII isnt commint, a few good reasons to calm your tits kids. This was a statement to the deepstate puppet players telling them to stop getting hurt or killed for misbehaving on behalf of U.S. deep state bad actors who care nothing for their lives or home.

He walked right up and slaughtered their golden calf, Mr Hanks's cameo was perfect though.

Last political blather of the year, talking home defense AR, footage may suffer.

The Lefts 3 year war on Donald is is the dying gasp of the governments 10 year war on Americans. This gets much deeper than impeachment, thats just the face the left wanted to put on this to keep you thinking small.

A few of the freakier stories from the middlestate on the left coast.

talking about why the teen voting movement is not only absurd, it will never happen.

Discussing the Democratic parties self immolation. Talking Schiff to Adam. Pointing at Pelosi, Looking at China. Things are speeding up now, Derp state is down to one move left, Watch for falling people.

Talking about the impeachment inquiry and the Dems coming catastrophy

A walk to a quiet place.

I know you're tired too, but we got work to do.

mulling over a few articles befor the empeachent circus started

the level of suck in california has gone off the chart.

Just Kicking Around An Idea.

eric ciaramella has been causing quite the stir, I suspect his Lawyers Snakey too.

reading a few exerts from The Art Of War may give clarity to some of the presidents actions.

the title should cover it.

a change in the wind and we pick up speed.

It's Time to get involved patriots.

Three Years after The Jeffrey Epstein story was squashed by ABC likely to keep from having negative effects on hillarys attempt to unseat Donald trump, The MSM are at it again. Look to Project Veritas and James O' for the full story.

Beto and Harris. bezos epstein connection. Murder on the mexican border. left attacks adoption. dems do nothing for years now. big media joins youtube to turn off comments. tulsi takes a turd on her own campaign. antifa member catches 6 years. Pregnant woman uses AR-15 to defend her family during armed home invasion.

A short satire mocking the way things are headed.

Music is ACTUALLY by my bad.

OK, So we're in climate hell if we dont what exactly?


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