Mind control victim using mind control on cult members of his false empire. Hears a voice called "Paladin" inside his head!
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A person who experienced the cult control and fraud of paladin and gabriel of urantia imposed on members. Thank you for speaking out. Psychological and Electronic mind control at work here!

Research before joining GCCA or any community. I believe this man was abducted by DoD/NSA/CIA and a victim of covert psychotronic mind control to experiment their technologies on and also to contaminate the Urantia book. Remote neural monitoring.

Gabriel of Urantia and his minions often posts deceptive and misleading materials to fool innocent people as part of their recruitment lure and gathering of donations at any cost. If they are not being honest about this, what else are they not being honest about? He teaches he is God's one and only chosen vessel to bring "higher" revelation to the planet and claims he is many of the famous people of history in his many, many past lives. Nobody is remotely close to his level of ascension. Hah! Time to get real and expose the fraud he brainwashes his cult with. Your comments welcome.
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Truthful presentation to why my opinion is that Global Community Communications Alliance IS a destructive cult controlled by Gabriel of Urantia. I was there 7 years and witnessed mind control, gas-lighting, and total hypocrisy. Your comments are welcome!
tags: cfer, tony, delevin, gcca, avalon, taliasvan, tora, fraud, fusion, mk ultra,


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